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Sweeper is a Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 add-in for C# that takes care of many of the trivial code-formatting issues that developers run into - particularly if they use StyleCop. It is developed in C#.




Related Projects


StyleCop analyzes C# source code to enforce a set of style and consistency rules. It can be run from inside of Visual Studio or integrated into an MSBuild project.

StyleCop Compliant Visual Studio Project & Item Templates

StyleCop Compliant Visual Studio Project & Item Templates

StyleCop Violations Counter

List style cop errors from multiple solutions in a directory. So you need not to open each and every solution in Visual Studio to check for errors.

StyleCop Templates for Visual Studio 2010

Replacement templates for Visual Studio 2010 that are StyleCop compliant.


Visual Studio package that automatically fixes StyleCop warnings. Once you have a list of the StyleCop warnings in the Visual Studio ErrorList window you are then able to right click and select Fix It. If the warning is in the list StyleCopFixer will fix it for you. ** ...

StyleFix - Fix StyleCop violations

This program attempts to fix some of the most common violations in StyleCop. It also allows easy management of including and excluding StyleCop checks for project files.


StyleCop+ is a plug-in that extends original StyleCop features.

ReviewPal - The Code Review Companion for .Net.

ReviewPal, the Code Review Companion for .Net. This is an Add-In / Extension for Visual Studio 2008 & Visual Studio 2010. The aim of the Add-In / Extension is to do a source code review within the Visual Studio IDE where code makes more sense and most readable.

Export code as Code Snippet - Addin for Visual Studio 2008/2010 RC

This add-in for Visual Studio 2008 allows to export selected code as a reusable Code Snippet (.snippet file format) for Visual Studio 2008. Complete *Visual Basic* source code and a documentation file are provided. Check out the new version for *Visual Studio 2010 RC*


AnkhSVN is a Subversion Source Control Provider for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010. AnkhSVN provides source code management support to all project types supported by Visual Studio and allows you to perform the most common version control operations directly from inside the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

SharePoint StyleCop

SharePoint StyleCop is source code analyzer rules to check *.cs against SharePoint development best practices. Running the source code analyzer just before your build process, ensures that your code comply with the development best practices. The rule is targeted for Share...

StyleCop Addin for SharpDevelop

This addin integrates Microsoft StyleCop into SharpDevelop. StyleCop only supports C#.

StyleCop-Contrib - Extensible framework and sample rules for StyleCop

Extensible framework and sample rules for StyleCop

Visual Studio Managed Package Framework for Projects (MPFProj)

A community project containing the source code and tests of a library for creating project system plug-ins for Visual Studio 2008 and upwards using C#.

yapf - A formatter for Python files

Most of the current formatters for Python --- e.g., autopep8, and pep8ify --- are made to remove lint errors from code. This has some obvious limitations. For instance, code that conforms to the PEP 8 guidelines may not be reformatted. But it doesn't mean that the code looks good.YAPF takes a different approach. It's based off of 'clang-format', developed by Daniel Jasper. In essence, the algorithm takes the code and reformats it to the best formatting that conforms to the style guide, even if the original code didn't violate the style guide. The idea is also similar to the 'gofmt' tool for the Go programming language: end all holy wars about formatting - if the whole codebase of a project is simply piped through YAPF whenever modifications are made, the style remains consistent throughout the project and there's no point arguing about style in every code review.

Visual Studio - Lua Language Support

This addon for Visual Studio 2008 allows for syntax coloring, and error checking of the Lua script language. NEW: Visual Studio 2010 support has been added!

vs-formatter-macro - Macro for Visual Studio 2008 to format all documents in a solution

Macro for Visual Studio 2008 to format all documents in a solution

Visual Studio 2008 Code Snippet Library C#

While developing other projects, I force myself to write code snippets for common scenarios such as creating public classes, static classes and even singletons. This library is simply my snippets file. Regulary updated! (at least once a week).

dart_style - An opinionated formatter/linter for Dart code

The dart_style package defines an automatic, opinionated formatter for Dart code. It replaces the whitespace in your program with what it deems to be the best formatting for it. Resulting code should follow the Dart style guide but, moreso, should look nice to most human readers, most of the time.The formatter handles indentation, inline whitespace and (by far the most difficult), intelligent line wrapping. It has no problems with nested collections, function expressions, long argument lists, or otherwise tricky code.