in-app-purchase - A Node.js module for in-App-Purchase for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.

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A node.js module for in-app purchase (in-app billing) and subscription for Apple, Google Play, Amazon Store, Roku, and Windows. NOTE Unity receipt supports the following: Apple, Google Play, and Amazon.


jwt-simple : 0.5.1
request : 2.88.0
xml-crypto : 0.10.1
xmldom : 0.1.19



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react-native-iap - react-native native module for In App Purchase.

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This is a react-native link library project for in-app purchase for both Android and iOS platforms. The goal for this project is to have similar experience between the two platforms for in-app-purchase. Basically, android platform has more functions for in-app-purchase and is not our specific interests for this project.

store-receipt-validator - PHP receipt validator for Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store

  •    PHP

PHP library that can be used to validate base64 encoded iTunes in app purchase receipts. The easiest way to work with this package is when it's installed as a Composer package inside your project. Composer isn't strictly required, but makes life a lot easier.

android-checkout - Library for Android In-App Billing (Version 3+)

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Checkout is an implementation of Android In-App Billing API (v3+). Its main goal is to make integration of in-app products as simple and straightforward as possible: developers should not spend much time on implementing boring In-App Billing API but should focus on more important things - their apps. With this in mind, the library was designed to be fast, flexible and secure. Conflict with dependency ''. Resolved versions for app (a.b.c) and test app (x.y.z) differ.

EBPurchase - Simple In-App Purchase for iOS

  •    Objective-C

EBPurchase adds simple In-App Purchase functionality to your iOS app. It wraps all of the necessary code for interacting with the StoreKit framework into a convenient little class, and provides you with easy-to-use methods. EBPurchase is non-ARC and has been tested to work with iOS 4.3 and higher. IMPORTANT NOTE: EBPurchase was NOT created to be an "everything but the kitchen sink" solution. This class provides very simple In-App Purchase and Restore functionality, and was designed for developers with basic In-App Purchase needs and beginners interested in learning how to use the StoreKit framework. If you require additional features like checking the status of auto-renewable subscriptions or processing multiple product purchases, then please feel free to extend/modify this open source code for your own specific needs.

SwiftyStoreKit - Lightweight In App Purchases Swift framework for iOS 8

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SwiftyStoreKit is a lightweight In App Purchases framework for iOS 8.0+, tvOS 9.0+ and macOS 10.10+. I started Coding with Flutter, a YouTube video series on building apps with Flutter. Interested? Subscribe here.

venice - Ruby Gem for In-App Purchase Receipt Verification

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Ruby Gem for In-App Purchase Receipt Verification

ios-library - Urban Airship iOS Products (In-App Purchase, Push, Rich Push, Subscriptions)

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Urban Airship iOS Products (In-App Purchase, Push, Rich Push, Subscriptions)

flutter_inapp_purchase - (Sun Rised!) Flutter plugin for In App Purchase.

  •    Dart

Since many one of you wanted me to keep working on this plugin in #93, I've decided to keep working on current project. I hope many one of you can help me maintain this. Thank you for all your supports in advance 🎉. ## Deprecated I've been maintaining this plugin since there wasn't an official plugin out when I implemented it. I saw in flutter github issue #9591 that many people have been waiting for this plugin for more than a year before I've thought of building one. However, there has been an official Google plugin rised today which is in_app_purchase. Please try to use an official one because you might want to get much prompt support from giant Google. Also, thanks for all your supports that made me stubborn to work hard on this plugin. I've had great experience with all of you and hope we can meet someday with other projects. I'll leave this project as live for those who need time. I'll also try to merge the new PR's and publish to pub if there's any further work given to this repo.

hc - HomeControl is an implementation of the HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) in Go.

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HomeControl is an implementation of the HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) to create your own HomeKit accessory in Go. HomeKit is a set of protocols and libraries to access devices for Home Automation. The actual protocol documentation is only available to MFi members. A non-commercial version of the documentation is now available on the HomeKit developer website. HomeKit is fully integrated since iOS 8. Developers can use the HomeKit framework to communicate with HomeKit using high-level APIs. I've developed the Home app (for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) to control HomeKit accessories. If you purchase Home on the App Store, you not only support my work but also get an awesome iOS app. Thank you.

merchantkit - A modern In-App Purchases management framework for iOS.

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A modern In-App Purchases management framework for iOS developers. MerchantKit dramatically simplifies the work indie developers have to do in order to add premium monetizable components to their applications. Track purchased products, offer auto-renewing subscriptions, restore transactions, and much more.

Reactive-Billing - Lightweight reactive wrapper around In App Billing API v3 for Android

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Cut the hassle when implementing in-app purchases on Android. Reactive Billing is a lightweight reactive wrapper around In App Billing API v3 for Android. Reactive: Exposes the In App Billing service methods as Observable, allowing to implement easy asynchrounous callbacks and other Rx-related fun stuff.

react-native-billing - React Native bridge to InApp Billing on Android.

  •    Java

React Native Billing is built to provide an easy interface to InApp Billing on Android, accomplished by wrapping anjlab's InApp Billing library. With this, the linkcommand will do most of the heavy lifting for native linking. But, you will still need add your Google Play license key to the strings.xml (step 5). If you are using a React Native version less than v18.0 you will also have to do step 4.3 (override onActivityResult).

IAPKit - A simple approach to Apple In App Purchases (IAP) that handles the presentation of products, purchasing, receipt validation, and timed free trials

  •    C

A simple approach to Apple In App Purchases (IAP) that handles the presentation of products, purchasing, receipt validation, and timed free trials. IAPKit is used by Kaleidoscope 2 and Pixelboard on iPad.

AndroidBillingLibrary - Android Market In-app Billing Library

  •    Java

In-app Billing v2 API is deprecated and will be shut down in January 2015. This library was developed for v2 a long time ago. If your app is still using this library, please migrate to the v3 API as soon as possible. The project Android Checkout Library by @serso supports v3 and attemps to provide data compatibility with AndroidBillingLibrary. We haven't verified this so please use it at your own discretion.

keen-js - JavaScript SDKs

  •    Javascript

If you haven’t done so already, login to Keen to create a project. The Project ID and API Keys are available on the Access page of the Project Console. You will need these for the next steps. What is an event? An event is a record of something important happening in the life of your app or service: like a click, a purchase, or a device activation.

android-inapp-billing-v3 - A lightweight implementation of Android In-app Billing Version 3

  •    Java

This is a simple, straight-forward implementation of the Android v3 In-app billing API. It supports: In-App Product Purchases (both non-consumable and consumable) and Subscriptions.

Amazon Products Feed

  •    Perl

The Amazon Products Feed script was created to provide a current listing of products on your site using Amazon's XML Web Services to provide links for your visitors to purchase these items on using your affiliate code in the URL.

IAPHelper - in app purchases helper for iOS

  •    Objective-C

IAP helper for Apple in app purchases. It uses ARC and blocks for ease of use. Ready to use with newsstand subscriptions. For checking receipt , recommend to use only for server side. I am not recommend to use from client side directly check it. However, sometime we want to use only on client side for some reason. Use with your own risk.