A-Kata-A-Day - Solving one Kata everyday from Codewars

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I have taken a challenge to solve 1 Kata everyday from CodeWars. I will be storing the solutions for the problems I solve here and I aim to solve atleast 1 Kata everyday.




Related Projects

gs-collections-kata - The GS Collections Kata has been migrated to the Eclipse Foundation, re-branded as the Eclipse Collections Kata

  •    Java

A kata is an exercise in martial arts. A code kata is an exercise in programming which helps hone your skills through practice and repetition. You can find out more about code Katas in general here.The GS Collections Kata is a fun way to help you learn idiomatic GS Collections usage. This particular kata is set up as a series of unit tests which fail. Your task is to make them pass, using GS Collections. The Kata is meant to take approximately one eight-hour day.


  •    C++

Codewars is an client-server game. You have to write a robot-program in any programminglanguage, which fights against other robots in an simulated arena. A musst see for fans of artificial intelligence and coding.

GildedRose-Refactoring-Kata - Starting code for the GildedRose Refactoring Kata in many programming languages

  •    Javascript

This Kata was originally created by Terry Hughes (http://twitter.com/#!/TerryHughes). It is already on GitHub here. See also Bobby Johnson's description of the kata. As Bobby Johnson points out in his article "Why Most Solutions to Gilded Rose Miss The Bigger Picture", it'll actually give you better practice at handling a legacy code situation if you do this Kata in the original C#. However, I think this kata is also really useful for practicing writing good tests using different frameworks and approaches, and the small changes I've made help with that. I think it's also interesting to compare what the refactored code and tests look like in different programming languages.

gilded_rose_kata - The Gilded Rose Code Cata

  •    Ruby

This is a Ruby version of the Gilded Rose Kata, found here. This is a refactorying kata, so you will be starting with a legacy code base. To work the Kata, clone this git repository and checkout the tag 'start-here'. Read the description below for the "rules" involving this kata.

Tennis-Refactoring-Kata - Starting code for a Refactoring Code Kata on the Tennis rules

  •    ABAP

Imagine you work for a consultancy company, and one of your colleagues has been doing some work for the Tennis Society. The contract is for 10 hours billable work, and your colleague has spent 8.5 hours working on it. Unfortunately he has now fallen ill. He says he has completed the work, and the tests all pass. Your boss has asked you to take over from him. She wants you to spend an hour or so on the code so she can bill the client for the full 10 hours. She instructs you to tidy up the code a little and perhaps make some notes so you can give your colleague some feedback on his chosen design. You should also prepare to talk to your boss about the value of this refactoring work, over and above the extra billable hours. There are three versions of this refactoring kata, each with their own design smells and challenges. I suggest you start with the first one, with the class "TennisGame1". The test suite provided is fairly comprehensive, and fast to run. You should not need to change the tests, only run them often as you refactor.

trip-service-kata - Kata for a legacy code hands-on session

  •    Shell

Kata for legacy code hands-on session. The objective is to test and refactor the legacy TripService class. The end result should be well-crafted code that express the domain.

TDD-Katas - This repository contains Hands on Test Driven Development Katas

  •    CSharp

Simply defines the Test Driven Development Katas. In this, lets try to create most famous katas to understand what are exactly Katas. These Katas can also be used for practicising your C# skills for Unit testing. Want to contribute? Make a pull request (PR) to develop branch. Do not make any PR to Master branch.

Code Kata - FizzBuzz - Test Driven Solution


This project was simply a coding exercise to see how I would evolve a solution to the FizzBuzz problem using a Test Driven approach.

Rudy - Kata - Supermarket Pricing (C#)


A code kata implement the code for a checkout system that handles pricing schemes such as "apples cost 50 cents, three apples cost $1.30."

the-coding-interview - Programming exercises, code katas and puzzles for your job interview training - or just for fun

  •    Python

I honestly did not expect the big amount of interest in the project. I should clean up a bit more... Anyway, the main purpose is doing some fun programming workouts from time to time to stay in shape. The awesome title image was Designed by Freepik.

Marzo-FizzBuzz - Kata del mes de Marzo del 2011: FizzBuzz

  •    PHP

Kata del mes de Marzo del 2011: FizzBuzz

Febrero-Roman-Numerals - Kata del mes de Febrero del 2011: Roman Numerals

  •    Javascript

Kata del mes de Febrero del 2011: Roman Numerals

Enero-String-Calculator - Kata del mes de Enero del 2011: String Calculator

  •    PHP

Kata del mes de Enero del 2011: String Calculator

Abril-Bowling - Kata del mes de Abril de 2011: Bowling Game

  •    Javascript

Kata del mes de Abril de 2011: Bowling Game

Code Kata - FizzBuzz


Code Kata (mini coding excercise) solution for FizzBuzz using dependency injection to apply rules.

ReactNativeKatas - This is a project that lets you participate in a fully-immersive, hands-on, and fun learning experience for React Native

  •    Javascript

This is a project that lets you participate in a fully-immersive, hands-on, and fun learning experience for React Native. We will focus solely about design and styling for React Native, making this a perfect learning aid for both programmers and designers that previously handled Sass or CSS.

reactjs_koans - Learn basics of React.js making the tests pass

  •    Javascript

If you want to learn React.js you came to the right place. We prepared a set of practical exercises that will help you learn React.js from square one. The only thing you need to know is JavaScript. Here we are using ECMAScript 2015 standard. The Koans are a set of tasks to complete. Prepared tests checks if they are done correctly.

KataScreenshotAndroid - Screenshot Kata for Android Developers

  •    Java

You can compare this testing approach with a different testing strategy where the application UI is tested using just Espresso. The application architecture, dependencies and configuration is ready to just start writing tests. In this project you'll find Dagger2 configured to be able to replace production code with test doubles easily and Espresso to be able to interact with the application user interface and a screenshot testing framework ready to compare your application changes.

OpenHopla in C#


OpenHopla in C# is a project that contains SpartanUnit (an implementation of xUnit), unit tests, and code kata.



This little helper will show all keystrokes on screen. This will be needed during a Kata to show the audience the uses keyboard shortcuts or to record them.