Url Guard

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Guards url on your website. Small desktop application that monitors url and display alert if website is not available.




Related Projects


QuickMon is a small but extendable monitoring system to monitor services/resources and raise alerts.

SqlMonitoring Tool

The SqlMonitoring tool makes it possible to monitor SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 environments and send alerts to a central database (SQL 2008). A client can be used to view the alerts en perform actions on them. This tool is a good alternative if you do not have the budget or infrastr...

eZ Server Monitor - Script for Monitoring Linux servers

eZ Server Monitor (eSM) is a script for monitoring Linux servers. It is available in Bash version and Web application. In its Web version, eSM is a PHP script which provides a web page containing information such as the operating system, the number of users connected to the server, the system load, CPU, memory RAM, available disk space, bandwidth usage, and especially the port monitoring services such as FTP, SMTP, Web, etc.

Server Watch & Alert

Monitors servers and responds to failures. Currently supports HTTP GETs and e-mail alerts.

SB EventLog Monitor

SB EventLog Monitor is monitoring and consolidating Windows EventLogs. Events are collected from server using VBS and WMI or by Windows agent. Events are parsed using PHP and YOUR rules and are stored in MySQL database. Email alerts are supported.

Server-Stats - A framework for writing ssh-based server monitoring and alerts, written in clojure.

A framework for writing ssh-based server monitoring and alerts, written in clojure.


Bonus monit scripts to watch your BOSH VMs and raise alerts. Include in any existing BOSH deployment for bonus monitoring!

Server Monitor

Monitor the servers in your network for any downtime or so. You can add as many servers as you want. A friendly GUI to add servers to the configuration.

OpenWIPS-ng - Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

OpenWIPS-ng is an open source and modular Wireless IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). It is composed of three parts: Sensor(s): "Dumb" devices that capture wireless traffic and sends it to the server for analysis. Also responds to attacks. Server: Aggregates the data from all sensors, analyzes it and responds to attacks. It also logs and alerts in case of an attack. Interface: GUI manages the server and displays information about the threats on your wireless network(s).


Tool to monitor web applications. Provides widget style visual reporting and status alerts from various monitoring systems. Perl code pulls and complies data. Python code provides a UI to view data.

OpenDJ - LDAPv3 compliant directory service

OpenDJ is a new LDAPv3 compliant directory service, providing a high performance, highly available and secure store for the identities managed by enterprises. Its easy installation process, combined with the power of the Java platform makes of OpenDJ the simplest and fastest directory server to deploy and manage.

GOD - Process Monitoring Framework in Ruby

God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby. Keeping your server processes and tasks running should be a simple part of your deployment process. God aims to be the simplest, most powerful monitoring application available.

Opentor - agentless Monitoring System

Opentor Monitor is a network and server monitoring software. The monitoring services use both WMI and ADSI, ensuring that no agent software needs to be installed on the machines you wish to monitor.

Cyphon - Incident Management and Response Platform

Cyphon eliminates the headaches of incident management by streamlining a multitude of related tasks through a single platform. It receives, processes and triages events to provide an all-encompassing solution for your analytic workflow — aggregating data, bundling and prioritizing alerts, and empowering analysts to investigate and document incidents.


usage: trade-alert.py [-h] [--limit LIMIT] [--audiofile AUDIOFILE] [--player PLAYER] [--host HOST] [--port PORT] [--sender SENDER] [--recipient RECIPIENT] [--subject SUBJECT] [--body BODY] [--encryption ENCRYPTION] exchange timeframe volume alert_type Play an audio or send an e-mail alert when trade volume in the past number of seconds reaches a specified amount.


WebMonitor is an application for monitoring one or more web servers from your local computer.

zero-server-monitor - Server and website monitoring application

Server and website monitoring application

tiny-server-monitor - Very simple server monitoring with html reporting

Very simple server monitoring with html reporting

sms-monitor - A IP/port monitor with SMS alerts using Tropo (tropo.com) services.

A IP/port monitor with SMS alerts using Tropo (tropo.com) services.