equirect-to-cubemap-faces - Convert an equirectangular image (aka lat-long map) into cubemap faces you can feed to WebGL

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Function that convert an equirectangular/latlong map into an array of cubemap faces (like you would use to send to OpenGL). Works in the browser or as a commonjs module. Provides a single function equirectToCubemapFaces(image, faceSize, options). The face size is optional, and defaults to the nearest power of two to image.width/4 (this is totally arbitrary). The image argument can be an img element, a canvas, or an ImageData.




Related Projects

transform - A equirectangular to cubemap transform for video

  •    C

Transform is a video filter that transforms 360 video in equirectangular projection into a cubemap projection

transform360 - Transform360 is an equirectangular to cubemap transform for 360 video.

  •    C

Build with cmake.Check out the options for the filter by running ffmpeg -h filter=transform360.


  •    C++

CubeMap is a software package to convert the texture of the cylindrical projection to the quadrilateralized spherical cube projection

cmft - Cross-platform open-source command-line cubemap filtering tool.

  •    C

Cross-platform open-source command-line cubemap filtering tool. cmft - Windows 64bit cmft - Linux 64bit (updated: 16. Mar 2015) cmft - OSX 64bit (updated: 16. Mar 2015) In case you need 32bit binaries, compile from source.

jgeohash - An easy-to-implement library for the GeoHash algorithm

  •    Java

An easy-to-implement library that can assist Java developers in using the GeoHash algorithm in order to create geocodes based on custom latitude and longitude values. With the help of jGeohash, Java developers will be able to quickly and easily generate a geohash code using user-defined latitude and longitude values. By using the GeoHash algorithm, the space can be divided into multiple grid shapes.

Geolib - Growing library to provide some basic geo functions

  •    Javascript

Library to provide basic geospatial operations like distance calculation, conversion of decimal coordinates to sexagesimal and vice versa, etc. Takes 2 or 4 arguments. First 2 arguments must be objects that each have latitude and longitude properties (e.g. {latitude: 52.518611, longitude: 13.408056}). Coordinates can be in sexagesimal or decimal format. 3rd argument is accuracy (in meters). So a calculated distance of 1248 meters with an accuracy of 100 is returned as 1200 (accuracy 10 = 1250 etc.). 4th argument is precision in sub-meters (1 is meter presicion, 2 is decimeters, 3 is centimeters, etc).


  •    Javascript

dat.globe is a platform for visualizing latitude longitude based information using WebGL.

Google Maps GeoCoder for ASP.NET C# - Latitude, Longitude, Address & Reverse


Google GeoCoder for ASP.NET C# is a sample code example for look up an address and return the latitude and longitude. Reverse look-up can be achieved by clicking on the map.

Pelias - Modular open-source geocoder using ElasticSearch

  •    NodeJS

Geocoding is the process of taking input text, such as an address or the name of a place, and returning a latitude/longitude location on the Earth's surface for that place. Reverse geocoding is the opposite, returning a list of places near a given latitude/longitude point. It supports many open-data projects out of the box but also works great with private data. It supports searching and displaying results in many languages.



C# Raytrace (Classical and Distributed) Engine with common features: Transparency (Glossy and Perfect), Fresnel, Reflection (Glossy and Perfect),Triagle model support (ply, obj, off etc),Phong and Cooktorrance materials,Cubemap, Texture,Spotlight, Pointligth, Raytracing etc...

cmftStudio - cmftStudio - GUI counterpart for:

  •    C

GUI counterpart of cmft - cross-platform open-source cubemap filtering tool. cmftStudio - Windows 64bit (updated: 02. May 2015) cmftStudio - Linux 64bit (updated: 02. May 2015) cmftStudio - OSX 64bit (updated: 02. May 2015) In case you need 32bit binaries, compile from source.

GeoFramework 1.0


This project was formerly a commercial library maintained by the company "GeoFrameworks" for two components it sold (GPS.NET and GIS.NET) from 2004 to 2009. Classes such as Angle, Distance, Speed, Latitude, Longitude, and Position simplify common geographic programming tasks.

thingspeak - ThingSpeak is an open source “Internet of Things” application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP over the Internet or via a Local Area Network

  •    Ruby

ThingSpeak is an open source “Internet of Things” application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. With ThingSpeak, you can create sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates. In addition to storing and retrieving numeric and alphanumeric data, the ThingSpeak API allows for numeric data processing such as timescaling, averaging, median, summing, and rounding. Each ThingSpeak Channel supports data entries of up to 8 data fields, latitude, longitude, elevation, and status. The channel feeds support JSON, XML, and CSV formats for integration into applications.

nyc-taxi-data - Import public NYC taxi and Uber trip data into PostgreSQL / PostGIS database, analyze with R

  •    R

This repo provides scripts to download, process, and analyze data for over 1.8 billion taxi and for-hire vehicle (Uber, Lyft, etc.) trips originating in New York City since 2009. The data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, and uses PostGIS for spatial calculations, in particular mapping latitude/longitude coordinates to census tracts. Most of the raw data comes from the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission. The 2014 Uber data comes via FiveThirtyEight, who obtained it via a FOIL request. In August 2016, the TLC began providing for-hire vehicle trip records in addition to taxi trips.

Geographical Coordinate Transformation Toolkit


Lets you perform Helmert (7 - parameter) Transforms, convert to and from Transverse Mercator projections (UTM) and provides simple methods for conversions between the WGS84 (latitude/longitude) and GGRS87 (Greek Grid) systems. Free to download and distribute.

Singapore Onemap api


Allow developer to convert (X, Y) coordinates used in Singapore Onemap to Latitude and Longitude

Coordinate and CoordinateList classes - ISO 6709 compliant


Classes to store, handle, and retrieve geodesic coordinates, in memory, database, and XML, according to the ISO 6709 standard.


  •    C

MySQL User Defined Function (UDF) to provide geographic distance calculations - that is to calculate the distance between two points of latitude and longitude.

wgs2mars.js - 地球坐标系 (WGS-84)到火星坐标系 (GCJ-02)地图纠偏算法Javascript版

  •    Javascript

a little function to transform longitude and latitude from WGS-84 To GCJ-02

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