holo - Episode discussion bot for /r/anime.

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Anime episode discussion post bot for /r/anime. Monitors online stream services for newly published episodes and submits a post for each to Reddit. Currently operates under the account /u/Holo_of_Yoitsu.




Related Projects

Android-Icon-Fonts - Material and Holo iconic fonts.

  •    HTML

Material and Holo iconic fonts. Extracted 433 Material Design icons from Google's Project Polymer website by Shreyas Achar.

android-holo-colors-idea-plugin - IntelliJ / Android Studio plugin for Android Holo Colors

  •    Java

Tested with IntelliJ 12.x / 13.x and Android Studio 0.3+. You can have others information about the plugin on jetbrains website. Download the AndroidHoloColors.jar and put it in your IntelliJ / Android Studio plugin folder. See the documentation to know where it is.

TheContext-Podcast - Podcast about Android Development with Hannes Dorfmann, Artem Zinnatullin, Artur Dryomov and wonderful guests!


After each episode of the podcast we create an issue with title like "Released episode 1, discussion" where you could post your feedback, ask questions and just discuss things. Before each episode we'll create an an issue with title like "Not released episode 2, discussion" where you could suggest themes to discuss.

Sickrage - Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows

  •    Python

Sickrage is a Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows. It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows, and when they are posted it does its magic.


  •    Javascript

This is a custom jquery mobile theme, that matches the Holo theme family in Android 4.0 Theme.Holo.Dark and Theme.Holo.Light.

HoloCircleSeekBar - Android circle seekbar widget inspired from: https://github

  •    Java

A Holo themed colorpicker designed by Marie Schweiz and Nick Butcher.

minicat - 蘑菇饭App(已停止更新)

  •    Java

A New Holo Style Fanfou Android App.


  •    Java

Backport Holo Theme from Android 4.* to 2.1+

Colours - A beautiful set of predefined colors and a set of color methods to make your Android development life easier

  •    Java

Colours is a port of the Colours Library for iOS made by my good friend Ben Gordon. You can find that project here. Note all of the colors in ActionBarCompat included Holo Colors.

android-HoloCircularProgressBar - Holo Circular ProgressBar

  •    Java

After you wrote your own style you have to rebuild your project in Android Studio (or restart your Eclipse. The ADT Plugin really has some troubles working with Android Libraries and Styles). There might be some error from your IDE. Most of them are simply solved after building the project.

bootstrap-zero - Bootstrap templates and themes project

  •    Javascript

Basic, sidebar, affix, off-canvas, carousel, gallery, fixed width, fixed navbar, blog, portal, app and others. Facebook style, Google+ style, Android Holo-style, Mashable-style, TheNextWeb style, off-canvas, one page app, long scrolling, full screen carousel and others.

EdgeEffectOverride - Override the Holo EdgeEffect colors

  •    Java

EdgeEffectOverride is library designed to help override the blue overscroll_edge and overscroll_glow effects used by the the EdgeEffect class. Simply import the project into your library, replace existing references to ScrollView, ListView, ExpandableListView, GridView & ViewPager with references to the the classes found in this library.

Clean Mod Queue


A program to automatically and continuously clean the moderator queue on reddit, via the public Reddit API [https://github.com/reddit/reddit/wiki/API] . Reddit [http://www.reddit.com] is the social news and discussion site. Within Reddit, moderators are responsible for res...

what-do-you-call-this-in-ruby - Solving the second hard problem in Computer Science.


Join the discussion on Reddit. Join the discussion on Hacker News.

Lobsters - Computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion

  •    Ruby

Lobsters is a computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion project. Lobsters was created by joshua stein with some specific design goals in mind to avoid problems faced by other link aggregation sites. It supports Tagging system to categorize and filter submissions, A user invitation tree to combat spam, Downvote explanations to curb reflexive downvoting and lot more.

Quick Anime Renamer


Originally included with AniPlayer X, Quick Anime Renamer easily renames your anime files into a "cleaner" format so you wont get retinal detachment.

tforce_btc_trader - TensorForce Bitcoin Trading Bot

  •    Python

A TensorForce-based Bitcoin trading bot (algo-trader). Uses deep reinforcement learning to automatically buy/sell/hold BTC based on price history. This project goes with Episode 26+ of Machine Learning Guide. Those episodes are tutorial for this project; including an intro to Deep RL, hyperparameter decisions, etc.


  •    WPF

AnimeStore.Net was created to help user to create anime list and manage his/her anime collection. It has such features like auto-completion during creation of new anime object. It can generate/analyze anime list file. It use SqLite that make database file small. For more detai...

OpenTheatre - Search movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents and archives from open directories

  •    CSharp

OpenTheatre is a program which allows users to search for Movies, TV Series, Anime, Subtitles, Torrents and Archives. The program communicates with its own API written entirely using our custom built command-line web crawler designed to scrape information from trusted files which are updated every day. The public web resources used are available on our open assets database, where anyone can contribute their open directories. OpenTheatre works to query movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents and archives from all around the web to provide you with the ultimate streaming experience.

hummingbird - :tv: Probably the coolest anime discovery platform around.

  •    HTML

Kitsu is a modern anime discovery platform that helps you track the anime you're watching, discover new anime and socialize with other fans. This is our meta repository. It contains our development environment and tooling. Check out the client, server and api docs repositories.

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