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Smart Client Software Factory WPF Support

  •    WPF

This project is a modification of Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory to support building WPF based applications using Kent's WPF layer for CAB

patterns & practices: Smart Client Contrib


Community contributed extensions and providers for Smart Client development

Diplomova prace SCSF


Cílem této práce je seznámit se s technologií Smart Client Software Factory(SCSF). Tato technologie je vyvíjena skupinou Patterns & Practices pat?ící spole?nosti Microsoft. Jádrem technologie je Composite UI Application Block - CAB.

SCSF for Visual Studio 2012


Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2012

Smart Client Software Factory / CAB Extensions


Extensions for Smart Client Software Factory / Composite UI Application Block

smart-home-nodejs - A sample of the Smart Home device control APIs in Actions on Google

  •    HTML

This sample contains a fully functioning example of a Smart Home provider cloud service designed to work with Actions on Google. This can be used with a Actions Console project to create an Action interface to your IoT devices. This sample includes everything you need to get started, including a mocked user authentication service with sample users and a user web portal to demonstrate the user experience when controlling their lights with your action. An example of a Smart Home IoT cloud engine is stored in smart-home-provider. This consists of both the main smart-home-provider-cloud.js main web service, as well as the web portal used to interact with virtual devices in frontend/. smart-home-provider-cloud.js is the entry point to the Node.js Express app that runs the IoT cloud service, and handles authentication, and ultimately handles requests from the Google Assistant.

Genesis Smart Framework

  •    ASPNET

The Genesis Smart Client Framework is a application development framework that allows developers to develop modules of code that is hosted inside of the framework. The framework takes care of user security, application deployment and online data access.

Smart Client Container

  •    Java

The Smart Client Container is an extended J2EE container for application clients. It features local session beans and smart ejb-refs with interceptors and a transport abstraction (RMI / HTTP).

CAB WorkItem Visualizations Tool


CAB WorkItem Visualizations tool is upgrade to Sample Visualizations. this Visualizations show the WorkItem hierarchy, Worksapce, SmartPart, Command, Events, State and Items.

web3j - Connect Java and Android apps to the Ethereum blockchain

  •    Java

web3j is a lightweight, reactive, type safe Java and Android library for integrating with clients (nodes) on the Ethereum network. This allows you to work with the Ethereum blockchain, without the additional overhead of having to write your own integration code for the platform.

ruler - A tool to abuse Exchange services

  •    Go

Ruler is a tool that allows you to interact with Exchange servers remotely, through either the MAPI/HTTP or RPC/HTTP protocol. The main aim is abuse the client-side Outlook features and gain a shell remotely. Ruler attempts to be semi-smart when it comes to interacting with Exchange and uses the Autodiscover service (just as your Outlook client would) to discover the relevant information.

tc - A command-line twitter client with smart filtering and statistical classification

  •    Python

A command-line twitter client with smart filtering and statistical classification

Smart Client Platform


A platform for smart client applications.

Smart WCF Client Wrapper


This is a smart WCF client wrapper that keeps your code clean, and hides common beginner mistakes from the end user. This code handles - EventHandler Cleanup - Exception Managment - Reliable and efficient reuse of the proxy - Cleanup of the proxy - Clean "using(...)" m...

rainbowstream - A smart and nice Twitter client on terminal written in Python.

  •    Python

A smart and nice Twitter client on terminal written in Python.


  •    C++

Free open source PDF reader for smart phones using Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE, WM5 and WM6) This is a free PDF reader for smart phones using all the common Windows Mobile operating systems... Cab installer is also available for download for free.

smart-contracts - Main smart contracts for Kyber Network, including the main platform contract, reserve contracts etc

  •    Javascript

This repository has the main contracts in KyberNetwork platform. There are three main components in this repository including KyberNetwork contract, KyberReserve and KyberWallet contracts. In addition, we have a couple of mock modules that simulate testnet tokens and centralized exchanges. This repository is for testing purposes only, do not use it for real deployment.

tinyos-main - Main development repository for TinyOS (an OS for embedded, wireless devices).

  •    nesC

TinyOS is an open source, BSD-licensed operating system designed for low-power wireless devices, such as those used in sensor networks, ubiquitous computing, personal area networks, smart buildings, and smart meters. The main TinyOS trees have been converted to using the new Make3 build system. See the (Make Version 3) section below.

Smart Library


A library with useful code and examples for Smart Client Applications (based on .Net 4.0, SL 4.0, WPF 4.0, etc).

OpenSC - Open source smart card tools and middleware. PKCS#11/MiniDriver/Tokend

  •    C

OpenSC provides a set of libraries and utilities to work with smart cards. Its main focus is on cards that support cryptographic operations and facilitate their use in security applications such as authentication, mail encryption and digital signatures. OpenSC implements the PKCS11 API so applications supporting this API (such as Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird) can use it. On the card OpenSC implements the PKCS15 standard and aims to be compatible with every software/card that supports it.

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