Teachers Diary

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Teachers diary is application realizing electronic teacher's notepad with student marks. Current localization of the application is in czech language only.




Related Projects


This is a Math Based Quiz application aimed at small children that are still at primary school. This application also includes tools for the teacher to track the progress of the pupil and also all their confidential information like their phone numbers and their address this feature is called the "Pupil Diary"


1) Item name: Custom Ceramic Chalk Mug2 ) Description: Recipients can choose to mark up the mug with their name, or write down reminders for the day so they don't forget important things.3) Compacity: 11oz4) Material: Ceramic5) Standard Imprint Area: 2h x 2w on one side6) Dishwasher and Microwave safe can pass FDA/CCIB.7) Quality: AB grade, the decal is free of Lead and Cadmium, according to Europe and American standard, we can assure you that they can pass through the Food Safe Level Testing.8)

diary - diary for school

diary for school

SeatArranger - Array students' seat for teacher in school. [????]?????

Array students' seat for teacher in school. [????]?????

School diary

PHP written school diary with marks, classes, grades, terms, students, parents and other functionalities.


The idea of the repository is to allow school teacher to upload questions for exams on several topics (Math, Science, etc.) and be able to build random exams based on the built database.


Program Base On PHP+MYSQL, use ajax for reply diary and register diary, use a template engine for diary style, use a cache for diary database


schoolWare is the first completely integrated school system. It's goal is to allow one to run a complete school, with a single software product, for free. It includes - teacher web sites - student web sites - student grades - school clubs managemen

SchoolTool - Global Student Information System

SchoolTool is an open source, web based student information system designed for schools in the developing world. Its features includes Manage personnel data of students and teacher, Teacher gradebook, Skill and outcomes based assessment, Report card generation, Class attendance and daily participation grades, Tracking and management of student interventions and lot more.

DDB - Diary Database

Diary Database

MyDeeary (read: MyDiary)

MyDeeary (read: MyDiary) is an online diary (I hope there will be standalone ver in the future), wrote in PHP and can use database (MySQL) or file. MyDeeary designed like real diary, it use encryption to prevent other person to read your diary.

openSIS - Student Information System

openSIS is a student information system sponsored by Open Solutions for Education, Inc. Its features include Student Demographic, Goals and Progresses, Contact Information, Gradebook, Report Cards management, Health Records management, Attendance management, Parent Portal and lot more.

fusealysis - Music analysis daemon for Fusic to mark in and out times in the database

Music analysis daemon for Fusic to mark in and out times in the database

PIdb: Personal Information database

Keeps track of various information: Web Links provides a TOC type links database; Web Notes is similar to SourceForge's Diary; Also, a simple People database. More features will be added as time permits.

python-database-systems - School projects for database systems written in Python.

School projects for database systems written in Python.

infinite-diary - Infinite Diary, successor to Automatic Diary

Infinite Diary, successor to Automatic Diary

diary-f - Fork of "diary" by Jamie Briggs (https://sourceforge.net/projects/diary/) for personal use

Fork of "diary" by Jamie Briggs (https://sourceforge.net/projects/diary/) for personal use


ATACH: A Teacher, Assignment, and Class Handler. Written in PHP and MySQL, ATACH keeps track of assignments, classes, and teachers in a school environment. Features XHTML compliant output and a clean, uncluttered interface.

Academic Success Accounting System

The system is intended to use by school teacher to set marks to students and estimate their academic success and possibilities. The client application uses SQL Server Compact as data store and WPF user interface.


Tallus is an cover over operating system based on the windows kerrenl for the school environment. It allows the students to earn points by following tasks the teacher has set. Which can allow them access to more websites and different parts of the computer. If they misbehave , they lose points and access to the computer.