Tianjin Polytechnic University Online Judge

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Online Judge System Built on Microsoft technologies. Vision & Scope: A distributed OJ Solution on Windows and Cloud. Technologies used or planed to be used: ASP.NET MVC2, Entity Framework, WF, WCF, Windows Azure, C# 4(Dynamic & LINQ), etc.




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Recruitr - Modern online judge tool, Online test made easy

  •    Python

Recruitr is a modern online judge tool. You can add coding challenges via the admin interface, specify test cases (expected input/output), and make it available for visitors to try to solve them by submitting code. Currently, recruitr supports C, C++, Haskell, Java, Javascript (Node), Perl, PHP, Python, Racket, Ruby, Scala, and Shell (Bash). The user submitted code is run in a docker container, therefore very secure.

??????Judge Online

  •    PHP

??????Judge Online?????????????????????????????C?C++???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????SNS?????????

syzoj - 一个用于算法竞赛的在线评测系统。An online judge system for algorithm competition.

  •    Javascript

一个用于算法竞赛的在线评测系统。An online judge system for algorithm competition.



This is a open code progamme. It's like a ACM/ICPC dudge programme.It Can compile and test the programme that user's code compiled online. ???????ACM/ICPC?????

EjOI Judge System

  •    PHP

quot;EjOI Judge Systemquot; is a Judge system which was developed to be used in local networks to judge programs written for it's quot;Informatics Olympiadquot; based problems. EjOI stands for Ejei Olympiad in Informatics.

Celiz Judge System

  •    C

Celiz is a open source Judge System. Judge System is a software for doing judge work in Olympiad Informatics match, and also being used in ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest.

LeetCode - Solutions of LeetCode Online Judge

  •    C++

LeetCode solutions gives some thoughts on selected problems. Solved 482/559 problems.

Competitive-Programming - My solutions from different contests and online Judge.

  •    C++

There are solutions from 2009 until now; The old ones doesn't have the solution explanation. Almost all of them in c++.

LeetCode-Sol-Res - Clean, Understandable Solutions and Resources for LeetCode Online Judge Algorithm Problems

  •    Java

This repository contains solutions and resources for LeetCode algorithm problems. An excel table for quick review before interview is also provided in resources directory.

LintCode - :pencil2: C++ 11 Solutions of All 289 LintCode Problems

  •    C++

Up to date (2016-08-22), there are 289 problems on LintCode Online Judge. The number of problems is increasing recently. Here is the classification of all 289 problems. For more problems and solutions, you can see my LeetCode repository. I'll keep updating for full summary and better solutions. Stay tuned for updates.


  •    Java

JUDGE (Java Utility for Document Genre Eduction) features automatic classification and clustering of documents, optionally as a webservice. The program is written entirely in Java and makes use of the Weka machine learning toolkit.

Nafis' Programming Contest Judge Tool

  •    C

Its a client-server based system for arranging a programming contest and judge the solutions in c/c++ automatically and rank the contestants. It has almost all features of the famous PC^2 in java but without the complexity in usage and its much faster.


  •    C++

====== This project has been moved to http://code.google.com/p/injuslin/ ======== injuslin is short for INformatics JUdge System for LINux. It's a simple, useful, efficient and safe tool to judge informatics contests under Linux.

pywat - Python wats


A "wat" is what I call a snippet of code that demonstrates a counterintuitive edge case of a programming language. (The name comes from this excellent talk by Gary Bernhardt.) If you're not familiar with the language, you might conclude that it's poorly designed when you see a wat. Often, more context about the language design will make the wat seem reasonable, or at least justified. Wats are funny, and learning about a language's edge cases probably helps you with that language, but I don't think you should judge a language based on its wats. (It's perfectly fine to judge a language, of course, as long as it's an informed judgment, based on whether the language makes it difficult for its developers to write error-free code, not based on artificial, funny one-liners.) This is the point I want to prove to Python developers.

osCommerce - Open Source Online Shop eCommerce Solution

  •    PHP

osCommerce allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain online stores with minimum effort. It could be easily integrated in to the existing site. Administrator could add categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews. Multilingual and Multicurrency support. It accepts numerous online (PayPal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.net, iPayment, ..) and offline (cheque, money orders, offline credit care processing) payments.

ElDorito - A Halo Online modification

  •    C++

ElDewrito development is on hold right now. We are not accepting issue reports or pull requests. For more information, please see our blog. ElDewrito is a fan mod for Halo Online that enables LAN-based online multiplayer across the globe, as well as many bug-fixes and enhancements. As there is no telling if any other Halo game will ever be brought to PC, Halo Online is the best thing we have, and fortunately it contains a lot of Halo 3 and Halo ODST content. ElDewrito aims to unlock and expand on this content.

Desko - Desktop Online

  •    Javascript

Desko - Desktop Online, interfaces with other web applications and serves as a central organizing location for your files and other online activities. The objective is to put the end user in control of their online data and give you the freedom to choose



Online Desktop Operating System (in an os), or ODOS,- a program that helps you to get on the internet, and it can be set to run upon startup. Instead of being an online os, it is an os that helps you get online and do stuff online more productively.