node-ice - An ICE RPC implementation for node

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This project provides a bridge to the ZeroC ICE RPC framework.



Related Projects

ice - Comprehensive RPC framework with support for C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and more.

  •    C++

Ice helps you network your software with minimal effort. By taking care of all interactions with low-level network programming interfaces, Ice allows you to focus your efforts on your application logic. When using Ice, there is no need to worry about details such as opening network connections, serializing and deserializing data for network transmission, or retrying failed connection attempts (to name just a few of dozens of such low-level details). You can download Ice releases from ZeroC's website. Use this GitHub repository to build from source; see branches for more information.

ice-demos - Sample programs for Ice

  •    Java

The ice-demos repository provides sample programs for Ice. For example, the cpp11 folder contains all the sample programs written in C++ that demonstrate the Ice C++11 mapping.

ICE- Information Connections Engine

  •    DotNet

ICE is a Silverlight based framework that allows .net developers to easily visualize any type of information, as well as links between information in a user friendly and entertaining way. Perfect for SNA for example. ICE is heavily customizable (UI, actions, etc.)

ice4j - A Java implementation of the ICE protocol

  •    Java

The Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) protocol combines various NAT traversal utilities such as the STUN and TURN protocols in order to offer a powerful mechanism that allows Offer/Answer based protocols such as SIP and XMPP to traverse NATs. This project provides a Java implementation of the ICE protocol that would be usable by both SIP and XMPP applications. The project also provides features such as socket sharing and support for Pseudo TCP.

ice - track changes with javascript

  •    Javascript

Ice is a track changes implementation, built in javascript, for anything that is contenteditable on the web. Conceived by the CMS Group at The New York Times, ice is powering the editor used for writing articles in the newsroom.


  •    Java

TwICE is a Java impl. of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol v2.0. It implements an ICE syndicator (publisher) and ICE subscriber. TwICE is useful as a reference implementation or a public syndicator and subscriber for testing.


  •    Ruby

Rice is a Ruby implementation of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol. It implements an ICE syndicator (publisher) and ICE subscriber. Rice may be useful as a reference implementation or a public syndicator for testing.

microsoft-drop-ice - Tell Microsoft to drop ICE as a client or lose us as GitHub users


As members of the open source community and free software movement who embrace values of freedom, liberty, openness, sharing, mutual aid, and general human kindness, we are horrified by and strongly object to the Trump administration's policies of detainment, denaturalization, deportation, and family separation as carried out by ICE. With Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub, many in the GitHub community were fearful of what new ownership from a company once openly hostile to open source would spell for the future of GitHub, and many of those people chose to leave the site rather than entrust Microsoft with their software. Those of us who remained, because we were willing to give Microsoft a chance to become a steward of the open source movement, will not continue to do so should Microsoft continue to abet the trampling of human and civil rights by this administration and its law enforcement agencies.

ZeroC - Internet Communications Engine

  •    C++

The Internet Communications Engine (Ice) is a modern object-oriented middleware with support for C++, .NET, Java, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, and PHP. Its latest release has support for Android and .NET Framework. It helps to build distributed applications easier as it takes care of all interactions with low-level network programming interfaces. It supports cross-language and cross-platform communication.

Murmur Whisperer .Net

  •    ASPNET

quot;Murmur Whispererquot; is a web administration suite for Murmur (Mumble), driven by ASP.NET and AJAX and using Ice RPC. Currently it enables you to start/stop/add/remove/change servers, channels, users. Allow users to register for their own server(Alpha)

Play What I Mean

  •    Python

Pwim utilizes python to find through a given set of directories the string, or strings, that you meant to play. For example, 'pwim pick ice' will yeild you 'maison ikoku - The Pillows - ice pick.wmv' to be played with whatever media player of your choice.

Deb-Ice linux autoinstaller


Deb-Ice is an auto-installation CDROM for Debian which installs Debian Linux along with the IceWM window manager and desktop applications selected for speed and low memory use.

ICE - Interface Communications Engine


ICE is a .NET based plugin engine which makes it easy to create plugins for running as system services for the purpose of performing interfacing related tasks.

Robot Battle 2.0: Ice

  •    C

Robot Battle 2.0: Ice is a next generation programming game, themed around robotics simulation.

The Magic Ice Cream Bucket


The Magic Ice Cream Bucket project intends on giving the power of expensive PSTN devices to the masses. by providing open schematics/drivers/applications for a hardware interface of a telephone line.

Modular Intrusion Countermeasure Env.

  •    C

M-ICE is a modular hostbased intrusion detection framework. It is used as middleware to close the gap between IDS research and IDS development. M-ICE consists of various parts that can be connected together by using network-or interprocess-communication

s1ice - s1mp3 ICE library

  •    C

s1ice - a library to handle the In-Circuit Emulator for s1mp3-based devices. Exposes a common API for 1st/2nd/3rd level calls to ICE functions.


  •    Java

J-ICE stands for Jmol interface for crystallographic and electronic properties. Is an extension of the powerful, platform independent molecular visualizer Jmol, towards crystallographic and electronic properties. More info will be given soon.

Ice Hockey Manager

  •    Java

The quot;Ice Hockey Managerquot; (IHM) is a hockey team managament game running under Linux, MacOS and Windows. Checkout our home page for further informations!

Ice Loto API


The Ice Loto API is designed to play Loto. It gives random drawings as well as a host of different functionalities for the management and consultation of earlier drawings. It calculates, in particular, statistics and estimations of future drawings.

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