browser-unpack - parse a bundle generated by browser-pack

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Return an array of rows from the bundle source string src.


acorn : ^4.0.3
browser-pack : ^5.0.1
concat-stream : ^1.5.0
minimist : ^1.1.1



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node-binary - Unpack multibyte binary values from buffers and streams

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Unpack multibyte binary values from buffers and streams. You can specify the endianness and signedness of the fields to be unpacked too.This module is a cleaner and more complete version of bufferlist's binary module that runs on pre-allocated buffers instead of a linked list.

modules-webmake - Bundle CommonJS/Node.js modules for web browser

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Bundle CommonJS/Node.js modules for web browsers. Webmake allows you to organize JavaScript code for the browser the same way as you do for Node.js.

cocoalibspotify - A Cocoa wrapper for libspotify

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CocoaLibSpotify is an Objective-C wrapper around our libspotify library. It provides easy access to libspotify's features in a friendly, KVC/O compliant Objective-C wrapper.CocoaLibSpotify requires libspotify.framework, which isn't included in the repository. The Mac Framework and iOS Library Xcode projects include a build step to download and unpack it from automatically. If this fails for some reason, download it manually from and unpack it into the project folder.

mkbootimg_tools - Unpack and repack boot.img,support dtb(dt.img).

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Unpack and repack boot.img,support dtb(dt.img).

cpanminus - cpanminus - get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN

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cpanminus - get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN

Serendipity PHP Weblog System

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PHP blog with all the common features (comments,track/pingbacks,RSS) plus cool extras:Click'n' blog admin,extensible event-driven plugin API,easy styling, multiuser,image management,static pregeneration and a nifty installer: unpack, open in browser!

gargantia_editor - Gargantia game editor

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To get started all you need is the code in this repository and a simple web server. First of all download this code to your computer either using git clone, or if you don't have git installed by clicking on the link to the right of this page to download the code in a zip file. Make a note of where you unpack the code or clone the repository - we will refer to that directory as the project root directory in the next steps. Your firewall may ask for permission to allow python to access the network - you will need to allow this to be able to access the webserver from your browser.

prop-types - Custom React PropType validators that we use at Airbnb.

  •    Javascript

Custom React PropType validators that we use at Airbnb. Use of airbnb-js-shims or the equivalent is recommended.Since PropTypes are typically not included in production builds of React, this library’s functionality serves no useful purpose. As such, when the NODE_ENV environment variable is "production", instead of exporting the implementations of all these prop types, we export mock functions - in other words, something that ensures that no exceptions are thrown, but does no validation. When environment variables are inlined (via a browserify transform or webpack plugin), then tools like webpack or uglify are able to determine that only the mocks will be imported - and can avoid including the entire implementations in the final bundle that is sent to the browser. This allows for a much smaller ultimate file size, and faster in-browser performance, without sacrificing the benefits of PropTypes themselves.

sheetify - :sparkles: Modular CSS bundler for browserify

  •    Javascript

Modular CSS bundler for browserify. Works with npm modules like browserify does. Sheetify is very good for namespacing static css assets in your javaScript code. Currently there is no support for dynamic variables within sheetify, however you could achieve this by setting the inline style property of an element.

minipack - 📦 A simplified example of a modern module bundler written in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

As front-end developers, we spend a lot of time working with tools like Webpack, Browserify, and Parcel. Understanding how those tools work can help us make better decisions on how we write our code. By understanding how our code turns into a bundle and how that bundle looks like we can also debug it better.

http-browserify - node's http module, but for the browser

  •    Javascript

The http module from node.js, but for browsers.When you require('http') in browserify, this module will be loaded.

disc - :chart_with_upwards_trend: Visualise the module tree of browserify project bundles and track down bloat

  •    Javascript

Disc is a tool for analyzing the module tree of browserify project bundles. It's especially handy for catching large and/or duplicate modules which might be either bloating up your bundle or slowing down the build process.The demo included on disc's github page is the end result of running the tool on browserify's own code base.

uglifyify - A browserify transform which minifies your code using UglifyJS2

  •    Javascript

A Browserify v2 transform which minifies your code using uglify-es.But uglifyify is able to yield smaller output by processing files individually instead of just the entire bundle. When using uglifyify you should generally also use Uglify, to achieve the smallest output. Uglifyify provides an additional optimization when used with Uglify, but does not provide all of the optimization that using Uglify on its own does, so it's not a replacement.

rollupify - Browserify transform to apply Rollup

  •    Javascript

Browserify transform to apply Rollup, converting ES6/ES2015 modules into one big CommonJS module. This tends to result in smaller bundle sizes, due to Rollup's tree-shaking and scope-hoisting capabilities.

AssetBundles-Browser - Editor tool for viewing and debugging asset bundle contents before and after builds

  •    CSharp

The Asset Bundle Browser tool enables the user to view and edit the configuration of asset bundles for their Unity project. It will block editing that would create invalid bundles, and inform you of any issues with existing bundles. It also provides basic build functionality. Use this tool as an alternative to selecting assets and setting their asset bundle manually in the inspector. It can be dropped into any Unity project with a version of 5.6 or greater. It will create a new menu item in Window > AssetBundle Browser. The bundle configuration, build functionality, and built-bundle inspection are split into three tabs within the new window.


  •    C

The audio CD image extractor library and console application. It can unpack various audio image formats and store audio tracks as media files. Supported input formats: CUE, NRG (Nero), WavPack. Supported output formats: mp3, wav.



ProtobufferTools is free and open source protobuf editor, it's can simply help you to serialize your protobuf data contract class to xml, and pack and unpack th

EDAS-An Event driven async socket development framework

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This framework will help you to build async socket application very quickly. It's solves IOCP events,error handling,IO buffer for package receive and visio packet?pack?unpack...... all you need to do is to write your logic

kythe - Kythe is a pluggable, (mostly) language-agnostic ecosystem for building tools that work with code

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Download the latest Kythe release from and then unpack it for a snapshot of Kythe’s toolset.See /opt/kythe/README for a complete description of the packaged tools and their usages.

carnac - A utility to give some insight into how you use your keyboard

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A keyboard logging and presentation utility for presentations, screencasts, and to help you become a better keyboard user.Alternatively, you can grab the latest zip file from here, unpack it and run Setup.exe.