Tranquillity 3D Particle Engine

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Tranquillity is a compact, easy to use and highly extendible 3D particle system for Windows Phone 7 XNA projects.



Related Projects

Evolution Game Engine

XNA Shader 3D Game Engine, it includes physics, Artificial Intelegence, Particle System. Bone Animation Blending, C# Scripting, Billboards, Compressed Content Directory or Virtual File System for Content. The project is in an advanced state and require more work to complete.

Ploobs Game Engine

Full Game Engine developed in C# and XNA using Deferred Rendering. The principal Features are: Integrated Physic, Artificial Inteligence, Dynamic Lights and Shadow, Lots of Post Effects, Billboards , Extensible Particle System, Vegetation, Materials types, 3D Sound and MUCH MORE!

Flint Particle System for Silverlight

Flint Particle System (Particle Engine) for Silverlight,based on original Flint Particles. XNA framework is not required.

Mercury Particle Engine

Mercury Particle Engine is a multi-platform API which allows developers to add rich visual effects to their games. Implemented in C# and targeting the Microsoft XNA Framework, it is fully compatible with Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.

JS-Particles - A simple particle game written in JS

A simple particle game written in JS


I created a 3D simulation of an ideal gas in a container to display relationships between pressure & volume and pressure & number of particles.

glut-turbulent-billboards - Noise-based turbulent particle simulation with obstacles in OpenGL/GLUT

Noise-based turbulent particle simulation with obstacles in OpenGL/GLUT

Xploit Game Engine

Xploit is a 3D Game Engine which helps game developers quickly and easily develop polished 3D games. This Engine fills in the gaps present in the XNA Framework by providing libraries for Shadow Mapping, Animation, Shading and Particle Effects. It's developed in XNA, HLSL and C#.

Blender - 3D content creation suite

Blender helps to model, shade, animate, render, composite interactive 3d content. Blender's features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, animating, match moving, camera tracking, rendering, video editing and compositing. It also features a built-in game engine.

QuickStart Game Engine

3D Game Engine, XNA 4.0. Includes rendering, physics, input, cameras, terrain system, user interface, particle emitters, and more!

AS3-Starry-Mouse - Springy, trippy, starry particle system using custom 3D particle system

Springy, trippy, starry particle system using custom 3D particle system

3D Editor Application Framework

A starting point for building 3D editing applications, such as video game world editors, particle system editors, and so on. Aimed at tools and graphics programmers in the video game industry who don't want to re-invent the wheel. C#, .Net 2.0, WinForms, SlimDX, PhysX.Net


Space 1939 - a game written in C Sharp and XNA 4.0. This was written towards the end of my 2nd year of my degree (April 2011) and showcases use of XNA to create a 3D game from scratch. Techniques that were used include 3D modelling, particle effects, music and dynamic sound, mesh construction from a height map and much more.


The Free Show is a real time, chat-like, telepathic-like 3D Game Environment consisting primarily of Humour. You can go to to read this SDK of a 3D Game/Chat Environment.

mathematorium - A 3D graphing calculator and 3D particle simulator.

A 3D graphing calculator and 3D particle simulator.


An implementation of fields and particles using canvas in javascript. Handles 1000s of particles!

Sky-Particles-Shader - :sunny: WebGL sky, sun and particles shader editor demo

Configurable sky and particle editor. Run it in the browser here. The WebGL shader is based on the Preetham Model and this three.js example.

canvas-particle - Drawing particles on HTML5 Canvas

Drawing particles on HTML5 Canvas

Particle-JS - Playing with particles

Playing with particles