SSRS Report Downloader

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SSRS downloader is a tool to download all report files from a folder from Reporting Services at once. It uses reportservice2005.asmx endpoint web service to do this.



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This project contains PowerShell scripts that allows you to perform various operations with SQL Server Reporting Services. In order to use the scripts included in this project successfully, please download/clone the entire project as there are dependencies between the scripts.All of our scripts were written with the assumption that you will be executing them against SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services default instance (i.e. mssqlserver). However, we understand this may not be the case for you. So for each script, you will see that we have provided a way for you to specify the name and/or version of your SQL Server Reporting Services instance name. Sometimes the version of your SQL Server instance is also required. If you do not provide one, we will assume that you want to execute this against the default instance.


Uploads all RDL files in a directory to a single folder in SQL Server Reporting Services. Tested with 2005, should work with 2008. If you don't want to pull/compile, the latest release version of the binary is in the downloads section.

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download files with `xhr`, report progress and send the file.

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SSRS Render Studio is a scalable web service architecture for processing SSRS RDL reports.

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