CRM Solution Import Status

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CRM Solution Import Status helps to check solution import progress.



Related Projects

CRM Solution Management Tool


CRM Solution Management Tool allow users to manage CRM solutions with a client application.

Import/Export N to N for CRM 2011


This solution allows easily import/export N to N related data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Export Import User Views Microsoft Dynamics Crm 2011


Export Import User Views Microsoft Dynamics Crm 2011 is Silverlight application for Exporting and Importing user views between different Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 environments



MSCRM.DataLoad is a data import and export command line tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

MS Dynamics CRM 2011 - Import - Data Exception Report


Report allows you to export information about data exceptions during loading data. Report is using FetchXML supporting Dynamics CRM 2011 OnPremise and Online

JavaScript Web Resource Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


JavaScript Web Resource Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps CRM developers to extract javascript web resources to disk, maintain them and import changes back to CRM database. You will no longer have to perform mutliple clicks operation to update you js web resources

Dynamics CRM 2011: Opportunity CustomerId Fix


CRM Import Error 0x8004D293 opportunity_customer_accounts opportunity_customer_contacts Cannot update RequiredLevel of attribute CustomerId to SystemRequired

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Bulk Update and Export tool


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Bulk Update and Export tool Makes it easier for people to update and/or export data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. You won't need to do everything manually. Let the computer do the work, you do the thinking. It's developed in C# on the microsoft CRM SDK.

Crm Customization Manager


Crm Customization Manager (CCM) by N.JL helps Dynamics CRM System Adiminstrators to easly Import Customisations and Treanslations with scheduling possibility

Import Excel data to SharePoint List


Import from Spreadsheet is a tool developed for MOSS x86 and x64 platform allowing mapping fields and import data into SharePoint lists.

proposal-dynamic-import - import() proposal for JavaScript

  •    HTML

This repository contains a proposal for adding a "function-like" import() module loading syntactic form to JavaScript. It is currently in stage 3 of the TC39 process. Previously it was discussed with the module-loading community in whatwg/loader#149. You can view the in-progress spec draft and take part in the discussions on the issue tracker.

Skype Connector for Dynamics CRM 2011


Skype Connector for Dynamics CRM 2011 enables you to integrate inbound Skype calls with Dynamics CRM. You can think of it as Dynamics CRM CTI with Skype. Projects consists of two components: agent tray application & solution for CRM 2011 (unmanaged or managed). Tray appl...

babel-plugin-dynamic-import-webpack - Babel plugin to transpile import() to require

  •    Javascript

Babel plugin to transpile import() to require.ensure, for Webpack.Note that Webpack 2 has gotten import() after this code was written.

postcss-import - PostCSS plugin to inline @import rules content

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to transform @import rules by inlining content.This plugin can consume local files, node modules or web_modules. To resolve path of an @import rule, it can look into root directory (by default process.cwd()), web_modules, node_modules or local modules. When importing a module, it will look for index.css or file referenced in package.json in the style or main fields. You can also provide manually multiples paths where to look at.

codeq - Creates Datomic dbs from git repos

  •    Clojure

The import is not too peppy, since it shells to git relentlessly, but it imports e.g. Clojure's entire commit history in about 10 minutes, plus analysis. You can import more than one repo into the same db. You can re-import later after some more commits and they will be incrementally added.

Visual Studio Solution Export Import Addin


Usually we need to share visual studio projects. We take the source code and create zip file and share location with others. If project is not clean then share size will be more. Above manual process can be automated inside visual studio. if we have an add-in to do the same. ...

SiteMap Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


SiteMap Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps developer and customizers to configure the Site Map in a graphical way. You'll no longer have to create solution, add component, export, update Xml and reimport the solution to update the SiteMap.

Health Plan Sales Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 / CRM Online


The Health Plan Sales Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a kit that contains customizations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that enables health plans to easily move their marketing & sales processes online, and manage the customer value lifecycl...

AvS_FastSimpleImport - Wrapper for Magento ImportExport functionality, which imports products and customers from arrays

  •    PHP

This module allows to import from arrays and thus using any import source, while the Magento module only imports from files. ImportExport exists since Magento 1.5 CE / 1.10 EE, image import since 1.6 CE / 1.11 EE. Thus, this module needs at least one of those versions. ImportExport has a special import format. See specifications about the expected format. Please see our documentation for a full list of features.