functional-javascript-workshop - A functional javascript workshop

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Many functional programming learning resources will teach you to write functional code, but it's often highly indirect, deeply abstracted, requires understanding complex relationships between custom library calls, and doesn't represent the reality of how people actually write JavaScript.The goal of this workshop is to create realistic problems that can be solved using terse, vanilla, idiomatic JavaScript.


deep-eql : ^0.1.3
lorem-ipsum : ^1.0.1
workshopper : ^2.6.0
workshopper-exercise : ^2.4.0



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webgl-workshop - :mortar_board: The sequel to shader-school: Learn the WebGL API

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Learn the basics of WebGL in small, manageable chunks. The sequel to shader-school, created for CampJS IV by Mikola Lysenko and Hugh Kennedy. The script will ask you if you want to create an answer directory, press y to accept. This will populate your current directory with shader files for you to edit for each lesson.

learn-generators - JavaScript ES(6|2015) generators workshopper. Learn in practice. :metal:

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An Intro to ES6 generators via a set of self-guided workshops. Send an anonymous feedback about learn-generators here: google/form.

shader-school - :mortar_board: A workshopper for GLSL shaders and graphics programming

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An introduction to GLSL shaders and graphics programming that runs in your web browser. The script will ask you if you want to create an answer directory, press y to accept. This will populate your current directory with shader files for you to edit for each lesson – hopefully, it should also automatically open your web browser but if it doesn't you can find the workshop menu on http://localhost:12492/.

workshopper - A terminal workshop runner framework

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Workshopper is used by learnyounode, and other Node.js command-line workshop applications. *Documentation is being written for the v1 rewrite right now! Ping @rvagg if you need anything. learnyounode is now using this new version, for now you can use it to see how this works.

expressworks - Learn Express

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Learn Express.js from the author of one of the best books on Express.js—Pro Express.js—workshop to teach you basics of Express.js.This workshop is based on workshopper and inspired by stream-adventure by @substack and @maxogden.

perfschool - :ocean: Navigate the #perfmatters salt marsh waters in this NodeSchool workshopper

  •    CSS

This workshop is based on one of my talks, "High Performance in the Critical Path". The perfschool workshopper was originally written for CampJS V.**perfschool requires you to use Node.js v0.10.x.

learnyoubash - Learn you how to write your first bash script

  •    Javascript

Learn you how to use the terminal and write your the first Bash script. This workshopper is based on bash-handbook, so if you want to more examples, check it out.

awesome-workshopper - A list of CLI workshopper/adventure tutorials for various things


If you know of any other workshopper/adventure tutorials, feel free to fork/PR or open a new issue. This list will also serve as a wish-list of types: if you want a workshopper that is not listed here, open a pull request and I'll see about getting it started. Any wishes for workshopper topics go here. I may end up making them, or, if you're feeling adventurous, make it yourself then open a PR for your new list addition. If you have an idea for a workshopper/adventure, open an issue and I'll add it on.

raspberry-pi-os - Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi

  •    C

This repository contains a step-by-step guide that teaches how to create a simple operating system (OS) kernel from scratch. I call this OS Raspberry Pi OS or just RPi OS. The RPi OS source code is largely based on Linux kernel, but the OS has very limited functionality and supports only Raspberry PI 3. Each lesson is designed in such a way that it first explains how some kernel feature is implemented in the RPi OS, and then it tries to demonstrate how the same functionality works in the Linux kernel. Each lesson has a corresponding folder in the src directory, which contains a snapshot of the OS source code at the time when the lesson had just been completed. This allows the introduction of new concepts gracefully and helps readers to follow the evolution of the RPi OS. Understanding this guide doesn't require any specific OS development skills.

tower-of-babel - Tower of babel is tour of babel

  •    Javascript

tower-of-babel will show you through a series of exercises that introduce you to ES6 features. This exercises use babel. babel allows you to write code with ES6 syntax.

workshop-js-funcional-free - :bento: Workshop sobre JS Funcional

  •    Javascript

A Funcional é a mais antiga, sua primeira linguagem foi criada em 1955 (IPL) e posteriomente a mais popular LISP foi criada em 1958. Fortran e COBOL foram criadas respectivamentes em 1956 e 1959, são imperativas. O paradigma imperativo é baseada na arquitetura de Von Neumann, enquanto que o funcional é baseado no cálculo lambda.

learn-fp - learn-by-doing course/tutorial for functional programming on scala

  •    Scala

This course/tutorial was created with purpose to better understand functional programming idioms using Scala language. It covers type classes, monoids, functors, applicatives, monads, traversable/foldable, monad transformers, free monad. Material is structured as set of stub/unimplemented functions/classes and tests for them. Your objective is to make all unit tests green. It is learn-by-doing course. NICTA course was a great and interesting challenge for me to do in Haskell. I think Scala community will benefit from the similar course.

hello-retail - “Hello, Retail!” is an open-source, mobile-first, 100% serverless functional proof-of-concept showcasing a complete event sourcing approach applied to the retail platform space

  •    Javascript

Hello, Retail! is a Nordstrom Technology open-source project. Hello, Retail! is a 100% serverless, event-driven framework and functional proof-of-concept showcasing a central unified log approach as applied to the retail problem space. All code and patterns are intended to be re-usable for scalable applications large and small. Check out for more explanation and a guided tour of how you might expand hello-retail with new functionality.

logic-tutorial - A Very Gentle Introduction to Relational Programming

  •    Clojure

This tutorial will guide you through the magic and fun of combining relational programming (also known as logic programming) with functional programming. This tutorial does not assume that you have any knowledge of Lisp, Clojure, Java, or even functional programming. The only thing this tutorial assumes is that you are not afraid of using the command line and you have used at least one programming language before in your life.This tutorial is very much a work in progress. It's possible to get through the first parts and learn something, but expect a considerable amount of fleshing out in the next couple of weeks.

IntroductionToVulkan - Source code examples for "API without Secrets: Introduction to Vulkan" tutorial

  •    C++

Tutorial presents how to create all resources necessary to use Vulkan inside our application: function pointers loading, Vulkan instance creation, physical device enumeration, logical device creation and queue set up. This lesson focuses on a swap chain creation. Swap chain enables us to display Vulkan-generated image in an application window. To display anything simple command buffers are allocated and recorded.

afraid-to-commit - Don't be afraid to commit - a workshop/tutorial for inexperienced Python/Django developers who would like to contribute more to the projects they use


Don't be afraid to commit - a workshop/tutorial for inexperienced Python/Django developers who would like to contribute more to the projects they use.


  •    Javascript

Quick lessons for getting up-to-speed with React Router.See Lesson 1 - Setting Up to get started.

waveforms - An interactive, explorable explanation about the peculiar magic of sound waves.

  •    Javascript

This interactive guide introduces and explores waveforms. It covers how to read waveform graphs, goes over the fundamental physics of sound, teaches how it relates to music and harmony, and demonstrates how to build complex tones from simple ones. This guide is aimed at a general audience–no prior knowledge is required.

node-js-playlist - CSS and asset files for the Net Ninja YouTube nodejs playlist

  •    Javascript

If you have been following the tutorial, code for each and every lesson is added in the Practice folder so you can directly download and check. All files have been tested. If more files for .\Practice\ should be added. They will be added very soon.