Sunburnt - Python interface to Solr

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Sunburnt is a library to interface with a Solr instance from Python. It helps to query Solr in a Pythonic way, without having to understand Solr’s query syntax. It provides support to insert Python objects into a Solr index.



Related Projects

scorched - Sunburnt offspring solr client

Scorched is a sunburnt offspring and like all offspring it tries to make things better or at least different.

Solrj - Official Solr client

Solrj is the official java client to access Solr. It offers a java interface to add, update, and query the solr index. SolrJ hides a lot of the details of connecting to Solr and allows your application to interact with Solr with simple high-level methods. The SolrJ API is included with Solr, so you do not have to download or install anything else.

Solrstrap - Query-Result interface for Solr written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Solrstrap is a Query-Result interface for Solr. Solrstrap is intended to be a starting point for those building web interfaces that talk to Solr, or a very lightweight admin tool for querying Solr in a Googleish fashion.This is because it does everything in Javascript, CSS and HTML on the client side. JSON is shot back from the server and interpeted by the web browser.

solr-scala-client - Solr Client for Scala

The simple Apache Solr client for Scala. This is based on the SolrJ and provides optimal interface for Scala.Add the following dependency into your build.sbt to use solr-scala-client.

Blacklight - Discovery Interface for any Apache Solr

Blacklight is an open source OPAC (online public access catalog). It is ruby-on-rails based discovery interface (a.k.a. “next-generation catalog”) especially optimized for heterogeneous collections. It could be used as a library catalog, as a front end for a digital repository, or as a single-search interface to aggregate digital content that would otherwise be siloed. Blacklight uses Solr, an enterprise-scale index for its search engine.

npr-solr - AJAX-Solr interface to an NPR API solr index

AJAX-Solr interface to an NPR API solr index

webservice-solr - Module to interface with the Solr webservice

WebService::Solr is a Perl module to interface with the Solr web service.

Tanning Bed - Generic Solr interface for models

Tanning Bed is Solr for models. Tanning Bed provides a Ruby interface for the Solr ( search engine to use in you're models not matter whether they are Datamapper, Active Record, Couchrest or just general Ruby classes.

Solr - Blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform

Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, and rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling. Solr is highly scalable, providing distributed search and index replication, and it powers the search and navigation features of many of the world's largest internet sites.

Banana for Solr - A Port of Kibana

The Banana project was forked from Kibana, and works with all kinds of time series (and non-time series) data stored in Apache Solr. It uses Kibana's powerful dashboard configuration capabilities, ports key panels to work with Solr, and provides significant additional capabilities, including new panels that leverage D3.js.

solrs - An async, non-blocking solr client for Java and Scala

This is a java/scala solr client providing an interface like SolrJ, just asynchronously / non-blocking (built on top of async-http-client / netty). For java it supports CompletableFuture, for scala you can choose between twitter's Future or the standard/SDK Future.solrs is published to maven central for both scala 2.11 and 2.12.

Pysolr - Python wrapper for Apache Solr

pysolr is a lightweight Python wrapper for Apache Solr. It provides an interface that queries the server and returns results based on the query.Or if you want to install directly from the repository: python install, or drop the file anywhere on your PYTHONPATH.

solr-node-client - A solr client for node.js.

A solr client for indexing, adding, deleting,committing and searching documents within an Apache Solr installation. It supports commands like search(select), add, delete, update, commit, rollback, optimize, ping, real-time get, prepare commit, soft commit, arbitrary search handler (i.e: mlt, luke ...), Lucene query / DisMax query, Grouping / Field Collapsing, Facet, MoreLikeThis etc.

SolrClient - Simple python library for Solr

SolrClient is a simple python library for Solr; built in python3 with support for latest features of Solr 5 and 6. Development is heavily focused on indexing as well as parsing various query responses and returning them in native python data structures. Several helper classes will be built to automate querying and management of Solr clusters.See, easy.... you just need to know the Solr query syntax.

solr-php-client - solr-php-client forked from

solr-php-client forked from

flux - a clojure client for solr

A Clojure based Solr client. The latest stable version of flux is 0.6.0, which supports Solr 4.9.0.

php-solr-helper - A small helper to ease querying Apache Solr using the solr-php-client library.

A small helper to ease querying Apache Solr using the solr-php-client library.

rsolr - A Ruby client for Apache Solr

A simple, extensible Ruby client for Apache Solr.