ViewState handlers

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Utilities to handle and persist viewstate to different persistence medium, including web page compressed viewstate (up to 60% viewstate in weight loss!), out of page viewstate persistence using many other persisters. Easy to configurate and use!



Related Projects


A sample project showing how to access ViewState data dynamically by using DynamicObject class

Turbo framework for ASP.NET

Turbo framework is an extension for ASP.NET which solves most problems associated with WebForms (ViewState, performance, client-side scripting, resource optimization), while utilizing its advantages (component design, RAD), and comes with a set of advanced, rich UI controls.


This utility strips out viewstate string and replaces it with a 44 byte string. This means that your viewstate will always be 44bytes instead of 100KB or greater. It has two modes or persistance on the server

MinCms noninvasive ASP.NET WebForms System.

MinCMS noninvasive ASP.NET WebForms System. A simple helper to publish, manage, edit a CMS-like-WebForms-System.


A stupidly simple grid that doesn't bind to anything: it just stores user information into viewstate which can be retrieved at some point. It is meant mainly for forms where a an arbitrary number of related data rows is necessary (for instance, board members of a trust).

Save viewstate in server

Como guardar el viewstate de una pagina en el servidor


ViewState, PagePersiters, SessionStatePagePeristers, RadSessionPageStateCompression

ViewStateDetector - A viewstate detector for Google Chrome

A viewstate detector for Google Chrome

ViewStateViewer - ViewState encoder/decoder Fiddler Plugin

ViewState encoder/decoder Fiddler Plugin


Utility functions for working with VIEWSTATE and EVENTVALIDATION hashes in ASP.NET-generated HTML markup.

ASP.NET WebForms Ajax Available User Control

There are several approaches to use ajax callback in ASP.NET. We can use PageMethods in WebForms (but not in User Controls), ScriptServices or implement ICallbackEventHandler for your code-behind class and even use jQuery post or get methods to call webforms or pagemethods (bu...


WebFu is a collection of tools that assist in using MVC/MVP functionality to webforms in an unobtrusive manner. It aims to be modular so that the library can be used in whole or liberally copied in part. This differs from a hybrid MVC/WebForms page in that you can use metho...

ProudMonkey MessageBox Controls for WebForms

The customize MessageBox, ConfirmBox and FrameBox controls for ASP.NET WebForms was designed in which developers can easily prompt a message in the page whether they use it via server or client side without having much code and to present a user friendly message to end users.

xVal for WebForms

Validate ASP.NET WebForms better with attribute-based rules for server and client side validation. (The project used to be built on xVal, before it was deprecated)

WebForms Razor converter - WinForms

Telerik developed a command line "WebForms to Razor (CSHTML) conversion tool" and uploaded in git - This project uses the same Telerik API, but the client is the GUI/WinForms and allow developer to convert multiple files in a one go.

ASP.NET Themes management with Webforms

The provided source is an example for how to use themes in ASP.NET Webforms. this source is the "up to date" support for the article I wrote

SqlInjection - Demonstration of SqlInjection in an ASP.NET WebForms Application

Demonstration of SqlInjection in an ASP.NET WebForms Application

AddSignalRToWebForms - Demonstration code for how to get SignalR running in ASP.Net webforms

Demonstration code for how to get SignalR running in ASP.Net webforms

WebFormsToMvcDemo - WebForms -> MVC demos for Tulsa TechFest 2011

WebForms -> MVC demos for Tulsa TechFest 2011