Toyunda Phone

  •        89

A simple searchable list of the songs available at the Karaoke rooms in the Epitanime event ran by students at the school named Epita in Paris.



Related Projects


  •    Delphi

PC conversion of famous karaoke game - Singstar. UltraStar allows a computer to evaluate how good you are when you sing by analyzing your voice pitch. Sing your favourite songs and see how you improve.

Mobile Karaoke

  •    Java

Mobile karaoke is karaoke application based on J2ME for mobile phones (aka cell phones). It is based on MIDP 2.0 and the karaoke extensions to the MIDI standard. Nearly every J2ME MIDP 2.0 capable device is able to run this application.

Tone Deaf

  •    Java

Tone Deaf is an online Karaoke game. The purpose of which is to allow users to both upload their own karaoke performances and download other users karaoke performances in order to rate them in various categories. See our homepage for an example.

Drumstick Karaoke

  •    C++

MIDI/karaoke player for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Karaoke for DirectX

  •    C++

DirectShow filter for playing back MIDI and CD+G karaoke files (.kar, .cdg, .bin) as video in Windows Media Player

CDG Editor - Edit Karaoke CDG Files

  •    CSharp

CDG Editor is a tool that allows the user to edit the contents of a CDG file (typically extracted from a karaoke disc as mp3+g). v1.3 now supports all CD+G command types.



Karaoke songbook and request system webapp developed using using C# & ASP.NET MVC. KarReq will allow a karaoke host to eliminate hard copy songbooks and paper request slips by providing this functionality on the singer's smartphone.

Online Songbook

  •    PHP

The Online Songbook is a web interface to a database of songs. Allows users to collaboratively edit songs in ChordPro format, create and share collections of songs, and print collections in a variety of formats.

Fair DJ

  •    Java

Fair DJ is an Mserv compatible music server designed to play music in a room with several users sharing a set of speakers. The users can rate songs, and Fair DJ selects songs using these ratings and a fairness algorithm to ensure that everybody is happy.


  •    C++

Write and print lyrics with chords of your favourite songs. Support for CHORDPRO format, SNG and XML. Print in TXT, PDF or PostScript. Multiple songs per page, with automatic layout. Windows and Linux ports.


  •    C++

Canzoniere is an mp3 classification tool, which allows users to classify their songs using personal criteria such as artist score, song score and moods (i.e. romantic, relax, party, etc.). Users can then select their mood and play songs that match.


  •    C++

Simple audio player with built-in database. It has no playlist, instead it simply plays songs from current search results. It has support for queing up songs to be played, replacing much of the need for a playlist.



Create a library of songs, storing chord sequences and lyrics for each. Build a set list of songs in any key, and print the charts with or without lyrics. Print a single gig-sheet with all of the chords you'll need! WPF application written in C# using .NET 3.5 SP1.

M3u to folder


Copy in a target folder all the songs that you have in a M3U / M3U8 list. So you can easy copy to your Mp3 Player the songs that you usually play in your computer using Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc


  •    C++

LongPlayer fills your Winamp or XMMS playlists with random songs in a smart way. Based on dynamic playlists, your ratings and the dates your songs have last been heard, LongPlayer solves the quot;hey, I already heard this song an hour ago!quot;-problem.


  •    PHP

(German, abbr.) Notes, dance and songs. Musical education for the very young, concepts and contents. Rhythm and notes, dances and games, singing songs, complemented by painting, drawing, and learning games.

myLastFM - Last.FM Desktop Player

  •    CSharp

myLastFM is a desktop player for the streaming music service. You can use myLastFM to see what's playing, download album art, alert you of new songs and also skip/ban/love playing songs.

Mario Paint Composer Assistant

  •    Python

This script provides a graphical user interface for accessing the raw text of files created by the free version of Mario Paint Composer. It makes it easier to upload and download songs, and also allows songs to be exported in standard midi format.

MonkPlayer Online Jukebox

  •    Perl

MonkPlayer is a jukebox-like music player/streamer where each listener can rate the songs so it will try to play the ones that have a common taste for most listeners online at the time. It is fully customizable and listeners can ask for songs like a juke

Cantata - Graphical Music Player

  •    C++

Cantata is a graphical (Qt5) client for music player daemon (MPD). It supports Multiple MPD collections, Highly customisable layout, Group songs by album, Add tags to songs, File organizer, Smart Playlists, Radio stream support, Audio CD ripping and playback and lot more.