SSIS File-in-use Task

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SSIS Extensions - SFTP Task, PGP Task, Zip Task

A set of custom tasks to extend SSIS. Includes a SFTP task, PGP encryption task and zip/unzip task.

SSIS ReportGeneratorTask

SSIS Task for SQL Server 2008 and 2012 to create server reports or local reports from a recordset data source.

TaskUnZip for SSIS

Simple Task for SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) for manage compress file ZIP. This task (Control Flow Items), permit compress/decompress file zip in SSIS Task context. Support password. _Work in Progress!_ ;-) Tnx to: *[url:

PowerShell Script Task for SSIS

To produce a control flow task for SSIS that can be used to run PowerShell scripts within SSIS. It should integrate SSIS and PowerShell so that SSIS specific information (i,e. variables) can be accessed etc from within your script. The initial versionn has the following feat...

SSIS Community Tasks and Components

This is a community project for developing additional tasks and components for SSIS, and identifying other CodePlex projects that do the same. 51 Integration Services extensibility projects exist on CodePlex - find them and over a hundred more from around the 'net right here.

Manage SSAS Partitions with SSIS Script Task

Manage SSAS Partitions using the SSIS Script Task. Awesome!

CopyLogins task

CopyLogins is a SSIS control flow task that can transfer logins from one SQL instance to another including the passwords for the SQL Logins

SSIS - Oracle Destination via ODP.Net (Custom Destination Component)

SSIS 2008 R2 solution (custom destination component) to write to oracle via ODP.Net

SSIS File Watcher Task (Custom component)

This SSIS Custom Control Flow Component File Watcher Task project provides file/directory monitoring utilities with loggin and task processing support. The applications have multiple configuration options.

Download Mail Task

Download Mail Task is a custom SSIS task able to download, extract and save to filesystem email attachments from a POP3 mail server.

SSIS Expression Editor & Tester

An expression editing and testing tool for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). It also offers a reusable editor control for custom tasks or other utilities.

SQL XML Bulk Load

SQL XML Bulk Load SSIS 2008 Task

SSIS GoogleAnalyticsSource

A SSIS Data Source Component for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 to load data from the Google Data API.

SSIS Wait Task

A SSIS task which suspends execution for a time period or until a specific time. Additionally a sql statement can be defined that can also delay execution.

SSIS Custom Task BewiseSmartIndexManager

This project show an Maintenance Task which is availaible in Control Flow into SSIS Package.

Enhanced SSIS Execute Package Task

The enhanced execute package task allows you to pass variables to a package as well as return values and pass database connection information from one package to another, making it possible to refactor your SSIS packages.