Implementation of Hydrological Model(TOPMODEL) in Arcmap using ArcObjects API

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This is a project which implements the topmodel in ArcMap environment.



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topmodel - Standard evaluations for binary classifiers so you don't have to

topmodel is a service for evaluating binary classifiers. It comes with built-in metrics and comparisons so that you don't have to build your own from scratch.You can store your data either locally or in S3.

topmodel - Work In Progress

Work In Progress

topmodel - an experiment

an experiment

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HydroDesktop is a free and open source desktop application developed in C# .NET that serves as a client for CUAHSI HIS WaterOneFlow web services data and includes data discovery, download, visualization, editing, and integration with other analysis and modeling tools.

CUAHSI Hydrocatalog - Hydrologic Information System Server Services

This project is the web services and the central catalog for the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS) is an internet-based system for sharing hydrologic data.

AVPython: Python Support for ArcView GIS

AVPython embeds the Python programming language within ArcView GIS 3.x. This project will also encompass efforts to build a similar bridge between Python and ArcObjects. An integrated, redistributable Python / PyWin32 setup wizard is also published here.


Data access layer for ArcSDE geodatabases. Does not use ArcObjects, only plain SQL.


Shows how to make a local connection to a version 10.0 and below ArcGIS Server machine.