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Managed Meizu SDK Wrapper ??SDK????

The project provides an opensource managed wrapper for SDK of Meizu cell phones, currently for M8. With the help of this library, applications for Meizu cell phones can be developed with .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET. ?????????????(???M8)????????????????C# VB?.NET???????

C# IMAPI2 Samples

This project is my effort to port the VB Script IMAPI2 samples to C# 4.0 and provide CD/DVD Burning capabilities in C#. This takes advantage of the C# 4.0 dynamic keyword to get around ugly COM interop. Hopefully this will lead to a fully-functional, free C# CD/DVD Burning SDK.


<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tamo7.com/vb/f82/" target="_blank">??? ???????</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tamo7.com/vb/f83/" target="_blank">??? ??????? ????</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tamo7.com/vb/" target="_blank">?????</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tamo7.com/vb/f74" target="_blank">???????</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tamo7.com/vb/f88" target="_blank">??????? ???????</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.7ammil.com" target="_blank">???? ????? ???

VB Lite Unit

A light-weight testing framework written in Visual Basic 6 for testing classic VB/VBA applications. This simple, solid design works well in VB/VBA, doesn't attempt introspection, and doesn't require lists of test methods outside of the test code.

VB-default-tests - Confirming the various ways of doing C#'s default(T) in VB

Confirming the various ways of doing C#'s default(T) in VB

azure-webjobs-sdk-script - Scripting the Azure WebJobs SDK

This repo contains libraries that enable a light-weight scripting model for the Azure WebJobs SDK. You simply provide job function scripts written in various languages (e.g. Javascript/Node.js, C#, Python, F#, PowerShell, PHP, CMD, BAT, BASH scripts, etc.) along with a simple function.json metadata file that indicates how those functions should be invoked, and the scripting library does the work necessary to plug those scripts into the Azure WebJobs SDK runtime.These libraries are the runtime used by Azure Functions. The runtime builds upon the tried and true Azure WebJobs SDK - this library just layers on top to allow you to "script the WebJobs SDK". So you get the full benefits and the power of the WebJobs SDK, including the WebJobs Dashboard.

metasploit-javapayload - Metasploit's Java payloads, including Java and Android Meterpreters

1. Download the [Android SDK](https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html), and the [Android NDK](https://developer.android.com/tools/sdk/ndk/index.html) somewhere2. Launch the `sdk/tool/android` program3. Install API version 3, and update the "Android SDK Tools" and "Android SDK Platform-tools"4. Compile android meterpreter:```mvn package -Dandroid.sdk.path=/path/to/android-sdk -Dandroid.ndk.path=/path/to/android-ndk -Dandroid.release=true -P deploy```

ApplicationInsights-Java - Application Insights SDK for Java

This is the repository of the Java SDK for Visual Studio Application Insights. Application Insights is a service that monitors the availability, performance and usage of your application. The SDK sends telemetry about the performance and usage of your app to the Application Insights service where your data can be visualized in the Azure Portal. The SDK automatically collects telemetry about HTTP requests, dependencies, and exceptions. You can also use the SDK to send your own events and trace logs.After you upgrade, you'll need to merge back any customizations you made to ApplicationInsights.xml. Take a copy of it to compare with the new file.

azure-webjobs-sdk - Azure WebJobs SDK

The Azure WebJobs SDK is a framework that simplifies the task of writing background processing code that runs in Azure. The Azure WebJobs SDK includes a declarative binding and trigger system that works with Azure Storage Blobs, Queues and Tables as well as Service Bus. The binding system makes it incredibly easy to write code that reads or writes Azure Storage objects. The trigger system automatically invokes a function in your code whenever any new data is received in a queue or blob.In addition to the built in triggers/bindings, the WebJobs SDK is fully extensible, allowing new types of triggers/bindings to be created and plugged into the framework in a first class way. See Azure WebJobs SDK Extensions for details. Many useful extensions have already been created and can be used in your applications today. Extensions include a File trigger/binder, a Timer/Cron trigger, a WebHook HTTP trigger, as well as a SendGrid email binding.

dropbox-sdk-go-unofficial - :warning: An UNOFFICIAL Dropbox v2 API SDK for Go

Additionally, the base github.com/dropbox/dropbox-sdk-go-unofficial/dropbox package exports some configuration and helper methods.First, you need to register a new "app" to start making API requests. Once you have created an app, you can either use the SDK via an access token (useful for testing) or via the regular OAuth2 flow (recommended for production).

Exif reader class/dll for VB 6

This is a class/dll for VB 6. It will allow you to pass a file name and return an object which contains all Exif tags in a JPG file.

SQL To ASPX Code Generator for C# or VB

Generate ASPX websites with C# or VB in minutes using a SQL Server database. Provides maximum versatility, hundreds of generation options, with minimum effort.

arcgis-samples-silverlight - ArcGIS API for Silverlight interactive sample app in C# and VB

ArcGIS API for Silverlight interactive sample app in C# and VB

GitTest - GitTest VB Project

GitTest VB Project

VB-challenge - Solution to VB Programming Challenge

Solution to VB Programming Challenge

VB MP3 Player

VB MP3 Player is an easy and simple MP3 Player written in Visual Basic 6. It does not use the Windows Media Player plugin, only windows MCI. The player should play MP3, WAV, MIDI and maybe in the future AVI and DivX.

VB Packager And Compiler

Portable , Faster, Smaller EXE No Runtime Needed anymore , without needed of ActiveX or Ocx Or Dll all you need to do is scan the project file to view all the dependence files and put in on the final exe file complied As VB PowerWrap or Stand Alone Xpres


Visual Basic OCX to drive an HD44780 LCD connected to the Parallel port. Right now I have a working VB module.