Telerik Extensions For ASP.NET MVC

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Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC are UI components, based on jQuery. Available components include Grid, DatePicker, WYSIWYG HTML Editor, Window, TabStrip, TreeView and extensions for CSS and JavaScript compression & combining.



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Telerik Extensions For ASP.NET MVC : Extended Client API

The "Telerik MVC Controls : Extended Client API" extends the Telerik client-side API to provide a rich client API for the Telerik MVC controls.


Sample for Wrestling With the Telerik MVC Grid Control Blog Series

Triad - The Rich Intranet Architecture for Developers

Triad is an application framework for ASP.Net MVC. Based on many of the most highly used jQuery controls on the Net today. N-Layered Architecture with LINQ to SQL, or Telerik ORM, or Entities Framework, etc.

Google Map control for ASP.NET MVC

The control wraps Google maps API simplifying the use of Google maps in ASP.NET MVC applications. Based on Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC this control shows how easy is to extend the Telerik framawork by building your own controls for ASP.NET MVC.

telerikaspnetmvc - telerikaspnetmvc pasted over to github

telerikaspnetmvc pasted over to github


Some binding handlers + .NET Extension for providing several common used Telerik MVC Controls with KnockoutJS bindings (POC!)


Contains Finnish localization for telerik MVC controls

ASP.NET MVC UI Component HTML Helpers

This project will provide ASP.NET MVC UI Component HTML Helpers for the DHTMLX( components such as the DHTMLX Menu, DHTMLX Toolbar, DHTMLX Window and DHTMLX Grid components.

Uco Lite - MVC CMS

Uco Lite is CMS for small sites. Based on MVC3, Telerik MVC All Data stored in Xml.

grid-menu - A responsive grid menu system.

A responsive grid menu system.

MVC3 + Telerik Demo

In this demo we will use mvc3, jquery and telerik controls for mvc

Telerik MVC Music Store

This project has Telerik OpenAccess ORM as its database access logic and is entirely based of .

MVC Sample Project Demonstrating multiple techniques

This MVC sample project shows multiple techniques and patterns including: How to pass a complex object graph to modelBinder, building complex view-models automapper, structureMap, Tarintino, unit testing, implementation of ASP.NET Membership Provider, Telerik MVC Controls, & more

grid-menu.js - A grid-layout menu library

A grid-layout menu library

The Javascript Grid Editor for CRM

The Javascript Grid Editor is a 100% Javascript program that extends the functionality of CRM Grids by providing a way to edit records and add records, in place, by providing input elements in the cells of a CRM Grid.