JavaScript tools for visualizing data in the web

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JavaScript tools for visualizing data in the web.



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Visualization Toolkit

The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is an open-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization. VTK supports a wide variety of visualization algorithms including: scalar, vector, tensor, texture, and volumetric methods; and advanced modeling techniques such as: implicit modeling, polygon reduction, mesh smoothing, cutting, contouring, and Delaunay triangulation.

Google-Visualization - Beautiful data visualization with Google visualization

Beautiful data visualization with Google visualization

vega - A visualization grammar. Moved to:

Vega is a visualization grammar, a declarative format for creating and saving interactive visualization designs. With Vega you can describe data visualizations in a JSON format, and generate interactive views using either HTML5 Canvas or SVG.

Project-Chi - modular open source visualization gallery toolkit

Project ? (pronounced project /?ka?/) is an modular open source visualization gallery toolkit. It offers a framework and toolset for building self-hosted data-centric visualization websites. Geared towards sharing of supplemental materials associated with scientific publications; Project ? allows visitors to interact with visualizations, download associated data and images, and even try the visualization with their own uploaded or publicly available datasets. For developers the framework comes p

visference - a bunch of visualization ideas for conference papers visualization and exploration

a bunch of visualization ideas for conference papers visualization and exploration

Protovis - A graphical approach to visualization

Protovis composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots. Unlike low-level graphics libraries that quickly become tedious for visualization, Protovis defines marks through dynamic properties that encode data, allowing inheritance, scales and layouts to simplify construction. Protovis is a graphical toolkit, designed for visualization. It retains some of the conceptual simplicity and low-level control of graphical systems by dealing directly with graphical elements.

leaflet-dvf - Leaflet Data Visualization Framework

The Leaflet Data Visualization Framework (DVF) is an extension to the Leaflet JavaScript mapping library. The primary goal of the framework is to simplify data visualization and thematic mapping using Leaflet - making it easier to turn raw data into compelling maps. - WebGL based visualization layers

Provides tested, highly performant layers for data visualization, such as scatterplots, arcs, geometries defined in GeoJSON, etc...To learn how to use through examples coming with the repo, please clone the latest release branch.

react-vis - Data-Visualization oriented components

A collection of react components to render common data visualization charts, such as line/area/bar charts, heat maps, scatterplots, contour plots, pie and donut charts, sunbursts, radar charts, parallel coordinates, and tree maps.Install react-vis via npm.

Seaborn - Statistical data visualization using matplotlib

Seaborn is a Python visualization library based on matplotlib. It provides a high-level interface for drawing attractive statistical graphics.Online documentation is available at Installation requires numpy, scipy, pandas, and matplotlib. Some functions will optionally use statsmodels if it is installed.

python-data-visualization-course - Course materials for teaching data visualization in Python.

In this repository, you will find course materials for teaching data visualization with Python. I'll be developing these teaching materials over time to provide a hands-on course that will take you from beginner to intermediate level of programming data visualizations.Some of these materials are based on the video course I developed with O'Reilly called Data Visualization Basics with Python.

MBTA Fare Visualization Challenge

MBTA Fare Visualization makes it easy to visualize the fares for the MBTA Fare Visualization Challenge. It's developed using the .Net framework 3.5, C#, WPF and bastardized BDD (Behavior Driven Development). This project also uses LINQ to SQL and Moq for mocking during testing.

A New Molecule Visualization Tool

A new molecule visualization tool based on .net framework.

visualization-js - Collection of data visualization samples created with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Collection of data visualization samples created with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

graph-drawing-libraries - Trying to compare known graph drawing libraries

* [almende/vis]( - Dynamic, browser-based visualization library* [anvaka/ngraph]( - Beautiful Graphs* [anvaka/VivaGraphJS]( - Graph drawing library for JavaScript* [cpettitt/dagre]( - Directed graph renderer for javascript* [cytoscape/cytoscape.js]( - An open-source JavaScript graph theory library for an

party-mode - An experimental music visualizer using d3.js and the web audio api.

a somewhat-technical overview===========================Using the web audio api, I can get an array of numbers which corresponds to the waveform of the sound an html5 audio element is producing. There's a [good tutorial]( on how to do this. Then, using `requestAnimationFrame` (with a little [frame limiting]( for performance reasons) I'm updating that array as the music change