SharePoint Remote Manager

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This project provides a tool for SharePoint developers and admins to connect to SharePoint sites remotely and explore the sites data and their properties.



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SharePoint NNTP List Sync

Syncronizes NNTP groups with SharePoint lists and offers post/reply capability. Sets item date as post date and attempts to lookup user in local directory. A webpart is also provided to access news lists cross-site.

Last-Modified-Date-of-URL - Get the last modified date/time of a remote file using cURL and PHP

Get the last modified date/time of a remote file using cURL and PHP

Last-Modified - Changes the Last modified date of a file

Changes the Last modified date of a file

readLastLogon - Scan all DC's, read last logon, groups and build a CSV file

Scan all DC's, read last logon, groups and build a CSV file

DDT Last Content Modified On Date

This package including a module and a Skin Object for DotNetNuke 6.1.x (or above) provide the ability to show field LastContentModifiedOnDate from table Modules

Get all alerts in a SharePoint Farm

This Powershell script can generate a CSV file to populate all alerts of all users in a Farm. This is particularly usefrul when migrating from SP 2007 to SP2010, where Alerts are not migrated. You can then use this CSV file to import all alerts in to the target SP 2010 system


usage: [-h] LAST DOB CSVFILE This tool searches the publicly-accessible City of Austin Municipal Court for a designated person's court history. Basically, the municipal court is responsible for small fines and traffic tickets, so it grabs every 'event' that happened (missed payment, case dismissal, reminders sent, etc.) for each violation in a person's history. It writes the records to CSV. arguments: LAST Person of interests' l

Upgrade List Templates from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 [using PowerShell]

Try to find and download all the List Templates within all site collections on the disk, upgrades them to SP2010 version and finally uploads them back to sites.


SPRoleAssignment makes it easier for programmers to assign custom item level permissions. You can now easily grant or remove permissions to certain list items for users and groups. It's developed in C#.

Export SharePoint 2010 External List to Excel

Export SharePoint 2010 external list to Excel with custom ribbon plugin. Export current external list with selected view to office 97 - 2003 or office 2007 - 2010.


This MOD for phpBB 3.0 allows administrators who have access to manage groups to reposition the groups they have displayed in their legend, both on the index.php and viewonline.php pages. Groups can be easily repositioned by clicking up and down arrows. Each time a group's position is moved, the action is logged in the administrator log. When a new group is added, it is automatically positioned at the end (or bottom) of the group list on the legend. When a group is deleted, the other groups behi


This is most of the source to the BitBlinder project. The goal was to allow people to communicate or share information in any form online anonymously with ease and quickly. To meet this end, it employed a novel micropayment system on top of a slightly modified Tor network. It is posted in the hope that someone may receive benefit from the work we did, though it is no longer maintained in any way and no BitBlinder network exists to the best of my knowledge. You will notice that private keys exist


(+ [1 2] 3) -> [1 2 3](+ [1 2] [3 4]) -> [1 2 3 4]````Core Functions (so far)--------------````clojure(def symbol value) ; Define a new variable(type x) ; Get type of variable(str x) ; Get string representation of variable(print x) ; Print value of x(map f xs) ; Apply function to items in list xs(filter f xs) ; Filter items xs with function f(get dict key) ; Get dictionary entry(get list index) ; Get list entry (negative indices like in Python)(put dict key value) ; Add or set dictionary entry(p

SharePoint List Marquee Web Part

The SharePoint List Marquee web part displays any SharePoint list in a scrolled (Ticker) display. This web part supports both SharePoint 2007 and MOSS 2010, as well as 2010 Sandbox. It is using an XSL to render the output and can be easily customized and branded.

SPDataGenerator - SharePoint 2007 & 2010

SPDataGenerator allows SharePoint developpers to program using constant for list url, and field names. SPDataGenerator permet de générer les classes de constantes pour les développements SharePoint, comme les Url des listes, ou les champs des listes.

SharePoint Event Receiver Manager (2007 & 2010)

The SharePoint Event Receiver Manager tool draws upon the needs I've had as a SharePoint developer and the ideas of several other tools that just covered part of what I needed them to do but just didn't go quite far enough to make the easy to use and painless. Written in C#.

SharePoint CAML Query Helper for 2007, 2010, and 2013

Use SharePoint Object Model or Web Services to build and test CAML Queries. Examine list fields (names, types) and views, export data, build c# code on the fly.

Powershell Script to Copy Lists in a Site Collection in MOSS 2007 and SPS 2010

Hi, This is a powershell script file that copies a list within the same site collection. This works in Sharepoint 2007 and Sharepoint 2010 as well. THis will flash the messages before taking the input values. This will in this way provide the clear ideas about the val...

AutoHistory for Word 2007, Word 2010 and Excel 2010

AutoHistory for Word 2007, Word 2010 and NEW Excel 2010 provides a local history for documents. You can view and restore each version you've ever saved. Creates automaically backups on every save.

Peter C# Lucene Indexer

C# application, can index and search the folder. It will check the file last modified date before index, if the date chanage, it will index the file, otherwise not.