TQ Sharepoint 2010 list quick search

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A webpart that uses Sharepoint 2010 client object model javascript/ecmascript to search on a list and auto-suggest on what you type on the searchbox. This makes looking up on a list much faster than doing a filter.




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Add web part page quick search extension for SharePoint Server 2007

This small solution provide quick search feature on add web part page in SharePoint Server 2007. Now you can easy and fast search nesessary webpart - you need write only a first letters the name's webpart without any large page scrolling.

List Form Manipulation Framework (LFMF) for SharePoint 2010

The List Form Manipulation Framework (LFMF) siplifies the manipulation of SharePoint form fields without the need of changing the original form with tools like SharePoint Designer. You can modify contents of a field centrally by using jQuery and this framework. The aim o...

SharePoint 2010 Order List Field

An easy to use custom field for SharePoint 2010 allowing a user to order items within a list using up and down arrows.

Animated Jquery Multilevel Menu for Sharepoint 2010

We have created an easy to use Jquery multilevel animated menu for Sharepoint 2010. Useful for front-end sites and intranets and fully customizable. It supports multilanguaje in Sharepoint Foundation and Entreprise based on a custom list. It adapts to any default C...

quicksearch - Quick Search is an algorithm based on text prediction paper by google.

Quick Search is an algorithm based on text prediction paper by google.

quicksearch - Quick Search by C++

Quick Search by C++

SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010

SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010 is rich feature set to enhance usability of all SharePoint Lists. It supports SharePoint 2010. All of SP List Kit support Sandboxed Solutions and SharePoint Online for Office 365.

SharePoint List Search WebPart

List Search WebPart for SharePoint can be configured with any list and the filter fiter fields can be defined dynamically.

Sharepoint Smart Library and List Filter Search

Sharepoint!! Huge Folder Library Navigation a problem !!! Sharepoint Filtering does not filter Folders or filenames !!! Is paging getting on your nerve to get to the last folder or list item in Sharepoint !!! No Problem, I have the right solution for you here…

SP Jump List

SP Jump List is a sandboxed solution for SharePoint 2010 that takes advantage of the jump list support added for pinned sites with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. It automatically adds links from the quick launch of a site to the jump list when a site is pinned to the task bar

Month Filter Web Part for SharePoint 2010

The Month Filter Web Part is a dropdown list of rolling dates that are dynamically populated in relation to the current date. The web part uses of the ITransformableFilterValues interface which allows it to connect with a SSRS 2008 Report Viewer web part.

SharePoint 2010 Navigation Menu

Have a Web App with multiple site collections and need a common navigation menu? How about a SP Web Part that gives a consistent, easy to use, centralized site navigation WITH security trimming? This solution uses a SP list for its source.

SiteMap and Topics WebPart

Webpart for sitemap (Whole site navigation in tree structure) and topics (list of links from quick launch list). Please note that this webpart works with following two list only, 1) Sharepoint Quick launch list 2) WSSNavigation list (http://www.codeplex.com/sharepointnavigat...

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Automatic Resources Link Generator

This feature will automatically generate the resources links list (Quick Links) in your SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site making it easier for SharePoint Admins to navigate through the common Central Administration activities without populating it themselves - VS2010/c#


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TheHitList-QSB - Google Quick Search Box Quick Add Plugin for The Hit List

Google Quick Search Box Quick Add Plugin for The Hit List


Quick share messages with your team members in SharePoint using the SPMessaging WebPart. POC using SP, Ajax & jQuery. You can see all messages of all people having read access to the site.You can customize it by using the WebPart properties. Message Storage in a SharePoint list.


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Tag - An HTML/JS tagging with list of items. Uses query quicksearch

An HTML/JS tagging with list of items. Uses query quicksearch