The Turk

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The Turk is chess engine developed under .NET Framework 4.0. At the moment, only winboard protocol is supported and waiting to implement UCI protocol. It is still under development and waiting contributers to support project.



Related Projects


icsdrone is an interface between a chess server and a chess engine

Braincrack Chess Engine

Braincrack is a chess engine I wrote in my high school time. It is capable of being used with the Winboard protocol and via Winboard-gt;UCI conversion tools within professional chess GUIs like Chessbase.

GNU Chess for Windows made with Cygwin

This is an compilation of GNU Chess engine using the Cygwin library. You need the Cygwin library to make this program work. It is an Winboard engine, so you can use it on Aquarium or Winboard. You must use WB2Uci to use it as an UCI engine. If there are some problems witht the...

illuminati_chess - chess engine for winboard or uci

chess engine for winboard or uci

anshul - winboard chess engine

winboard chess engine

BlackAndRight - Chess engine for WinBoard

Chess engine for WinBoard

Simontacchi Chess Engine

Simontacchi is a Winboard/UCI compatible chess engine that intends to grow via development community involvement. The goal of the project is to create a chess engine that rivals the strongest commericial and amateur programs.

Capa chess

Java chess game. JDK 1.4 or above required with built-in simple engine XBoard/WinBoard compatible, interface with external XBoard/WinBoard engines, basic plug-in capabilities, import/export.

lichess - Online Chess Game Server

Lila (li[chess in sca]la) is a free online chess game server focused on realtime gameplay and ease of use. It features a search engine, computer analysis distributed with fishnet, tournaments, simuls, forums, teams, tactic trainer, a mobile app, and a shared analysis board. The UI is available in more than 80 languages thanks to the community.

Engine Wars Chess Client

EngineWars is Client/Server framework to host chess matches of humans vs humans, humans vs Chess Engines, and engines vs engines in casual play and tournaments.

Stockfish - A powerful, open-source chess engine

Stockfish plays better and faster than humans. And it's one of the strongest chess engines in the world, appearing near or at the top of most chess engine rating lists.

Neophyte Chess Engine

Neophyte is a Winboard and UCI compatible chess engine designed to play with a human style. Strong play comes second to the goal of playing like a human.


Analysis of chess games in Python, using UCI and XBoard/Winboard chess engines.


A chess engine in C#. A winboard compatible console application included.

Witz Chess Engine

Witz is a chess program that is designed to work with a Winboard interface.

perl-Games-Chess - Games::Chess - represent chess positions and games

Games::Chess - represent chess positions and games


jose is a graphical Chess tool. You can store chess games in a database. You can view and edit games (including variations and comments). You can play against a plugged-in chess engine and use it for analysis. Features 3D board view.

Chess Editor

Chess Editor is a pure Java tool to create, edit and view chess games in the Portable Game Notation (PGN) format. The tool integrates with externally specified chess engine programs to provide analysis of board positions.


This project contains the model and control logic for a chess engine and uses a "min-max" search algorithm with alpha beta pruning to achieve decent search depths. At the moment the chess engine can search around 550k states per second and can solve mate-in-3 problems without too much trouble. This is the initial version, however, so there is plenty of room for improvement and a variety of optimizations are being planned.

Chess Control Library

Chess Control and Parsers Handles pgn files, FEN position strings and my own compact huffman position data. Added something I call DFEN which stands for Diagram FEN for persisting arrows etc displayed on the board. Support for Winboard / UCI engines; moved from sourceforge