utils-link - CSS link utilities

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SUIT CSS link utilities. Read more about SUIT CSS's design principles.




Related Projects

suit - Style tools for UI components

  •    CSS

Style tools for component-based UI development. Each of these modules are made up of smaller modules, making it easy to customize your setup and build pipeline.

utils - CSS utility classes

  •    Javascript

The full collection of SUIT CSS utility classes. Requires suitcss-preprocessor or similar in your build process, if you choose to use the packages directly. Read more about SUIT CSS's design principles.

style-loader - Style Loader

  •    Javascript

When using local scoped CSS the module exports the generated identifiers (locals). It's also possible to add a URL <link href="path/to/file.css" rel="stylesheet"> instead of inlining the CSS {String} with <style></style> tag.

loadCSS - A function for loading CSS asynchronously

  •    Javascript

Referencing CSS stylesheets with link[rel=stylesheet] or @import causes browsers to delay page rendering while a stylesheet loads. When loading stylesheets that are not critical to the initial rendering of a page, this blocking behavior is undesirable. The new <link rel="preload"> standard enables us to load stylesheets asynchronously, without blocking rendering, and loadCSS provides a JavaScript polyfill for that feature to allow it to work across browsers. Additionally, loadCSS offers a separate (and optional) JavaScript function for loading stylesheets dynamically. The standard markup pattern for loading files asynchronously is: <link rel="preload"> (W3C Spec). We recommend using this markup pattern to reference your non-critical CSS files. loadCSS's rel=preload polyfill is designed to enable this markup to work in browsers that don't yet support this feature (view link rel="preload" support status).


  •    CSharp

C# Library for moving CSS to inline style attributes, to gain maximum E-mail client compatibility.Sometimes it's handy to reference external style sheets with a <link href="..." /> element. PreMailer will download and use external style sheets as long as the value of href ends with .css.

vogue - Save a CSS file, watch your web browser automatically reload it!

  •    Javascript

Vogue creates a real-time link between your web browser and your file system. When you save a CSS file, used by the HTML page in your browser, Vogue will make the browser reload the stylesheet. Only the stylesheet is reloaded, not the entire page, making it work even for very dynamic/ajax pages.Vogue is all javascript. It runs a server on Node.js, which will watch the file system. The server accepts WebSocket connections from the client code (which uses socket.io). The client javascript can be loaded into a HTML page using a single script tag.

laravel-mail-css-inliner - Inline the CSS of your HTML emails using Laravel

  •    PHP

Most email clients won't render CSS (on a <link> or a <style>). The solution is inline your CSS directly on the HTML. Doing this by hand easily turns into unmantainable templates. The goal of this package is to automate the process of inlining that CSS before sending the emails. Using a wonderful CSS inliner package wrapped in a SwiftMailer plugin and served as a Service Provider it just works without any configuration.

apollo-link - :link: Interface for fetching and modifying control flow of GraphQL requests

  •    TypeScript

To use apollo-link in a web browser or mobile app, you'll need a build system capable of loading NPM packages on the client. Some common choices include Browserify, Webpack, and Meteor +1.3.Apollo Link uses Lerna to manage multiple packages. To get started contributing, run npm run bootstrap which will install all dependencies and link together the projects.

angular-dropdowns - Simple, standalone dropdown directives for AngularJS.

  •    CSS

Dropdown directives for AngularJS (1.1.5+, 1.2.x). Includes both a select-style dropdown and a menu-style dropdown. The menu-style dropdown attaches to an existing element (button, link, div, etc), whereas the select-style dropdown replaces the element it is attached to.

GippleDee Link Directory

  •    PHP

GippleDee is the continuation of the PHP Link Directory v2.1.2 GPL codebase (now developed as proprietary license for the 3.x family). GippleDee Link Directory Software is a DMOZ-style web-based link directory application written in PHP.

httrack - HTTrack Website Copier, copy websites to your computer (Official repository)

  •    C

HTTrack is an offline browser utility, allowing you to download a World Wide website from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting html, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.

vanilla-framework - From community websites to web applications, this CSS framework will help you achieve a consistent look and feel

  •    CSS

Vanilla Framework is a simple extensible CSS framework, built using Sass and is designed to be used either directly or by using themes to extend or supplement its patterns. You can link to the latest build to add directly into your markup like so, by replacing the x values with the version number you wish to link.

Codelobster - Free Portable IDE for PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript Development

  •    PHP

Codelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies php development process. It provides HTML editor, HTML code inspector, CSS editor, JavaScript editor, PHP editor, PHP debugger and lot more.

QCP Link

  •    C

QCP Link is a small set of command line utilities which interact with Qualcomm Phones. We're starting with the QCP-2760 model. The utilities read the configuration/phonebook from the phone via the serial interface and write it to a file and vice versa.

jquery-emojiarea - A rich textarea control that supports emojis, WYSIWYG-style.

  •    Javascript

A small 6kb jQuery plugin for turning regular textareas into ones that support emojis, WYSIWYG style! Set up a list of available emojis, call $('textarea').emojiarea() and you're done (basically). There's a plain-text fallback, so if the browser doesn't support contentEditable, it will degrade gracefully—the user will still be able to use the dropdown menu of emojis. By default, the plugin will insert a link after the editor that toggles the emoji selector when clicked.

active_link_to - Rails view helper to manage "active" state of a link

  •    Ruby

Creates a link tag of the given name using a URL created by the set of options. Please see documentation for link_to, as active_link_to is basically a wrapper for it. This method accepts an optional :active parameter that dictates if the given link will have an extra css class attached that marks it as 'active'. When installing for Rails 3/4/5 applications add this to the Gemfile: gem 'active_link_to' and run bundle install.

CKEditor - The best browser-based WYSIWYG editor

  •    Javascript

CKEditor is a text editor to be used inside web pages. It's a WYSIWYG editor, which means that the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the results users have when publishing it. It brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. It's an editor to be used inside web pages.

csstree - A tool set for working with CSS including fast detailed parser, walker, generator and lexer based on W3C specs and browser implementations

  •    Javascript

CSSTree is a tool set to work with CSS, including fast detailed parser (string->AST), walker (AST traversal), generator (AST->string) and lexer (validation and matching) based on knowledge of spec and browser implementations. The main goal is to be efficient and W3C spec compliant, with focus on CSS analyzing and source-to-source transforming tasks. NOTE: The project is in alpha stage since some parts need further improvements, AST format and API are subjects to change. However it's stable enough and used by packages like CSSO (CSS minifier) and SVGO (SVG optimizer) in production.

azure-documentdb-dotnet - Contains samples and utilities relating to the Azure DocumentDB .NET SDK


Welcome to the repo containing all things .NET for Azure DocumentDB, a managed NoSQL database service.For more information about the Azure DocumentDB .NET SDK, please check this link. And for information on the Azure .NET SDK for other Azure Services, please check out this link.