seriate - Optimal ordering of elements in a set given their distance matrix.

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Optimal ordering of elements in a set given their distance matrix. This is a Python implementation of Seriation algorithm. Seriation is an approach for ordering elements in a set so that the sum of the sequential pairwise distances is minimal. We state this task as a Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) and leverage the powerful Google's or-tools to do heavy-lifting. Since TSP is NP-hard, it is not possible to calculate the precise solution for a big number of elements. However, the or-tools' heuristics work very well in practice, and they are used in e.g. Google Maps.



Related Projects

VexRiscv - A FPGA friendly 32 bit RISC-V CPU implementation

  •    Assembly

For commercial support, please contact The following numbers were obtained by synthesizing the CPU as toplevel without any specific synthesis options to save area or to get better maximal frequency (neutral). The clock constraint is set to an unattainable value, which tends to increase the design area. The dhrystone benchmark was compiled with the -O3 -fno-inline option. All the cached configurations have some cache trashing during the dhrystone benchmark except the VexRiscv full max perf one. This of course reduces the performance. It is possible to produce dhrystone binaries which fit inside a 4KB I$ and 4KB D$ (I already had this case once) but currently it isn't the case. The CPU configurations used below can be found in the src/scala/vexriscv/demo directory.

D-Fend Reloaded

  •    Delphi

D-Fend Reloaded is a graphical environment for DOSBox. D-Fend Reloaded is a successor of the discontinued D-Fend. Both environments look alike and D-Fend Reloaded contains all features of D-Fend. Even the D-Fend config files can be used.

awesome-d - A curated list of awesome D documents, frameworks, libraries and software

  •    D

A curated list of awesome D frameworks, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome-python. I created this list so that when I needed something in the future, it would be easy to find. Most of the documents and links are collected from the D forum, the D wiki, and the D package repository. Exploring GitHub also helps as many of the libs are hosted there.

GDC - GNU D Compiler

  •    D

GDC is a GPL implementation of the D compiler which integrates the open source D front end with GCC. The GNU D Compiler (GDC) project was originally started by David Friedman in 2004 until early 2007 when he disappeared from the D scene, and was no longer able to maintain GDC. Following a revival attempt in 2008, GDC is now under the lead of Iain Buclaw who has been steering the project since 2009 with the assistance of its contributors, without them the project would not have been nearly as successful as it has been.

MagiskManager - Companion Android application for Magisk

  •    Java

This repo is no longer an independent component. It is a submodule of the Magisk Project. The default (English) string resources are scattered in these files: src/full/res/values/strings.xml, src/main/res/values/strings.xml, src/stub/res/values/strings.xml. Place the translated XMLs in the corresponding folder to the locale. Translations are highly appreciated via pull requests here on Github.

react-native-shop-ui - A react native clothes shopping app UI.

  •    Javascript

A creative and modern clothes shopping app design for react-native using the native-base UI components. It works well with both IOS and Android. Updating the codebase will require changes to the .js files in the src/ folder. Individual pages can be edited by editing the .js files in src/page/. Re-usable components can be edited by editing the .js files in src/component/.

D object oriented library

  •    D

dool is the D Object Oriented Library that complements the standard D runtime library where the OO paradigma is not supported. dool also aims to be an open library where the D community can easely add new entries.

DCD - The D Completion Daemon is an auto-complete program for the D programming language

  •    D

The D Completion Daemon is an auto-complete program for the D programming language. DCD is not an IDE. DCD is designed to provide autocompletion for your favorite text editor. If you are looking for an IDE, try one of these.

leds - Light editor for D

  •    D

leds is a light source code editor for the D language. Build on D with DUI (a binding to GTK+) and Scintilla. leds is available for Linux (Windows version just days away). leds supports: syntax highlight, project management, code browser, and more

DUI - D User Interface toolkit

  •    D

DUI is a D language binding to the GTK+ graphical toolkit and the OpenGL Extension GtkGLExt. DUI enables the creation of D GUI applications and supports both Windows and Linux. Even though marked alpha DUI is quite usable.


  •    Java

D-finder is a bioinformatic search algorithm for the identification of D-sites in JNK interacting proteins. The algorithm is a combination of pattern matching and a hidden markov model (HMM) based on a training set of known JNK D-sites.


  •    D

The D/OS Project aims to create a complete working operating system written in the D programming language.

Ch??ng Trình Qu?n Lý Nhà Máy D?t Th? ??c TP HCM

  •    CSharp

?ây là ch??ng trình qu?n lý nhà máy d?t th? ??c vi?t trên n?n t?ng .Net s? d?ng ngôn ng? C# truy xu?t d? li?u t? SQl SEVER

elearning Center


?ây là m?t ?ng d?ng web vi?t hoàn toàn b?ng Sliverlight. ?ng d?ng này là m?t d?ng elearning v?i ??y ?? ch?c n?ng và có kh? n?ng t??ng tác t?i ?a v?i ng??i s? d?ng.

homebrewery - Create authentic looking D&D homebrews using only markdown

  •    CSS

The Homebrewery is a tool for making authnetic looking D&D content using only Markdown. Check it out here. Homebrewery is open source, so feel free to clone it, tinker with it, or run your own local version.



iNtension est projet unique. Neacute; d?une implication beacute;neacute;vole au sein d?une organisation internationale, l?interface se veut une reacute;plique de l?environnement de travail d?un reacute;partiteur. INtension remplacera la presque totaliteacute; de l?eacute;quipement en proposant d

PowerNex - An operating system written in D

  •    D

PowerNex is a OS written in the D Programming Language. The goal is to have a whole OS written in D, where the PowerNex kernel powers the core. The name PowerNex comes from the words power and next. A kernel to power the next generation of hardware.

DND-5e-LaTeX-Template - A Small Template For 5e D&D Material

  •    TeX

This is a LaTeX template for typesetting documents in the style of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e) books. LaTeX will find the package automatically.

freebsd - FreeBSD src tree

  •    C

FreeBSD src tree

fchan-go - Experimental channel implementation

  •    Go

This package contains implementations of fast and scalable channels in Go. Implementation is in src/fchan. To run benchmarks, run src/bench/bench.go. bench.go is very rudimentary, and modifying the source may be necessary depending on what you want to run; that will change in the future. For details on the algorithm, check out the writeup directory, it includes a pdf and the pandoc markdown used to generate it.This is not an official Google product.

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