SQL Script Runner

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SQL Script Runner is a lightweight program that can be used to quickly run multiple SQL scripts against a database. If you have all of your Stored Procedures, UDFs, Tables, Changescripts, etc. stored in individual files (e.g. for source control) you can use this to quickly ru...




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SQL Scriptz Runner

Features are : Drag And Drop script files Run a directory of script files Sql Script out put messages during execution Script passed or failed that are colored green and red (yellow for running) Stop on error option Open script on error option Run report with time taken...

Big SQL Script File Runner

Here's project that enables any developers or others to run the big sql script file greater than 300MB or any size. It also supports rollback feature & others.

Scheduler.Service - Windows Scheduler Service

Scheduler service is windows Scheduling service similar to Sql Server Agent. The Service has several built-in tasks that can be scheduled to execute based on the given schedule interval. Current includes tasks include a Sql Script runner, a process runner, and a PowerShell script processor.

Gus - SQL Server Script Runner

SQL Server Script Runner

sqlfk - A simple T-SQL script runner for automation under Windows and Mono

A simple T-SQL script runner for automation under Windows and Mono

Sql Script Generator

Sql Script Generator is a tool for generate INSERT/UPDATE statement sql script. With Sql Script Generator you can create script to copy data from one database to another. In current version there are this feature: - Generate only INSERT and UPDATE statements; - Run in transa...

ET SQL Script Runner

ET SQL Scripts Runner is a simple console tool to apply SQL scripts to database. Its required sqlcmd tool (installing within MS SQL Server).

keystone-sql-test-runner - A helper script that lets me run the keystone SQL backend tests.

A helper script that lets me run the keystone SQL backend tests.

sql-xplat-cli - Repository for the new SQL cross-platform command line tools

We’re excited to introduce mssql-scripter, a multi-platform command line experience for scripting SQL Server databases.mssql-scripter is the multiplatform command line equivalent of the widely used Generate Scripts Wizard experience in SSMS. You can use mssql-scripter on Linux, macOS, and Windows to generate data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) T-SQL scripts for database objects in SQL Server running anywhere, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. You can save the generated T-SQL script to a .sql file or pipe it to standard nix utilities (for example, sed, awk, grep) for further transformations. You can edit the generated script or check it into source control and subsequently execute the script in your existing SQL database deployment processes and DevOps pipelines with standard multiplatform SQL command line tools such as sqlcmd.


Simple Quick Script Runner allows an administrator to run T-SQL Scripts against one or more servers with common characteristics. For example, an maintenance script might be targeted at a list of mirrored servers, or a list of computers running SQL Express.

ExportSQLScript - Export MS SQL 2008R2/2008/2005/2000 objects to script

Command line driven utility to export MS SQL objects to script files suitable for database creation and revision control. Uses 2008R2 Server Management Objects (SMO) which are compatible with SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

SQL Compact data and schema script utility

This console app and SQL Server 2008 Management Studio add-in helps you better manage your SQL Compact development efforts. It allows you to script schema and data to a .sql file, which can be used in any context. It also scripts DML for use in SSMS scripts.

DB Script Runner

Utility to run multiple scripts in a specified order against a database. It's developed in VB.net.

sql-script - this is repository for restore my sql script.

this is repository for restore my sql script.

SQL-Script - Release history of SQL-Script

Release history of SQL-Script

Script SQL Server Configuration

Script SQL Server configuration information in a format suitable for DR purposes or checking into a source control system.

Scriptio - A SQL Server Object Scripting Utility

A utility for generating object scripts for Microsoft SQL Server. It is specifically designed to script DROPs and CREATEs in the same script.

SQLZipdata - SQL Script to convert Melissa Data Zipcode Flat files to SQL

SQL Script to convert Melissa Data Zipcode Flat files to SQL

SQL Compact Command Line Tool

Administer SQL Compact databases directly from the command line, without having Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio installed. Only requires NetFx 2.0 and SQL Compact installed. Command line options similar to sqlcmd. Also runs any SQL Compact script files.