vaadin-core - An evolving set of free, open source web components for building mobile and desktop web applications in modern browsers

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Vaadin core components is the open source part of the Vaadin standards-based Web Components set, which contains high-quality user interface components commonly needed in modern mobile and desktop business web applications. For more information, see the Vaadin components README.


@polymer/polymer : 3.0.5
@webcomponents/shadycss : 1.5.2
@vaadin/vaadin-button : 2.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-checkbox : 2.2.2
@vaadin/vaadin-combo-box : 4.2.0-alpha4
@vaadin/vaadin-context-menu : 4.2.0-beta1
@vaadin/vaadin-control-state-mixin : 2.1.1
@vaadin/vaadin-date-picker : 3.3.0-beta1
@vaadin/vaadin-time-picker : 1.1.0-alpha1
@vaadin/vaadin-development-mode-detector : 2.0.0
@vaadin/vaadin-dialog : 2.2.0-beta1
@vaadin/vaadin-select : 2.0.0-beta1
@vaadin/vaadin-element-mixin : 2.1.2
@vaadin/vaadin-form-layout : 2.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-grid : 5.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-icons : 4.2.0
@polymer/iron-a11y-announcer : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-a11y-keys-behavior : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-fit-behavior : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-flex-layout : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-icon : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-iconset-svg : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-list : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-media-query : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-meta : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-overlay-behavior : 3.0.2
@polymer/iron-resizable-behavior : 3.0.1
@polymer/iron-scroll-target-behavior : 3.0.1
@vaadin/vaadin-item : 2.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-list-box : 1.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-list-mixin : 2.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-lumo-styles : 1.2.0
@vaadin/vaadin-material-styles : 1.2.0
@vaadin/vaadin-notification : 1.2.0-beta1
@vaadin/vaadin-ordered-layout : 1.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-overlay : 3.2.0
@vaadin/vaadin-progress-bar : 1.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-radio-button : 1.1.2
@vaadin/vaadin-split-layout : 4.1.0
@vaadin/vaadin-tabs : 2.1.1
@vaadin/vaadin-text-field : 2.1.2
@vaadin/vaadin-themable-mixin : 1.3.2
@vaadin/vaadin-upload : 4.2.1
@vaadin/vaadin-usage-statistics : 2.0.1



Related Projects

vaadin-grid - vaadin-grid is a free, high quality data grid / data table Web Component

  •    HTML

<vaadin-grid> is a free, high quality data grid / data table Web Component, part of the Vaadin components. The Vaadin components are distributed as Bower and npm packages. Please note that the version range is the same, as the API has not changed. You should not mix Bower and npm versions in the same application, though.

expense-manager-demo - Progressive Web App (PWA) demo using Vaadin components

  •    HTML

This is an example project for how you can build a Progressive Web Application with Polymer and Vaadin components. The application uses a Service Worker to cache the Application Shell. A Web App Manifest file ensures that the browser identifies our app as a Progressive Web Application and offers the user to install the application through an install banner.

core - The Heart of X-Tag

  •    Javascript

This is the repository for the core X-Tag library. X-Tag is a Microsoft supported, open source, JavaScript library that wraps the W3C standard Web Components family of APIs to provide a compact, feature-rich interface for rapid component development. While X-Tag offers feature hooks for all Web Component APIs (Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, HTML Templates), it only requires Custom Element support to operate. In the absence of native Custom Element support, X-Tag relies on the same set of polyfills Google's Polymer framework uses.

Angular-Polymer - Angular 2 support for Polymer elements

  •    Typescript

angular-polymer is a directive factory that aims at bridging the gaps between using Polymer based Web Components in Angular applications.

polymer-redux - Polymer bindings for Redux.

  •    Javascript

Polymer bindings for Redux. Bind store state to properties and dispatch actions from within Polymer Elements. Polymer is a modern library for creating Web Components within an application. Redux is a state container for managing predictable data. Binding the two libraries together allows developers to create powerful and complex applications faster and simpler. This approach allows the components you build with Polymer to be more focused on functionality than the applications state.

Polymer - Build modern apps using web components

  •    Javascript

Polymer is a lightweight library that helps you take full advantage of Web Components. With Web Components, you can create reusable custom elements that interoperate seamlessly with the browser’s built-in elements, or break your app up into right-sized components, making your code cleaner and less expensive to maintain.

ui5-webcomponents - UI5 Web Components - the enterprise-flavored sugar on top of native APIs! Build SAP Fiori user interfaces with the technology of your choice

  •    Javascript

The UI5 Web Components are the new offering of UI5 to provide a set of reusable UI elements to you which can be used for your static web sites or for web application using any web framework of your choice with a minimalistic footprint. They allow you to create a consistent user experience aligned to the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines and incorporate the Fiori 3 design. Web Components are a set of features which allow to enhance the HTML vocabulary with custom HTML elements when the standard HTML elements are not sufficient (for example, a Button with an icon or a DatePicker). The custom HTML elements allow to share those features and qualities in a standard way. The complexity of HTML, CSS and components behavior is encapsulated behind a custom HTML element. The interaction with the custom HTML elements is done using the standard DOM API.

Vaadin - Web Framework to build Rich Internet Application

  •    Java

Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications. It helps to create Rich Internet Applications faster. It has dozens of in-built UI component like Button, Tree etc which is event driven. Vaadin browser widgets is built on GWT and it support all Ajax-capable browsers.

generator-polymer - Scaffold out a Polymer project

  •    Javascript

Polymer is a library of polyfills and sugar which enable the use of Web Components in modern browsers. The project allows developers to build apps using the platform of tomorrow and inform the W3C of places where in-flight specifications can be further improved.generator-polymer provides Polymer scaffolding using Yeoman (a scaffolding tool for the web), letting you easily create and customize Polymer (custom) elements via the command-line and import them using HTML Imports. This saves you time writing boilerplate code so you can start writing up the logic to your components straight away.

document-register-element - A stand-alone working lightweight version of the W3C Custom Elements specification

  •    Javascript

A stand-alone lightweight version of Custom Elements V1 based on top, and compatible with, the battle-tested Custom Elements V0, already used in production with projects such Google AMP HTML ⚡ and others. If you specify noBuiltIn property as true, the V1 API will be polyfilled where needed, but no extra checks and patches will be applied to make custom elements built-in working, since no browser is currently shipping this part of the specification.

ajax-form - HTML forms on performance-enhancing drugs

  •    Javascript

HTML forms on performance-enhancing drugs. Note: Ajax-form is not tied to Polymer. In fact, it has no dependencies at all, but should work just fine with Polymer or any other custom elements library. If you prefer to use a simple custom elements polyfill, ajax-form is also your best choice.

wired-elements - Collection of elements that appear hand drawn. Great for wireframes.

  •    Javascript

Wired Elements is a series of basic UI Elements that have a hand drawn look. These can be used for wireframes, mockups, or just the fun hand-drawn look. The elements are drawn with enough randomness that no two renderings will be exactly the same - just like two separate hand drawn shapes.

dashboard-demo - Responsive web application demo made with Vaadin Framework

  •    Java

Responsive application demo/template built using only server-side Java with Vaadin Framework. Showcasing big data, data visualization, drag 'n' drop and other Vaadin features. Run the Maven 'install' target and deploy the resulting WAR file to your Java application server.

skatejs - SkateJS is a web component library designed to give you an augmentation of the web component specs focusing on a functional rendering pipeline, clean property / attribute semantics and a small footprint

  •    Javascript

At its core, Skate is about creating Custom Elements. Skate provides a series of mixin functions that enable you to control what your component can do.Calling withComponent() gives you a Custom Element class constructor, which you can then extend to define your own elements.

codelab-components - Web components for creating codelabs

  •    HTML

A set of Polymer elements, core of the Google Codelabs platform. bower install is the obvious first thing to do.

elix - High-quality, customizable web components for common user interface patterns

  •    Javascript

Elix is a community-driven collection of high-quality web components for common user interface patterns. Most applications make use of common, general-purpose user interface patterns such lists, menus, dialogs, carousels, and so on. Such patterns can be efficiently implemented and packaged as web components. Their modular nature lets you easily incorporate web components into your web application, and their standard definition ensures good results across browsers.

slim.js - Fast & Robust Front-End Micro-framework based on modern standards

  •    Javascript

Slim.js is a lightning fast library for development of native Web Components and Custom Elements based on modern standards. No black magic involved, no useless dependencies. It uses ES6+DOM native API to boosts up HTML elements with superpowers.

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