Simple-Solitaire - [Android] Simple Solitaire game collection

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[Android] Simple Solitaire game collection



Related Projects

OneByOne Solitaire


The classic peg solitaire game. This is an implementation of the peg solitaire game in c# using Mango to run in Windows Phone 7.1


  •    Objective-C

MacSolitaireX is a simple quot;klondikequot; solitaire game for Mac OS X which resembles closely the solitaire game included with Microsoft Windows.

Peg Solitaire

  •    C++

Peg solitaire is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. The program includes over 330 solitaire problems. The program looks for new solutions and it is possible to raise new problems.

Calculation - solitaire card game

  •    C++

Implementation of the popular solitaire card game 'Calculation' for Windows and Wine. Features scalable cards.

TriPeaks Solitaire in Java

  •    Java

TriPeaks solitaire is a card game in which you remove cards adjacent (by value) to the current card to clear the board. Since this is written in Java, it will work anywhere a JVM is installed.


  •    C++

The aim of this project is to search for the best solution to the Solitaire board game starting with a cross. The computer searches for solutions by playing by itself.


  •    Perl

Solitaire card game with multiple rule sets. Implemented in [Incr Tcl], thus it runs on Unix, Windows and Mac. The user can play a battle solitaire against the computer or another player somewhere on the internet.


  •    Python

PySolitaire is a fork of PySol Solitaire that runs correctly on Windows and has a nice clean installer. PySolitaire (Python Solitaire) is a collection of more than 300 solitaire and Mahjongg games like Klondike and Spider.

Solitaire Greatest Hits

  •    Objective-C

Solitaire Greatest Hits is a free implementation of popular Solitaire games for Mac OS X.

Silverlight Solitaire


An implementation of Klondike Solitaire in Silverlight 3.



Solitaire engine primarily intended for extension to various types of card games. Rudimentary drawing in WPF. Current version adds smoother animations.

Opensource Game Studio

  •    C++

Opensource Game Studio

AJAX cardgame framework

  •    Javascript

JavaScript, CSS, and a bare minimum of image data come together to provide a card game framework for the web. To start, a solitaire game has been implemented on the framework. Future plans include AJAX support for multiplayer games.

Card Games Library


The aim of this project is to offer a framework for creating card games logics and rules. This project is not focused on particular games but offers a felxible and extensible base for creating card games, like; poker, solitaire, rummy, etc

Card Game Engine (CGE)

  •    C++

This is a C++ Library that is used to make card games like Solitaire or maybe Poker.

Pocket Mahjong

  •    CSharp

Mahjong solitaire for PocketPC

Many Games

  •    C++

quot;Many Gamesquot; is a system for creating and running a nearly endless number of user-defined (or downloaded) games in a graphical system. It will support games, such as checkers, tetris, solitaire, breakout, and almost any other two dimensional game.


  •    Java

A Java implementation of the famous Klondike solitaire game. Supports the following features: Undo, difficulty levels, hints. The interface is available in English and in French.


  •    Java

Jatsi is solitaire yahtzee game. It is written with Java 1.5, so it is portable to most platforms.

Phone games (J2ME/MIDP 2)


Solitaire (board game) and Column games. 176x144 pixels and 4096 colors. The jar and jad files are in the quot;binquot; drectory, the source in quot;srcquot; (SUN Wireless Toolkit).

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