Visual Studio Solution Generator for C# Projects

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This utility generates Visual Studio solutions files and modifies C# project files (.csproj) to change assembly references to project references and vice versa.



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Tools for SLN file (Visual Studio Solution file)

'Tools for SLN File' make it easier for developers to compare, merge or filter the ".sln" files generated by Visual Studio. It's developed in C#.

Unable to Convert VS 2005 to VS 2010 CSPROJ

Trying to figure out why I can't convert this sln/csproj from 2005 to 2010. I've tried opening this SLN in VS 2010 and the conversion of the project fails and I can't figure out how to make it not fail.


StarcraftBuilder makes it easy to search for builds for Terran that optimize for a certain unit or building. It's written in C#. if you want to help develop the Folder ending in Sln is all you need.

Solution template generator

Solution template generator, gets a .SLN file containing multiple projects and then converts it to a .VSIX file.


Originally built from the Authoring Tools Framework, the LevelEditor offers a WYSIWYG interface and a variety of features that support asset management, game object creation, scene layout, and cross-team development. The LevelEditor can also be customized and extended by creating plug-ins. For more about the Level Editor's capabilities, see LevelEditor Features & Benefits.The following LevelEditor features help you construct game levels efficiently and collaboratively:* Work with a variety of fi

RakNet - RakNet is a cross platform, open source, C++ networking engine for game programmers.

------------------------------------------ See Help\swigtutorial.html Upgrading from version 3 ------------------------------------------ See 3.x_to_4.x_upgrade.txt Windows users (Visual Studio 2008 and 2010) ----------------------------------------- Load RakNet_VS2008.sln and convert if necessary.After the project conversion, if you encounter error MSB4006,follow the steps below to fix it:1. Open project properties2. Click on "Common Properties"3. Click on "Framework and References"4. Look

Windows-classic-samples - This repo contains samples that demonstrate the API used in Windows classic desktop applications

This repo contains samples that demonstrate the API used in Windows classic desktop applications.These samples demonstrate the functionality and programming model for Windows and Windows Server. This repo contains Visual Studio solution (SLN) files for each sample, along with the source files, assets, resources, and metadata needed to compile and run the sample. For more info about the programming models, platforms, languages, and APIs demonstrated in these samples, check out the documentation on the Windows Dev Center.