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The spatie/menu package provides a fluent interface to build menus of any size in your php application. If you're building your app with Laravel, the spatie/laravel-menu provides some extra treats. Documentation is available at



Related Projects

jQuery-contextMenu - jQuery contextMenu plugin & polyfill

  •    HTML

$.contextMenu is a management facility for - you guessed it - context menus. It was designed for an application where there are hundreds of elements that may show a context menu - so intialization speed and memory usage are kept fairly small. It also allows to register context menus without providing actual markup, as $.contextMenu generates DOMElements as needed.have a look at the demos.

SublimeNavigationView - Complete rewrite of NavigationView (from Design Support library) that enables usage of Checkboxes, Switches & Badges as menu items

  •    Java

SublimeNavigationView is a complete rewrite of NavigationView (from Design Support library) that enables usage of Checkboxes, Switches & Badges in/as menu items. Menus are defined in good-old XML, and parsed using a custom MenuInflater. SublimeNavigationView works with Parcelable menus which means that state retention is built-in. Moreover, it can support multiple menus while preserving their respective states. Groups added to the menu have the added feature of being collapsible/expandable. Along with this, SublimeNavigationView allows a few options for custom styling.

smartmenus - Advanced jQuery website menu plugin

  •    HTML

Advanced jQuery website menu plugin. Mobile first, responsive and accessible list-based website menus that work on all devices. Check out the demo page. Check out the project documentation for quick setup instructions, API reference, tutorials and more.

MaterialPopupMenu - Shows Material popup menus grouped in sections & more

  •    Kotlin

This library allows to create simple popup menus programmatically with a nice type-safe builder syntax in Kotlin. Menus can be divided into separate sections with optional headers and contain icons.

mmenu-js - The best javascript plugin for app look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus for your website and webapp

  •    TypeScript

The best javascript plugin for app look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus for your website and webapp. It is very customizable through a wide range of options, extensions and add-ons and it will always fit your needs. Need help? Have a look at the documentation for demos, tutorials, documentation and support. Working on a WordPress site? Check out the mmenu WordPress plugin.

radialM - a powerful mouse enhancer


Manage any program on your computer with radial menus(also known as pie-menu)and pull- down menus, that can be called with a mouse button, mouse combinations(rocket gestures) or hotkey. It's a little like gestures, but a menu it's shown around the mous

Orchard Better Menus


A hierarchical menu module for Orchard. Supports creating multiple menus, drag and drop ordering, content relationships, and a front facing menu widget.

CPX Menu System


The CPX Menu System (Cross-Platform XNA Menu System) is library that can be used to make functional and attractive menus and other UI for XNA projects aimed at the PC or Xbox 360. Includes a stand-alone editor application that can be used to design and preview menu projects.

laravel-shop-menu - Menu ordering/management application demo, like Wordpress menu manager

  •    PHP

With these 3 fields we can build nested menus as many levels deep as you want. The Nestable plugin helps modify the values of these fields for the appropriate rows of data. This function uses recursion to display the menu to the user even if the menu is many many levels deep. This function alone can save you a bunch of time.

cli-menu - 🖥 Build beautiful PHP CLI menus. Simple yet Powerful. Expressive DSL.

  •    PHP

Please refer to the Upgrade Documentation documentation to see what is required to upgrade your installed cli-menu version. Especially from 2.* to 3.0, much has changed. Here is a super basic example menu which will echo out the text of the selected item to get you started.

ViewDeck - An implementation of the sliding menu found in various iOS apps.

  •    Objective-C

ViewDeck is a framework to manage side menus of all kinds. It supports left and right menus and manages the presentation of the side menus both programmatically and through user gestures. The heart of ViewDeck is IIViewDeckController, which is a container view controller. You can then assign your center view controller to it as well as side view controllers. IIViewDeckController makes sure your content view controllers are added to the view controller hierarchy their views are added to the view hierarchy when needed.


  •    Javascript

LiveMenu is a free multilevel drop-down like menu script, which allows you to create dynamic javascript web menus with only basic knowledge of html and css. It is highly-customizable, easy to use and supports a number of effects: slide, fade etc.

Simple Flash Menu


Allows fast constructing nested menus for html pages, simply by editing xml file. No, don't afraid, xml knowledge isn't required, look on examples and make similar.

Cursed Menu

  •    C++

Cursed Menu aims to create an ncurses based menu system for character terminal sessions. This menu program could be used to create user, system administration, or utility menus for clients connecting with text based clients such as telnet, ssh, or rlogin

menu - Menu made easy

  •    PHP

An item list is what a menu is all about and it should be pretty self explanatory because it simply stores a list of items. there are some configurations available for an item list. You can, for example set the HMTL element that will be used to render the list, prefix every item in the list with all the parent's url segments, and a lot more. We will explore these options later. Menu handlers allow us to create and interact with item lists and act as a place to store and retrieve our menus. Because we are able to interact with multiple item lists at the same time some interesting possibilities become available to us.

terminal-menu - retro ansi terminal menus for serious 80s technicolor business

  •    Javascript

The menu can be driven around with the arrow keys, vi-style j/k, and emacs-style C-n/C-p.To quit out of the menu, hit ^C or q.

SlickNav - Responsive Mobile Menu Plugin for jQuery

  •    Javascript

SlickNav will use jQuery for animations by default. If you wish to use Velocity.js for animating, be sure to include the library in your code before including SlickNav. Without any additional configuration, both the original and mobile menus will be displayed. It is recommended to use media queries to hide the original menu and display the mobile menu when appropriate. Modernizr or similar can be used for graceful degradation.

gallium - Build desktop applications in Go and HTML.

  •    Go

Write desktop applications in Go, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Gallium is a Go library for managing windows, menus, dock icons, and desktop notifications. Each window contains a webview component, in which you code your UI in HTML. Under the hood, the webview is running Chromium.

Silverlight Menu Control

  •    Silverlight

This is a cutom silverlight menu control. It's very simple to use and can save you ton of time making your own menu control. The download contains a full documentation on how to use it. *New: added support for nested menus.*

laravel-console-menu - 🔘 Beautiful PHP CLI menus

  •    PHP

Laravel Console Menu was created by, and is maintained by Nuno Maduro, and is a php-school/cli-menu wrapper for Laravel Console Commands. Available colors: black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white.

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