rprime - R package for dealing with Eprime txt files

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rprime is an R package for parsing .txt generated by E-Prime, a program for running psychological experiments. Load the file with read_eprime and parse its contents with FrameList.




Related Projects

Psychology Experiment Building Language

  •    PHP

PEBL (Psychology Experiment Building Language) is a system designed for creating psychology and neuroscience experiments and tests. It is cross-platform, with the intention to run the same experiment, unchanged, on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh PCs.

psychopy - For running psychology and neuroscience experiments

  •    Python

PsychoPy is an open-source package for creating psychology stimuli in Python (A real and free alternative to Matlab). PsychoPy combines the graphical strengths of OpenGL with the easy Python syntax to give psychophysics a free and simple stimulus presentation and control package. The goal is to provide, for the busy scientist (including me!), tools to control timing and windowing and a simple set of pre-packaged stimuli and methods. The code is platform independent, using Python and C libraries that are widely available.

FLXLab Psychology Experiment Software

  •    C++

FLXLab is a program for running psychology experiments. Capabilities include presenting text and graphics, playing and recording sounds, and recording reaction times via the keyboard, joystick/button box, or a voice key. Windows/Mac/Linux.

Growing Artificial Societies: Sugarscape

  •    Java

An AI simulation patterned on the design suggested in the book, 'Growing Artificial Societies' by J M Epstein amp; R Axtell I hope to use this s/w for some intermediate/advanced experiments into economic, social amp; political studies of mass psychology.


  •    Python

PyEPL (Python Experiment-Programming Library) is a library for coding psychology experiments in Python. It supports presentation of both visual and auditory stimuli, and supports both manual (keyboard/joystick) and sound (microphone) input as responses.


  •    Java

FearNot! is an interactive drama/video game that teaches children strategies to prevent bullying and social exclusion. It originates from the EU funded research projects Victec and eCircus. The software uses innovative psychology inspired character AI.

Card Sort

  •    Java

Card sort research has applications in psychology, web development, and market research. Here, we offer a digital card sorting tool with a simple, user friendly interface and powerful analysis tools. We concentrate on a flexible, multi-purpose sort.

Be Useful

  •    Awk

An IRC bot written in AWK that's mostly run ##economics on irc.freenode.org since early 2009, but also now in ##psychology. It gives a +v to whoever is over the median on thanks received per amount said, and the number of different nicks thanked by.



Topsl (The Online Psychology Survey Language) is a programming language designed to make it easy to write sophisticated Web-based surveys. It features integrated support for longitudinal studies and arbitrary branching and looping on longitudinal data.

Driving Simulator (St. Vincent College)


This is a project between the Computer Science and the Psychology departments at St. Vincent College via Dr. Cynthia Martincic and Dr. Mark Rivardo respectively. The purpose is to create a driving simulator suitable for testing human reaction.

SalStat Statistics Package

  •    Python

SalStat is a small application for statistical analysis emphasising the sciences and social sciences (particularly Psychology). The project is designed around the user interface which has been designed to be simple to use. Think SPSS, but better!

QuiRC - Qualitative Research Coder

  •    Javascript

QuiRC stands for 'Qualitative Research Coder'. QuiRC performs many of the tasks of NViVo, but it is web based. It is a CMS used by psychology researchers. It was developed at SUNY New Paltz.

Experimental EEG Viewer

  •    Java

A small Java program for reading, analysing, viewing and animating the data from an EEG machine during a psychology experiment.

Human AI Net

  •    Java

The plan is to network our minds together at the conscious and subconscious and metaphysical levels through interactive psychology of feedback loops between many user-interfaces in a global scale-free peer-to-peer network, like mouse movements (2 dimensions), evolving Java code that reads from microphone and writes to speakers (wave amplitude per channel is position, 44100 per second), mind reading game controllers like Emotiv Epoc or OpenEEG, OSC musical instrument protocol, Nintendo Wii

Mind-Expanding-Books - :books: Books that will blow your mind

  •    Python

Curated list of mind expanding books. To the extent possible under law, Vishnu Ks has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

react-experiments - React components for implementing UI experiments

  •    Javascript

react-experiments is a set of React components for implementing UI experiments.react-experiments was built to work with PlanOut.js and most of its constructs are inspired by the structure of PlanOut.js. This library will work out of the box if you pass it an instantiated PlanOut Namespace or Experiment class, but if you want to use your own methods of assigning experiment parameters and logging exposure then you can extend the base experiment class and pass that as the experiment class prop.

Primal-Dual Integer Programming

  •    C

The interactive mathematical programming system GYWOPT is released as free software. It has been developed since early 2000 for experiments with the Integral Basis Method for integer programming by U.-U. Haus, M. Kouml;ppe and R. Weismantel.

MOLGENIS model-driven database platform

  •    Java

MOLGENIS can be used to generate databases for life science experiments (micrroarray, mass spectrometry, genomics) having a web user interface, csv exchange format, and programmatic interfaces (web services, rest, and r-project). See NatRevGen 8.

Virtual interactive experiments (vexp)

  •    Java

Virtual interactive experiments (vexp) is a framework to promote the developmentand use of cooperative e-learning experiments over the internet. Interactive scientific experiments which can be controlled by various users synchronously.

pslab-desktop-apps - PSLab GUI Experiments using Qt and Python http://pslab.fossasia.org

  •    Python

This repository is for Qt based applications for PSLab - GUI programs, widgets and templates for various experiments. This is also installable on linux machine. The goal of PSLab is to create an Open Source hardware device (open on all layers) that can be used for experiments by teachers, students and citizen scientists. Our tiny pocket lab provides an array of sensors for doing science and engineering experiments. It provides functions of numerous measurement devices including an oscilloscope, a waveform generator, a frequency counter, a programmable voltage, current source and as a data logger.