matrix-dimension - An alternative integrations manager for Riot

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Dimension supports some bridges and bots, however using Dimension in a production scenario is not recommended. Dimension uses features available in recent builds of Riot and may not work on older versions. There are plans on the front to better support integration managers. Those changes may require an updated homeserver and Riot when made available.


bluebird : ^3.5.1
body-parser : ^1.18.2
chalk : ^2.3.0
config : ^1.28.1
db-migrate : ^0.10.2
db-migrate-sqlite3 : ^0.2.1
dns-then : ^0.1.0
embed-video : ^2.0.0
express : ^4.16.2
js-yaml : ^3.10.0
lodash : ^4.17.4
matrix-js-sdk : ^0.8.5
moment : ^2.19.3
netmask : ^1.0.6
random-string : ^0.2.0
request : ^2.83.0
screenfull : ^3.3.2
sequelize : ^4.27.0
sqlite3 : ^3.1.13
url : ^0.11.0
winston : ^2.4.0



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matrix-react-sdk - Matrix SDK for React Javascript

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This is a react-based SDK for inserting a Matrix chat/voip client into a web page. As of Aug 2018, the only skin that exists is vector-im/riot-web; it and matrix-org/matrix-react-sdk should effectively be considered as a single project (for instance, matrix-react-sdk bugs are currently filed against vector-im/riot-web rather than this project).

riot-web - A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web.

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Riot (formerly known as Vector) is a Matrix web client built using the Matrix React SDK ( easiest way to test Riot is to just use the hosted copy at The develop branch is continuously deployed by Jenkins at for those who like living dangerously.

Riot - Messaging and Colloboration made easy

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Riot is built on top of Matrix. Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication delivering a community of users,bridged networks, integrated bots and applications plus full end-to-end encryption. Riot allows teams to communicate across a wide range of collaboration apps. If some team members use Riot while others use IRC, Slack or Gitter, Riot will allow these team members to seamlessly work together. Riot offers the richest network of communication bridges.

riot-android - A glossy Matrix collaboration client for Android

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Riot is an Android Matrix client.This client is a standard android studio project.

nheko - No longer maintained - Desktop client for the Matrix protocol

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The motivation behind the project is to provide a native desktop app for Matrix that feels more like a mainstream chat app (Riot, Telegram etc) and less like an IRC client. Currently the implementation is at best a proof of concept and it should only be used for testing purposes.

Rocket - A web framework for Rust.

  •    Rust

Visiting localhost:8000/hello/John/58, for example, will trigger the hello route resulting in the string Hello, 58 year old named John! being sent to the browser. If an <age> string was passed in that can't be parsed as a u8, the route won't get called, resulting in a 404 error. The official community support channels are the #rocket IRC channel on the Mozilla IRC Server at and the bridged Rocket room on Matrix. If you're not familiar with IRC, we recommend chatting through Matrix via Riot or via the Kiwi web IRC client. You can learn more about IRC via Mozilla's Getting Started with IRC guide.

neanderthal - Fast Clojure Matrix Library

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Neanderthal is a Clojure library for fast matrix and linear algebra computations based on the highly optimized native libraries of BLAS and LAPACK computation routines for both CPU and GPU.. Read the documentation at Neanderthal Web Site.

Matrix Rain

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A Matrix Rain is a classic matrix screensaver, which can capture a video from your web-camera and display video like the quot;matrix-stylequot; in real time.

examples - Demos and examples for Riot and submodules

  •    HTML

This is a series of examples designed to showcase the benefits of adopting Riot. It is made possible by the Riot open source community.Note: These examples are basically tested on the latest version of Riot. Check the older examples here for v2.

  •    TypeScript

Visit This question bothered me a few times until I studied math in the university. There, I had in total four linear algebra courses, so matrix multiplication became my bread-and-butter. One day it just snapped in my mind how the number of rows of the first matrix has to match the number of columns in the second matrix, which means they must perfectly align when the second matrix is rotated by 90°. From there, the second matrix trickles down, "combing" the values in the first matrix. The values are multiplied and added together. In my head, I called this the "waterfall method", and used it to perform my calculations in the university courses. It worked.

matrix-js-sdk - Matrix Client-Server SDK for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is the Matrix Client-Server v1/v2 alpha SDK for JavaScript. This SDK can be run in a browser or in Node.js. Download either the full or minified version from and add that as a <script> to your page. There will be a global variable matrixcs attached to window through which you can access the SDK. See below for how to include libolm to enable end-to-end-encryption.

riot - Riot is a fast, expressive, and contextual ruby unit testing framework

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A fast, expressive, and contextual ruby unit testing framework. Protest the slow test. In contrast to other popular Ruby testing frameworks such as Test::Unit, Shoulda and RSpec, Riot does not run a setup and teardown sequence before and after each test. This speeds up test execution quite a bit, but also changes how you write your tests. In general and in my opinion, you should avoid mutating any objects under test and if you use Riot you're pretty much going to have to.

RIOT - RIOT - The friendly OS for IoT

  •    C

RIOT is a real-time multi-threading operating system that supports a range of devices that are typically found in the Internet of Things (IoT): 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers. RIOT is based on the following design principles: energy-efficiency, real-time capabilities, small memory footprint, modularity, and uniform API access, independent of the underlying hardware (this API offers partial POSIX compliance).

weechat-matrix-protocol-script - A WeeChat script in Lua that implements the matrix

  •    Lua

Also known as WeeMatrix, this script is considered beta quality as not all functionality is in place and still has known bugs, and unknown bugs to be discovered and fixed. Matrix is a new open source realtime federated chat protocol. You can read more about it on their website.

EnterTheMatrix - The sample application to accompany my conference talk "Enter The Matrix" on matrix transformations

  •    Objective-C

#Enter The Matrix The sample application to accompany my conference talk "Enter The Matrix" on matrix transformations. Slides can be downloaded from here.

pycm - Multi-class confusion matrix library in Python

  •    Python

PyCM is a multi-class confusion matrix library written in Python that supports both input data vectors and direct matrix, and a proper tool for post-classification model evaluation that supports most classes and overall statistics parameters. PyCM is the swiss-army knife of confusion matrices, targeted mainly at data scientists that need a broad array of metrics for predictive models and an accurate evaluation of large variety of classifiers. threshold is added in version 0.9 for real value prediction.



MatrixExtensions provides extension methods for numeric arrays. Arrays are treated as vectors and 2D matrices. Operations provided for fast prototyping and integration of scientific libraries. Does NOT have Matrix or Vector class.



This project will be one of the most complete Math / numeric Java library which contain all Complex, Matrix, vector, Fourier Operations, Geometry, Digital, logic, scalar, linear algebra on complex numbers and matrix, ... calculations.

C# .NET Generic Matrix Maths Library

  •    CSharp

Public domain .NET matrix maths library, including a generic matrix base class (supporting matricies with elements of any object type) and a DoubleMatrix class supporting a range of mathematical operations using Double elements.

Java Matrix Library

  •    Java

A thoughtfully designed Java library for dealing with Matrices ( Matrix Theory ). Simple, Intuitive and Flexible. The library revolves around a Matrix interface. Operations are thoughtfully distributed. Not guilty of exposing all-in-one Matrix class.