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EnergyBar - Supercharge your Mac's Touch Bar.

  •    Objective-C

EnergyBar replaces your Mac's Touch Bar with a collection of widgets, such as a Dock or a "Now Playing" widget. The goal of EnergyBar is to maximize the Touch Bar's usability, while minimizing some of its flaws such as inadvertent tapping. The default placement of EnergyBar widgets allows for consistency and memorization of your Touch Bar use. The areas around the Esc key and above the Delete key have been kept non-functional to alleviate the problem of inadvertent tapping. At the same time EnergyBar allows for customization so that you only have your favorite widgets visible.

TouchBreakout - Play Breakout game on your Touch Bar, using SpriteKit. 用 Touch Bar 在 Mac 上玩打砖块游戏

  •    Swift

Play Breakout Game on your Touch Bar, using SpriteKit. 😢The Apple Review teams said the original name TouchBreakout leverages the name 'Breakout', so when launching I have to change the name to TouchBrickout.

btt-touchbar-presets - BetterTouchTool Touch Bar Presets

  •    AppleScript

Here we collect cool touch bar presets for BetterTouchTool. Feel free to send your own configs in pull-requests. Do not forget to attach a screenshot (⇧⌘6) and write some description to this README. After installing BetterTouchTool, you can import/export configurations from the Manage Presets button.

touch-bar-simulator - Use the Touch Bar on any Mac

  •    Swift

Launch the Touch Bar simulator from anywhere without needing to have Xcode installed, whereas Apple requires you to launch it from inside Xcode. It also comes with a handy transparency slider, a screenshot button, and a service to toggle the Touch Bar in the Services menu or with a keyboard shortcut.You can add a shortcut in System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Services → Toggle Touch Bar.

Pock - Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar

  •    Swift

Media information at a glance with gestures for media controls included. A handy ESC button is there, just in case, so you don't have to hide Pock to access the system one.

VENTouchLock - A Touch ID and Passcode framework used in the Venmo app.

  •    Objective-C

VENTouchLock secures your app by requiring a Touch ID fingerprint scan or passcode to gain access when the app is launched cold or from the background. It is used in the official Venmo app. VENTouchLock requires a custom splash view controller to hide the contents of your app during app-switch and present the Touch ID prompt or passcode view controller. In order to create one, subclass VENTouchLockSplashViewController and override its init function with any customization. The splash view controller is usually a good place to give your users the option to logout in case another user is attempting to sign in.

NoiseBuddy - Control the listening mode on your AirPods Pro in the Touch Bar or Menu Bar.

  •    Swift

Change noise cancelling settings on your AirPods Pro or Beats Solo Pro directly from your Mac's Menu Bar or Touch Bar. I wanted an easier way to change the listening mode settings on AirPods Pro and Beats Solo Pro on the Mac, without having to open the volume menu, so I made this simple app that shows a button in both the Menu Bar and Touch Bar that lets you toggle between the ANC and Transparency modes with a single click. When your Mac is not using a device that supports listening modes, the button will not show up.

TouchFart - A fart app for the new Macbook Pro's Touch Bar

  •    Swift

Add unit tests. Feel free to copy this code and use it to make your own Touch Bar fart app.

Muse - An open-source Spotify controller with TouchBar support

  •    Swift

An open-source Spotify, iTunes and Vox controller with TouchBar support, system-wide TouchBar controls (à la iTunes) and Spotify account integration. Muse appends a permanent button to the control strip (right tray bar) of the TouchBar, displaying album art and playback time. You can tap it to reveal the full control bar, long press it to toggle play/pause and swipe on it to jump to next or previous track.

material-cab - A simple library for Android, which replaces the stock contextual action bar to allow more customization

  •    Java

Material CAB allows you to implement a customizable and flexible contextual action bar in your app. The traditional stock CAB on Android is limited to being placed at the top of your Activity, and the navigation drawer cannot go over it. This library lets you choose its exact location, and a toolbar is used allowing views to be be placed over and under it.Not only that, the stock CAB only allows you to specify theme properties from styles.xml, this library lets you dynamically change theme properties at runtime from code.

GitHub-Dark - :octocat: Dark GitHub style

  •    CSS

📦 Install the usercss which supports automatic updates. 📦 Install GitHub-Dark Script which supports automatic updates and live customization. Refer to its README. 📦 Install from with customization, does not support automatic updates. 📦 Install manually from GitHub with no customization, but useful for development. The style is in Mozilla format. 📦 Install via custom build with customization from configuration file. Refer to this wiki page. ⚙️ GitHub-code-wrap to wrap long lines in code boxes. ⚙️ GitHub-Commit-Limit to show line length limits when editing a commit message. ⚙️ GitHub-FixedHeader to have a fixed header. ⚙️ GitHub-Selected-Tab-Color to customize tab colors. ⚙️ GitHub-tab-size to set a fixed tab size in code.

macOS-UI-Kit - :gem: A retina optimized macOS Sierra UI Kit for Sketch (including Touch Bar)


This macOS Sierra UI Kit is designed at 1x scale, but with retina displays in mind! So if you open this on a non-retina screen it may looks a little blurry. I think we're missing some good retina UI Kits for Mac, so I've created this based on Apple's fine retina display style. Any feedback is appreciated! Just take a look at the issues, or leave me a comment on dribbble or Product Hunt.

shox - 🍫 A customisable, universally compatible terminal status bar

  •    Go

A customisable terminal status bar with universal shell/terminal compatibility. Currently works on Mac/Linux. If you don't like to pipe to sudo - as well you shouldn't - you can remove the sudo above, but you'll have to add the shox dir to your PATH env var manually, as instructed by the installer.

BWStatusBarOverlay - BWStatusBarOverlay is a custom status bar overlay window.

  •    Objective-C

BWStatusBarOverlay is a custom status bar overlay window. It support touch by setting a block that will be called after touch. It work well on both iPad and iPhone and of course in any orientation. Copy BWStatusBarOverlay dir into your project.

TouchDevelop - TouchDevelop is a touch-friendly app creation environment for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux

  •    TypeScript

Touch Develop is a touch-friendly, cross-platform, mobile-first app creation environment developed with <3 at Microsoft Research.The make sure which version you're running, tap the small copyright/legal/version bar in the bottom right, and then the latest changes button. This will give you the changes that went into your current version, and in particular if the fix for your submitted issue is in. If the expected change is not there, try reloading the page. Keep in mind that the build process takes a few minutes.

reaviz - 📊 Data visualization library for React based on D3

  •    TypeScript

REAVIZ is a modular chart component library that leverages React natively for rendering the components while using D3js under the hood for calculations. The library provides an easy way to get started creating charts without sacrificing customization ability. If you are looking for node-based graphs, checkout reaflow.

cDock2 - :cake: Enhanced dock customization for macOS

  •    Objective-C

:cake: Enhanced dock customization for macOS

Pale Moon - Goanna-based web browser

  •    C

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Goanna-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and customization. Make sure to get the most out of your browser.

phaser-menu-system - Boilerplate menu system for phaser

  •    Javascript

When finishing this chapter we'll create a cool splash screen with a preloading progress bar. We're also going to leverage phaser's asset loading system to grab scripts, a custom font, images, and music files so the engine loads up real quick and the progress bar will update as assets are cached. Additionally, we'll touch the surface of the game state management system. My directory structure follows a kind-of hybrid of scaffolds I've used in the past for web application development as well as game development with different engines. I am not saying it's the best one, but please follow it this time so you can easily follow the tutorial. If you get stuck at any time the source code is available to you on this github page.