netty-transport-purejavacomm - A netty serial pipeline using JNA and PureJavaComm

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All are actually mature solutions but SerialIO is a commercial product and JSS and RxTx either require the native libraries to be intalled/compiled for the host platform. Personally, I've had issues with RxTx and the C++ source code can be a bit difficult to understand when a problem arrises. PJC is written 100% in Java so it is easy for Java programmers to develop and debug and it requires no native libraries. Native access to the underlaying operating system's serial port programming interface is provided by the wonderful JNA library which takes away all the pain of compiling and deploying native code.





Related Projects

UsbSerial - Usb serial controller for Android

  •    Java

Usb serial controller for Android. For more information, there is a more complete description. Due to a bug in Android itself, it's highly recommended to not use it with a device running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. See issue #142 for more details.

SMSj - Java SMS library

  •    Java

This library allows you to send SMSes (GSM) from the Java platform. It gives you full control over the SMS including the UDH field so you can create and send EMS messages, WAP push messages and nokia smart messages (picture, ringtone etc). The API can send SMS by using a GSM phone connected to the serial port or via a SMS gateway (like Clickatell).

CruiseControl.NET Build Status with Serial Output

  •    DotNet

Track a CruiseControl.NET project and output build status to a device via serial (or USB with driver). Ideal for LCD light status / relay for lava lamps etc. It's a taskbar based application developed in C#, and has been developed with the Arduino Diecimila in mind.

Conscrypt - Java Security Provider that implements parts of the Java Cryptography Extension and Java Secure Socket Extension

  •    Java

Conscrypt is a Java Security Provider (JSP) that implements parts of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) and Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE). It uses BoringSSL to provide cryptographical primitives and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Java applications on Android and OpenJDK.The core SSL engine has borrowed liberally from the Netty project and their work on netty-tcnative, giving Conscrypt similar performance.


  •    C++

Node.js package to access serial ports for reading and writing OR Welcome your robotic JavaScript overlords. Better yet, program them!

SwiftyGPIO - A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire

  •    Swift

A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire. This library provides an easy way to interact with external sensors and devices using the digital GPIOs, SPI/I2C interfaces, 1-Wire buses, PWM signals and serial ports that boards like the Raspberry Pi provide, on Linux using Swift.

Serial Over IP


Tool for transport of asynchronous serial devices over UDP/IP.

norbert - Norbert is a cluster manager and networking layer built on top of Zookeeper.

  •    Scala

Norbert is a library which provides easy cluster management and cluster aware client/server networking APIs. Implemented in Scala, Norbert wraps ZooKeeper, Netty and uses Protocol Buffers for transport to make it easy to build a cluster aware application. A Java API is provided and pluggable load balancing strategies are supported with round robin and consistent hash strategies provided out of the box. Norbert can be built using Maven.

ReadonlyREST - The first Open Source Security plugin for Elasticsearch

  •    Java

Expose the high performance HTTP server embedded in Elasticsearch directly to the public, safely blocking any attempt to delete or modify your data. It provides support to enable HTTPS, Authentication and Authorization, Access control list, Rule based access and lot more. This plugin instead is just a lightweight pure-Java filtering layer. Even the SSL layer is provided as an extra Netty transport handler.

Java Modbus Library

  •    Java

jamod is an object oriented implementation of the Modbus protocol, realized 100% in Java. It allows to quickly realize master and slave applications in various transport flavors (IP and serial).

netty-socketio-demo - netty-socketio demo

  •    HTML

Demo for Netty-socketio project.Switch to /server folder and build server by maven.

C1000K-Servers - :zap: High performance websocket servers implemented by Spray-can, Netty, undertow, jetty, Vert

  •    Scala

This project provides eight high performance websocket server implementation and can be used to test their benchmark.The test result shows Netty, Go, Node.js, Undertow, Vert.x can setup 1 million connections. Netty and Go is best.

nettosphere - A Java WebSocket/HTTP server based on the Atmosphere and Netty Framework

  •    Java

NettoSphere: A HTTP/WebSocket server powered by Atmosphere and Netty Framework

Netty - Event-driven Asynchronous Network Application Framework

  •    Java

Netty is an asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients. Netty is a NIO client server framework which enables quick and easy development of network applications such as protocol servers and clients. It greatly simplifies and streamlines network programming such as TCP and UDP socket server.

netty-tools - A collection of tools useful when working with JBoss Netty.

  •    Java

A small collection of tools useful when working with JBoss Netty.

java-game-server - Jetserver is a high speed nio socket based multiplayer java game server written using Netty and Mike Rettig's Jetlang

  •    Java

Note New version of Jetserver is called Nadron and is in a new netty 4 branch of this same repo. JetServer is a java nio based server specifically designed for mutliplayer games. It supports UDP and TCP transports. It uses Netty for high speed network transmission and Jetlang for extremely fast in-vm message passing between player sessions and game rooms. The project also uses spring for its dependency injection. This way, it is highly configurable and you can swap out any part of the server with your own implementations. The pre-built jar files of this project are located in the jetserver/binaries directory. All dependent jars are located in the jetserver/lib directory. You can add them to your favorite IDE’s classpath for coding. If you want to compile from source, then follow steps below.

MobileIMSDK - 一个专为移动端开发的原创即时通讯框架,超轻量级、高度提炼,完全基于UDP协议,支持iOS、Android、标准Java平台,服务端基于Mina和Netty编写。

  •    Objective-C


netty-learning - Netty learning.

  •    Java

Netty learning.

serial-port-json-server - A serial port JSON websocket server for Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or BeagleBone Black that lets you communicate with your serial port from a web application

  •    Go

A serial port JSON websocket & web server that runs from the command line on Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Bone that lets you communicate with your serial port from a web application. This enables web apps to be written that can communicate with your local serial device such as an Arduino, CNC controller, or any device that communicates over the serial port. Since version 1.82 you can now also program your Arduino by uploading a hex file. The app is written in Go. It has an embedded web server and websocket server. The server runs on the standard port of localhost:8989. You can connect to it locally with your browser to interact by visiting http://localhost:8989. The websocket is technically running at ws://localhost/ws. You can of course connect to your websocket from any other computer to bind in remotely. For example, just connect to ws:// if you are on a remote host where is your devices actual IP address.

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