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This project is used to store the version history of the custom STSADM and PowerShell CmdLets found at To get the latest releases visit my downloads page at This project is meant solely for users to view change history.



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SharePoint Upload MasterPages and PageLayouts STSADM Command

You can provision masterpages and page layouts using features or SharePoint designer, but if they are already created and you haven't got SPD, how do you update them? STSADM Command to upload masterpages and pagelayouts to the Masterpage and Page Layouts Gallery.

Remote stsadm tool

This tool will allow you to remotely execute "stsadm" commands against a SharePoint environment. No need to log onto the SharePoint server (or one of the server that is part of the farm) in order to run administration commands : everything can be done from your workstation.

SharePoint Action Framework (SAF) - extend Features, MSBuild or StsAdm.

The SharePoint Action Framework is an extension to the SharePoint Feature framework, Stsadm or MSBuild. This is achived with Actions which are commands allowing automation of SharePoint (e.g. CreateWeb, AddUser, ImportList). Also possible to thread multiple Actions together.

Migration STSADM Extensions

The aim of this project is to add operations to default STSADM command line tool which is opened to extensions. STSADM can be used for scripting operations so you can run scheduled tasks or run commands on your SharePoint server without having a remote control screen. Most ...

SharePoint 2010 Feature Manager

This is a windows based tool that allows developers and administrators to activate, deactivate, install and uninstall features easily. It is based on the SharePoint 2007 Feature Manager but uses the Powershell API in the background instead of stsadm.

STSADM ExportCrawlLog

ExportCrawlLog is an STSADM command extension that provides the ability to export Crawl Log messages and gather summary information about crawls based on the information in the crawl log.

STSADM Permissions

Manage list and document list permissions Manage file permissions in a document list For more information check

Upload WSP Administration Page

This feature allows you to upload the SharePoint Solution Packages (WSP) Files from the Central Administration Web-Based Interface, without the need to write the usual STSADM commands, and without the need to be working remotly inside the Server.

SharePoint Application Development Toolkit

The SharePoint Application Development Toolkit (SpaDev or DevSpa) project is a collection of libraries, tools, Visual Studio templates, packages and more focused on accelerating the development of custom code for SharePoint (MOSS and WSS). This includes STSADM Extensions, Busi...

Feature Wally

Search a SharePoint installation for Features, either by Title/Description/DisplayName or Guid and DeActivate/UnInstall the ones you want, either through the GUI or by STSADM commands, which you'll be able to save as .bat files too. Ever gotten the message "This feature is al...

Automate iFilter and PDF Indexing support to a SharePoint Farm

A stsadm command to automate the support of pdf file (or any other extension) in a SharePoint Farm (not limited to a single-server). It deploys an icon and update the Office Search/WSS Search Servers.

Share InfoPath Forms - WSP Solution Deployment and Manage Forms in SharePoint

Share InfoPath Forms Tool helps make those rigid InfoPath forms sharable in SharePoint. Deployment of InfoPath Forms was never an easy task. Unlike the traditional approach of installing as a form template using stsadm commands, this tool packages delivers a WSP easing deployment

SPWakeUp - Wake up your Sharepoint and WSS Sites

A simple application that touches each site and site collection on a Sharepoint or WSS server to rebuild the IIS cache. This project was inspired by the Warm Up script I found at:

SharePoint Deployment Tool

SharePoint Deployment tool helps you and your team to deploy WSPs, backup files and web.config easily. You dont need to write your own batch files, STSADM commmands and web.config changes manually. Its done in C# .NET 3.5

SharePoint Audit Log Tool

This tool will help you trim the SharePoint Audit log. We ran into a situation where our auditing log was filling up too much diskapce and the STSADM tool was not working. So we had to write this to help trim it down. Its not much but it helped us. So i thought i would share.

Ajaxify MOSS

stsadm commands for adding/removing needed web.config entries to MOSS Web Applications for ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 extensions.

Stsadm Templates for Visual Studio

The Stsadm Templates for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 support you in making command extensions for SharePoint's commnand line tool stsadm.exe.


StsAdm extensions project from Ideas for Free, for example stsadm -o copyfarmappbincontent , for resource/artifact deployment in server farm architecture. It's developed using .NET 3.5.

PowerShell AutoDeployment Script

PowerShell AutoDeployment Script is a high-performance PowerShell Script within you can manage SharePoint Solutions inside SharePoint 2010-2013 Farms.