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The Spk.Controls is a visual control library for .NET Windows Forms.




Related Projects

"Ascend.Net" Windows Forms Controls

"Ascend.NET" Windows forms controls are a collection of .NET custom controls implemented in C# targeting Visual Studio 2005. The controls are designed to be flexible, but not overly complicated and are reliable under tough conditions.

AscendedThemeKit (Themed Windows Forms and Controls)

The child of the Ascend.Net controls and ThemeKit theming forms and controls. Add themable forms and controls to your project.


X-Forms is a Graphical User Interface Framework to aid in the creation of User Interfaces within Games created using the Microsoft XNA Framework. X-Forms is built to reflect how .NET Windows Forms work. It provides support for full screen Forms and Controls. The project aim...

PolyMon Controls

Various .NET Windows Forms controls such as gauges, panels, rotated labels, runtime move and size controls, etc.

Windows Forms Aero

This project aims to create a Windows Control Library that provides controls reproducing the appearance of Microsoft Aero graphic objects, like buttons and links with shield icon, textboxes with cue banner, etc.

Windows Forms Toolkit

This project will provide many controls and tools for developping with Windows Forms.

Asp.NET Two-Way DataBind Controls

These controls have the same capabilities the Windows Forms controls have. With them you can use the two-way databind funcionalities. To use these funcionalities it's easy like Windows Forms is.

DataJuggler Controls

DataJuggler Controls consists of a series of C# projects containing Web Controls, Windows Controls and WPF controls to make data entry forms easier.

WebBrowserEx - Extended WebBrowser Control

This web browser control extends Microsoft's implementations to build a highly customizable web browse capable of building really smart Windows client applications that can interact with web applications.


UTFPRLibrary provides a set of templates and controls that makes it easier for .NET developers to create applications (32 or 64 bits) with Windows Forms and Entity Framework 4. It's developed in C#.

WinForms Group Controls

WinForms controls that display multiple sub-controls without creating a unique window handle for each child. Instead each child is drawn using the default renderers and its space and status are managed by the parent. Currently a RadioButtonList and a CheckBoxList are implemented.

Ajax based Multi Forms ASP.NET Framework (Amfan)

Ajax based Multi Forms ASP.NET Framework (Amfan) reduces the limitations of the Asp.Net by creating multiple sub-forms of the page as separate aspx pages.

Glass UI

A Windows Forms Control Library built specifically for Aero Glass. This will consist of existing controls, modified to render on glass, as well as some completely custom controls. All controls will also render in non Aero projects, but the main focus will be on glass.


xtremeCC is a set of powerful, easy-to-use common controls for Windows Forms 2.0 control library which provides multiple controls with enhanced rendering, and ease of extensibility options. The no. of controls will be increased with each minor version increment while the buil...

asp.net data entry user controls

prowebusercontrols makes it easier for asp.net (2.0, 3.5, C#. VB) web developers to use common data entry controls for web forms, by encapsulation functionality and markup, into user controls. This method reduces code, and gives reusability, within the application, in many cases.

Canvas Control Library & new Forms Based System for creating web pages & website

Canvas Control Library is a collection of HTML5 canvas based controls and a new forms based system of doing AJAX postbacks with which to build forms in web page

VirtualTreeView_mod - Fork of VirtualTreeView repo with some modifications

Fork of VirtualTreeView repo with some modifications

II Meter

A simple rectangular "meter" control, intended for use as a progress bar or similar in Windows Forms. It has 5 properties: - NMinPosition & NMaxPosition define the range of possible values (eg 0-100) - NPosition sets the current position between these 2 extremes - ForeColor ...


WindowLib is a C++ library used to simplify the process to create native C++ GUI's. It works similar to Windows MFC but it uses an subscription based event system similar to how forms work in C#.