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Bedoeld als samenwerking met teach2000. Dit werkt als een planner. Jij voert je overhoringen in, en Teachlendar helpt je op tijd herrinneren, zodat je nooit meer een onvoldoende haalt!




Related Projects

naarani Network Agenda

  •    Java

naarani Network Agenda/Calendar : Java 1.5 client-server agenda/calendar based on mysql to share one or more agenda/caledar, with users/groups. Full developed and tested on Linux and Windows.

AgendaCalendarView - An Android project providing easy navigation between a calendar and an agenda

  •    Java

This library replicates the basic features of the Calendar and Agenda views from the Sunrise Calendar (now Outlook) app, coupled with some small design touch from the Google Calendar app. Declare this view in your layout like below, providing your own theme and colors if you want.

simple_calendar - A wonderfully simple calendar gem for Rails

  •    Ruby

Simple Calendar is designed to do one thing really really well: render a calendar. It lets you render a calendar of any size. Maybe you want a day view, a 4 day agenda, a week view, a month view, or a 6 week calendar. You can do all of that with the new gem, just give it a range of dates to render.It doesn't depend on any ORM so you're free to use it with ActiveRecord, Mongoid, any other ORM, or pure Ruby objects.

Calendar-PhoneGap-Plugin - :date: Cordova plugin to Create, Change, Delete and Find Events in the native Calendar

  •    Java

Every now and then kind folks ask me how they can give me all their money. Of course I'm happy to receive any amount but I'm just as happy if you simply 'star' this project. This plugin allows you to add events to the Calendar of the mobile device.

gcalcli - Google Calendar Command Line Interface

  •    Python

gcalcli is a Python application that allows you to access your Google Calendar(s) from a command line. It's easy to get your agenda, search for events, add new events, delete events, edit events, and even import those annoying ICS/vCal invites from Microsoft Exchange and/or other sources. Additionally, gcalcli can be used as a reminder service and execute any application you want when an event is coming up. gcalcli uses the Google Calendar API version 3.


  •    Javascript

Intranet Agenda and contacts list. You can distribute your contacts in buildings, sections and units. Each user can maintain contacts and groups themselves. No administrator required. Also multiples agendas (ala Google Calendar) can be set for users.

Agenda SNOW Compiler Development


The Agenda is a Linux based PDA (http://www.agendacomputing.com). The SourceForge Agenda SNOW Compiler Development Project is intended to further the development of the Agenda SNOW Compiler and porting of code to the Agenda SNOW based romdisk.

agenda-ui - A UI to view Agenda jobs

  •    Javascript

A UI to view Agenda jobs. The Agenda UI is middleware you can mount at a path in your express app.

iPoli-android - Fun & Motivational Todo List with Calendar for Android written in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

myPoli combines Calendar, ToDo list and Habit tracking app, all in one place to give you the best way to achieve your goals! Find time to exercise, learn new skills, focus deeply on meaningful work, stick to good habits and free you from the burden of scheduling tasks by yourself.

Masters Helpdesk

  •    PHP

A helpdesk system for small, medium and large businesses. Build on PHP and MySQL. Possibility to add new options by installation of plugins. Available plugins: Admin, Login, Tickets, Users, Database, Calendar, Agenda, and more...


  •    CSharp

Zero Agenda is a simple calendar that allow remember some notes with a nice graphic. The best use is with ZeroBruta causa in this mode we can do everything we want at accurate time in simple mode.

cni - Container Network Interface - networking for Linux containers

  •    Go

There is a community sync meeting for users and developers every 1-2 months. The next meeting will help on a Google Hangout and the link is in the agenda (Notes from previous meeting are also in this doc). The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 at 4:00pm UTC / 11:00am EDT / 8:00am PDT Add to Calendar.



Una aplicación para windows phone para leer fuentes de sindicación y coleccionar enlaces a los artículos que se desean leer

kotlin-99 - Ninety-Nine Problems in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

This an adaptation of Ninety-Nine Scala Problems by Phil Gold which itself is an adaptation of the Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems written by Werner Hett at the Berne University of Applied Sciences in Berne, Switzerland. Some problems have been altered to be more amenable to programming in Kotlin. You might want to do these problems if you want to learn Kotlin, are interested in the problems described below, or both. The main reason to prefer this to using websites like hackerrank.com and codewars.com is that there is no vendor lock-in and no hidden agenda pursued by the website owner.

rails_event_store - A Ruby implementation of an Event Store based on Active Record.

  •    Ruby

It will be an exclusive (limited seats) occasion to meet Rails Event Store core team, talk with developers who are using DDD & Event Sourcing in their projects, share your experience & learn from others experience. We have the agenda ready (see below) and registration is now open! You could register here http://rescon.arkency.com This will be 3 days, each with separate Rails Event Store event and will be held from 4th to 6th of October in Wrocław, Poland (venue will be revealed soon). And one more thing! There will be a possibility to have private mentoring/code review sessions during hackathon (please contact us for details).




agendash - Agenda Dashboard

  •    Javascript

Note: Agendash requires mongodb version >2.6.0 to perform the needed aggregate queries. This is your mongo database version, not your node package version! To check your database version, connect to mongo and run db.version().Agendash provides Express middleware you can use at a specified path, for example this will make Agendash available on your site at the /dash path. Note: Do not try to mount Agendash at the root level like app.use('/', Agendash(agenda)).

Gnome flash utility for the Agenda VR3

  •    C

A graphical frontend using gnome/gtk for the standard flash-utility (vrflash) suplied with the Agenda VR3 from Agenda computing.

Agenda Electronica en tu sitio web.

  •    PHP

Este proyecto es una agenda electronica desarrollada en php para ser incluida como un modulo en algun sitio. Los usuarios registrados podran llevar una especie de agenda con datos de contactos. Los datos se guardan en una base de datos en MySQL

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