VixCOM - Wrapper

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This library wraps the VMware VixCOM-API into an object-orientated library in C# with IntelliSense support and exception throwing. The current implementation uses VIX-API 1.10 and allows automating common tasks of Virtual Machines. For a list of functions see the included help.



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open-vm-tools - Official repository of VMware open-vm-tools project

open-vm-tools is a set of services and modules that enable several features in VMware products for better management of, and seamless user interactions with, guests. It includes kernel modules for enhancing the performance of virtual machines running Linux or other VMware supported Unix like guest operating systems.

coreos-vmware-tutorial - CoreOS VMware tutorial

The following tutorial will walk you through downloading the official CoreOS VMware images and configuring them using a cloud config drive. Once configured, the VMware images will be launched under VMware Fusion, and we will utilize the vmrun cli tool to interact with it.Many of the vmrun guest OS commands require a valid username and password in order to work, some command require root access.

VMWare Kernel Debugging booster

The project is a Windows XP kernel driver allowing debugging kernel drivers over a named pipe EXTREMELY FAST. Compatible with both VMWare Workstation and VMWare server.


VMWrapper is a NCurses-based wrapper on top of vmware-cmd. It works with VMWare ESX/ESXi and is written in Ruby. It is meant to allow graphical (console) management of VMWare virtual machines on UNIX hosts.

VMware SVGA Device Developer Kit

Documentation, examples, and reference driver code for the VMware virtual graphics device used by all VMware virtual machines. This project provides the information and code necessary to write both 2D and 3D graphics drivers for this device.

Virtualization Toolbox

A set of small tools to assist in the maintenance and tuning of computers running VMware ESX Server both online (real time) and offline (using the VMware supplied quot;vm-supportquot; script output). --- quot;VMware ESX Serverquot; amp; quot;ESX Serverquot;(tm) VMware, Inc.

pvc - Python vSphere Client with a dialog(1) interface

PVC is an interactive text-mode VMware vSphere Client with a dialog(1) interface for GNU/Linux systems built on top of the pyVmomi VMware vSphere API Python bindings.Using PVC allows you to quickly navigate in your VMware vSphere environment and perform common tasks against various VMware vSphere Managed Entities.

govmomi - Go library for the VMware vSphere API

A Go library for interacting with VMware vSphere APIs (ESXi and/or vCenter). The APIs exposed by this library very closely follow the API described in the VMware vSphere API Reference Documentation. It includes govcsim package which implements a vSphere Web Services (SOAP) SDK endpoint intended for testing consumers of the API. While the package is written in the Go language, it can be used by any language that can talk to the vSphere API.

Lab Management for VMware®

VMware Lab allows you to create BDT (Build-Deply-Test) workflows for TFS Build together with VMware virtualization technologies.

vmware-scripts - Scripts to automate vmware tasks

Scripts to automate vmware tasks

vmware - Github mirror of the Gentoo VMware overlay

Github mirror of the Gentoo VMware overlay


vmware-magic is a set of shell scripts to provide a computer lab with the ability to maintain sets of VMware images on a central server for archival and distribution within the lab. The scripts provide for users to have access to their images from any ma

VMware Infrastructure (vSphere) Java API

This project provides a full set of libraries to manage VMware Infrastructure and vSphere. 2.0+ includes a new Web Service engine much faster/smaller than Apach AXIS. Start @ Blog @ Twitter: @sjin2008

vmware-mate - Allows opening files and folders in TextMate from a VMWare image

Allows opening files and folders in TextMate from a VMWare image

vmware-sercons - Tool for attaching simply to VMware Fusion Serial Consoles

Tool for attaching simply to VMware Fusion Serial Consoles