Twitter4j - Twitter Java Library

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Twitter4J is an open-sourced, mavenized and Google App Engine safe Java library for the Twitter API which is released under the APL 2.0.



Related Projects

go-twitter - Go Twitter REST and Streaming API v1.1

go-twitter is a Go client library for the Twitter API. Check the usage section or try the examples to see how to access the Twitter API.The twitter package provides a Client for accessing the Twitter API. Here are some example requests.

Hosebird client - A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's Streaming API

A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's Streaming API. It has GZip support, OAuth support, Partitioning support, Automatic reconnections with appropriate backfill counts, Access to raw bytes payload, Proper backoffs/retry schemes, Relevant statistics/events, Control stream support for sitestreams.

Tweetinvi a friendly Twitter C# API

Tweetinvi is a Twitter C# API and provide a library to access Twitter REST API 1.1 through oAuth.

Twitter Face

Twitter Face is a sample application that demonstrates how easy it is to programatically use WPF. It also demonstrates HTTP POX streaming, twitter API, and XML deserialization

LINQ to Twitter

Linq2Twitter is an open source LINQ Provider for the Twitter micro-blogging service. It covers the entire Twitter API and supports multiple .NET technologies.

anaconda - A Go client library for the Twitter 1.1 API

Anaconda is a simple, transparent Go package for accessing version 1.1 of the Twitter API.Successful API queries return native Go structs that can be used immediately, with no need for type assertions.

phirehose - PHP interface to Twitter Streaming API

PHP interface to Twitter Streaming API

earthquake - Twitter terminal client with streaming API support.

Terminal-based Twitter Client with Streaming API support. Only supports Ruby 1.9 and later. Ubuntu: EventMachine needs the package libssl-dev.


A Twitter API wrapper for .NET. Enables the developers to use the Twitter API directly from their .NET application.

twitter-nodejs-websocket - Twitter streaming directly to browser with Node.js and HTML5 websockets

Twitter streaming directly to browser with Node.js and HTML5 websockets

F# Twitter API

F# twitter API This is a class library for working with service twitter napsiannaya entirely in F#.

twitteR - R based twitter client

twitteR is an R package which provides access to the Twitter API. Most functionality of the API is supported, with a bias towards API calls that are more useful in data analysis as opposed to daily interaction.

Twitter Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke®

The Twitter Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke® can be installed on DNN4.x or DNN 5.x and allows users to link their twitter account to your portal instance, providing another method for users to securely authenticate on your website.

Twitter Helper for WebMatrix

The Twitter Helper for WebMatrix makes it simple to integrate several Twitter social features in your site. For example, you can display Twitter widgets like "Follow Me" and "Tweet" Buttons, and access the Timeline Resources exposed by the Twitter API in a few lines of code.

TwitterJSClient - Twitter client written in JavaScript packaged as a node module

A Twitter Node Module to authenticate and interact with the Twitter REST API from NodeJS. You need to create a Twitter app to use the API.

ASNETutorial - Simple example project for library

In order to implement Social networks in your application you need keys to make API calls. So register a new social network application and get the keys. Check small tutorial how to get it: - [Facebook]( - [Twitter]( - [LInkedIn]( continue you need - Facebook App ID - Twitter consumer key and consumer secret- LinkedIn consumer ke

chatterbot - A straightforward ruby-based Twitter Bot Framework, using OAuth to authenticate.

Chatterbot is a Ruby library for making bots on Twitter. It's great for rapid development of bot ideas. It handles all of the basic Twitter API features -- searches, replies, tweets, retweets, etc. and has a simple blacklist/whitelist system to help minimize spam and unwanted data. Chatterbot has a documentation website. It's a work-in-progress. You can also read the gem documentation.

STTwitter - A stable, mature and comprehensive Objective-C library for Twitter REST API 1.1

[2015-03-28] Signed build of OS X demo app: [2014-06-18] Swifter, A Twitter framework for iOS & OS X written in Swift, by @MatthewDonnelly [2014-05-31] Follow STTwitter on Twitter: @STTLibrary [2014-05-22] STTwitter was presented at CocoaHeads Lausanne (slides) [2013-10-24] STTwitter was presented at SoftShake 2013 (slides).