dts-bundle - Export TypeScript .d.ts files as an external module definition

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This module is a naïve string-based approach at generating bundles from the .d.ts declaration files generated by a TypeScript compiler. The main use-case is generating definition for npm/bower modules written in TypeScript (commonjs/amd) so the TypeScript code should following the external-module pattern (using import/export's and --outDir).



@types/detect-indent : 0.1.30
@types/glob : 5.0.30
@types/mkdirp : 0.3.29
@types/node : 8.0.0
commander : ^2.9.0
detect-indent : ^0.2.0
glob : ^6.0.4
mkdirp : ^0.5.0



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The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.Also see the definitelytyped.org website, although information in this README is more up-to-date.

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A bundle for Sequel Pro that lets you generate Laravel migration files from existing tables. Connect to a database, and select a table in the left-hand column. From the application menu, choose Bundles › Export › Export to Laravel Migration, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌃⌥⌘M (that's CTRL + OPTION + CMD + M).

laravel-export - Create a static site bundle from a Laravel app

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Build your blog or site with Laravel like with the tools you're used to having and export it to be hosted statically. Laravel Export will scan your app and create an HTML page from every URL it crawls. The entire public directory also gets added to the bundle so your assets are in place too.

typed-css-modules - Creates .d.ts files from css-modules .css files

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Creates TypeScript definition files from CSS Modules .css files. Then, this creates *.css.d.ts files under the directory which has original .css file.

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This repository contains a protoc plugin that generates TypeScript declarations (.d.ts files) that match the JavaScript output of protoc --js_out=import_style=commonjs,binary. This plugin can also output service definitions as both .js and .d.ts files in the structure required by grpc-web. This plugin is tested and written using TypeScript 2.7.

fuse-box - A blazing fast js bundler/loader with a comprehensive API :fire:

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FuseBox is a bundler/module loader that combines the power of webpack, JSPM and SystemJS.It is blazing fast (it takes 50-100ms to re-bundle) which makes it extremely convenient for developers. It requires zero configuration to bundle such monsters like babel-core.

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ONGR is a toolkit built for Symfony to make development of transactional websites Fast and Easy. It is built on Symfony and Elasticsearch. ONGR bundle includes Elasticsearch Bundle, Filter Manager Bundle, Router Bundle, Currency Exchange Bundle, Settings Bundle, API Bundle, Translation Bundle.

plugin-typescript - TypeScript loader for SystemJS

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A plugin for SystemJS which enables you to System.import TypeScript files directly. The files are transpiled in the browser and compilation errors written to the console. Starting with JSPM 0.17.0 (currently in beta) this plugin will be the officially supported mechanism for transpiling TypeScript. It provides the ability to transpile TypeScript and ES2015+ files on the fly when then are loaded by SystemJS.

atom-typescript - The only TypeScript package you will ever need

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JavaScript developers can now just open a .ts file and start hacking away like they are used to. No grunt no Visual Studio. Just pure coding. NOTE: When updating to v12, make sure language-typescript core package is enabled. We're discontinuing our own grammar in favor of language-typescript. Both are very similar and are basically Microsoft's TextMate grammar repackaged, and there's little reason to bundle our own if there's one available by default.

react-redux-typescript-jspm-starter - Futuristic, bundle-free, development environment for building Component-Driven SPA with React, Redux and TypeScript - powered by JSPM (SystemJS & Rollup with tree-shaking)

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No module bundling during development, instead loading source files (.ts/.tsx) directly in the browser (using plugin-typescript). Type-checking is disabled for speed and delegated to another process. Enable strictNullChecks with noImplicitAny (compiler flags), to get Non-nullable Types (v2.0) and Smarter Type Inference (v2.1) (Source) which greatly increase your TypeScript experience.

typescript-boilerplate - A modern TypeScript project setup, for Node

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See also the introduction blog post: Starting a TypeScript Project in 2021. esbuild is an extremely fast bundler that supports a large part of the TypeScript syntax. This project uses it to bundle for browsers (and Node.js if you want).

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Bundle Transformer - a modular extension for System.Web.Optimization (also known as the Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework).

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webpack-bundle-size-analyzer - A tool for finding out what contributes to the size of Webpack bundles

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A small utility to help you find out what is contributing to the size of your Webpack bundles. Webpack has a JSON output mode which produces detailed machine-readable information about everything that has been included in a generated bundle.

next-mdx-remote - Load mdx content from anywhere through getStaticProps in next.js

  •    TypeScript

While it may seem strange to see these two in the same file, this is one of the cool things about Next.js -- getStaticProps and TestPage, while appearing in the same file, run in two different places. Ultimately your browser bundle will not include getStaticProps at all, or any of the functions it uses only on the server, so serialize will be removed from the browser bundle entirely. <MDXRemote /> accepts a scope prop, which makes all of the values available for use in your MDX.

LiipThemeBundle - Provides theming support for Symfony bundles

  •    PHP

This bundle provides you the possibility to add themes to each bundle. In your bundle directory it will look under Resources/themes/<themename> or fall back to the normal Resources/views if no matching file was found. Now that you have activated and configured the bundle, all that is left to do is import the LiipThemeBundle routing files.

AssetBundles-Browser - Editor tool for viewing and debugging asset bundle contents before and after builds

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The Asset Bundle Browser tool enables the user to view and edit the configuration of asset bundles for their Unity project. It will block editing that would create invalid bundles, and inform you of any issues with existing bundles. It also provides basic build functionality. Use this tool as an alternative to selecting assets and setting their asset bundle manually in the inspector. It can be dropped into any Unity project with a version of 5.6 or greater. It will create a new menu item in Window > AssetBundle Browser. The bundle configuration, build functionality, and built-bundle inspection are split into three tabs within the new window.

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