Video Encoder

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An application using the Expression Encoder SDK to make it easier to encode high def videos from different sources maintaining 5.1 surround sound. Provides batch encoding.



Related Projects

Expression Encoder 3 Visual Basic Samples

Visual Basic Sample code that calls the Expression Encoder 3 object model.

Expression Encoder Batch Processor

Importing your videotapes into Windows is easy with the built-in utilities, but if your importer does not encode to your desired format, you need to convert them. This project streamlines the process and automates the encoding of files using Expression Encoder assemblies.

HPC cluster video encoder

HPC cluster video encoder is a cluster application that provides near real-time encoding of video different formats and size. It's developed in C# using Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 object model, Microsoft Advanced VC-1 video codec and Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 SDK.

FTP Publishing Plugin for Encoder

A publishing plugin for Microsoft Expression Encoder that enables an FTP server to serve as the endpoint for the resulting files.

Server Side Re-encoding for Podcasting Kit for SharePoint

This project is a modification of the SharePoint PKS system to enable server side reencoding of videos. Since the SharePoint Podcasting System only supports .wmv files and the vast majority of media is in alternate formats there is a great need for ...


a MS-Public License re-implementation of the wintoon api's with full frame based bitmap animation and tweening for WPF and Silverlight. Making "classic" Disney style frame-by-frame animation possible again..

EDB Smooth Streaming module for Orchard

The EDB Smooth Streaming module allows you to add adaptive video streaming to your Orchard website using the Smooth Streaming IIS Media Services extension. It supports conversion of video files to the Smooth Streaming format using Expression Encoder Pro in one easy step.


[Working] Quick-and-dirty converter to make text overlays for MS Expression Encoder from Timed Text files


Command-line based Video Auto-Thumbnail Generator (using C# & Microsoft Expression Encoder SDK)


a publishing plugin for Expression Encoder that pushes video content to Windows Azure blob storage


JSUN, the S-expression to JavaScript encoder


Used to test out the AS5145B encoder with the WPILIB Encoder class for incremental, quadrature input but can be used for any encoder with the wpilib


An animated GIF encoder for Android, without any native code required. Based on the J2ME encoder posted here:, with the addition of dirty rectangle support.

Expression Evaluator + aggregate functions support

Simple library for expressions evaluation that supports variables in expression and aggregative functions to parse and evaluate expression against tabular data.

The KVCD Encoder Project

Development of an MPEG-1 video stream encoder, which directly encodes with the current KVCD parameters. That is, a custom Quantization Matrix and optimized GOP structure. The encoder will sport advanced motion estimation, low artifacts and macro blocks.

HB Batch Encoder Mk 2

HandBrake Batch Encoder Mk II This Program was adapted from an original project downloaded from codeplex by the name of "Handbrake Batch Encoder" authored by "buzzby" which appears to be dead. Uses the HandBrake CLI to convert all video from a folder.

Xiph Media Encoder

Xiph Media Encoder is a wizard which help you to transcode automatically audio files in FLAC, Vorbis and Speex. It generates flexible PowerShell scripts.

Managed VC1 Encoder

Starter project we use internally to re-encode video using Microsoft's new VC1 Encoder. Currently the project requires AviSynth to feed the encoder . I would love to have additional contributors to help out. Audio is now working correctly!

ipp-encoder - Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) encoder and decoder

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) encoder and decoder

Base64-Video-Encoder - A base64 video encoder that generates HTML with the selected video embedded.

A base64 video encoder that generates HTML with the selected video embedded.