TimeLine - 瀑布流式的时间轴

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This project aims to provide a easy way to use Staggered TimeLine implementation. If you want to use this TimeLine in your project, you have to do the following.




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Timeline-View - Android Timeline View is used to display views like Tracking of shipment/order, steppers etc

  •    Java

Android Timeline View Library (Using RecyclerView) is simple implementation used to display view like Tracking of shipment/order, steppers etc. For information : checkout Sample App Code in repository.

RecyclerItemDecoration - ItemDecoration for RecyclerView using LinearLayoutManager for Android

  •    Java

When using recyclerView with different ViewType, you either have only one simple divider or different types of dividers. When you want to draw different dividers between recyclerView's items, basically you must consider items' position; often you need to have separate ItemDecoration's behaviors declared in your code using switch cases or if statements. For example, each time items' position changes happen, you must rewrite ItemDecoration's behaviors.

recyclerviewItemDecorations - ItemDecoration for Android Recyclerview

  •    Java

This project showcases some ItemDecorations for RecyclerViews. There is a blog post about the basics of drawing decorations and animating them along with the recyclerview. If you find something appealing, please go ahead and just copy it, the MIT license applies.

TimelineExtension - Windows Timeline & Project Rome Web Extension

  •    TypeScript

A web extension that integrates Windows Timeline support into popular browsers. Timeline Support is a web extension that integrates Windows Timeline support into popular browsers. This is done by publishing your browsing history as activities to the Microsoft Graph (so a Microsoft Account is required to use this extension). Personal Microsoft Accounts are confirmed to work, work and school accounts should work.

RecyclerView-FlexibleDivider - Android library providing simple way to control divider items (ItemDecoration) of RecyclerView

  •    Java

The following is the simplest usage. Drawing a divider drawable retrieved from android.R.attr.listDivider between each cell. If you want to set color, size and margin values, you can specify as the followings.

LBehavior - Simple implementation of sliding animation of title bar, bottom bar and floatingActionButton

  •    Java

Set different layout_behavior in xml file according to different view. 1、Because the root layout is CoordinatorLayout, the toolbar may cover the item at the top of the recyclerView when used, and the bottom bar may also cover the bottom item. You can add a placeholder such as itemDecoration to the recyclerView, or a placeholder view at the top. If the situation is relatively simple, you can simply set padding, margin and so on. I have dealt with this kind of situation in the demo simply.

Timeline Control

  •    WPF

Timeline control fill a missing part in WPF toolbox. It allow you to show visual representation of data on visual timeline such as present in MS Project application. TimelineControl is highly customizable using DataTemplate and Style and is 100% C# WPF managed code.

life - Life - a timeline of important events in my life

  •    HTML

This is something that I've wanted to build for a long time. It's a timeline of important events in my life, visualized in a way my mind always imagine it. There was something called Lifepath.me but now it's gone. How about Facebook timeline? Meh. So, this is it. Have a look at cheeaun.life.

Timeline - A beautiful vertical timeline made with Tabletop

  •    Javascript

Timeline shows a series of events in a vertically time-sorted structure. Timeline utilizes a handful of super cool libraries, including Tabletop.js (for the data storage) and Isotope for the layout.

d3-timeline - Simple JS timeline plugin for d3

  •    Javascript

#d3-timeline A simple d3 timeline plugin. Works with circles. In case the rectangular edges are too pointy.

d3kit-timeline - A simple timeline component that labels do not overlap.

  •    Javascript

If you want to have a simple timeline that labels do not overlap, but too lazy to implement one from scratch, this library is for you. Below is a screenshot of four timelines of the same data, each can be created via ~10 lines of code. See demo. The use case of this library is not limited to temporal data. You can change the scale to be d3.scale.linear() or something else to support x-value that is not time.

timevis - Create interactive timeline visualizations in R

  •    R

Copyright 2016 Dean Attali. Licensed under the MIT license. timevis lets you create rich and fully interactive timeline visualizations in R. Timelines can be included in Shiny apps and R markdown documents, or viewed from the R console and RStudio Viewer. timevis includes an extensive API to manipulate a timeline after creation, and supports getting data out of the visualization into R. This package is based on the vis.js Timeline module and the htmlwidgets R package.

d3-timeline - A simple D3 Timeline chart

  •    Javascript

This allows you to define a minimum width for an interval element. Sometimes, when you zoom out too much you might still want to be able to visualize the interval. It defaults to 8.

Silverlight & WPF Timeline Control

  •    Silverlight

Interactive Silverlight and WPF timeline control.


  •    Javascript

AnimeJ is a JavaScript Engine featuring a generalized timer implemented using a single browser timer. It is capable of animating hudredth of items, and sports a timeline abstraction capable of reverse execution, pause and resume. Multiple timeline can be used simultaneously.

timesketch - Collaborative forensic timeline analysis

  •    Python

Timesketch is an open source tool for collaborative forensic timeline analysis. Using sketches you and your collaborators can easily organize your timelines and analyze them all at the same time. Add meaning to your raw data with rich annotations, comments, tags and stars.

angular-timeline - An Angular

  •    CSS

An Angular.js directive that generates a responsive, data-driven vertical timeline to tell a story, show history or describe a sequence of events.

timeline.js - A compact JavaScript animation library with a GUI timeline for fast editing.

  •    Javascript

A compact JavaScript animation library with a GUI timeline for fast editing. After specifying the target using anim() you can chain as many to() animations as you want. To start parallel track simply call anim() on the same target again.