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SlimDXControl is a WPF control that wraps the complexity of managing a D3DImage for you. You just have to implement the actual DirectX rendering piece -- no messing about with device management or IsFrontBufferAvailableChanged.



Related Projects


Minecraft style terrain engine in SharpDX, SlimDX, C# XNA 4.0

SlimDX SpriteTextRenderer

This library is intented to help rendering 2D sprites and text using SlimDX / DirectX11.


JigLibSDX is JigLibX (Open Source C# XNA 3D physics engine) changed to work with with SlimDX. It's currently synchronized to JigLibX's change set 28770 (Sep 18 2009).

SubdivisionRenderer - Renderer of Phong Tesselation, PN Quads and ACC using DX11 and SlimDX.

Renderer of Phong Tesselation, PN Quads and ACC using DX11 and SlimDX.

Direct3D-Testing - Toying around with Direct3D - specifically SlimDX

Toying around with Direct3D - specifically SlimDX

ColladaSlimDX - .net library based on SlimDX to load Collada files

.net library based on SlimDX to load Collada files

FeralTic - Small utilities wrapper for SlimDX / Direct3D11

Small utilities wrapper for SlimDX / Direct3D11

PhysX Candy Wrapper for C#

A customizable NVIDIA PhysX SDK wrapper library for C# and other .NET framework languages. Compatible with XNA, Mogre, Truevision3D, SlimDX, Tao framework, and your own math library.

Vivid3D 2 - DirectX 10 3D ToolKit

Advanced 3d toolkit built around the visual studio 2010 (pro or trial) ide. All editors and tools are coded as visual studio addins, in C#(The same lang as the engine). Currently has DX10 and DX11 renderers.Can add new api support via a single plugin. Uses CS-Script/SlimDX.

Snowball 2D Game Framework

Snowball is an in progress 2D Game Framework written in C#. It uses SlimDX under the covers but the underlying technology is abstracted away from the end user.


BEPUphysics is a 3D physics library by BEPU. It’s fast and has a bunch of features. Windows (XNA, SlimDX, SharpDX), XBox360, Windows Phone, and cross-platform dependency free versions are available.

3D Editor Application Framework

A starting point for building 3D editing applications, such as video game world editors, particle system editors, and so on. Aimed at tools and graphics programmers in the video game industry who don't want to re-invent the wheel. C#, .Net 2.0, WinForms, SlimDX, PhysX.Net


C# SlimDX version of the Delta Engine - Open Source Multiplatform Game Development


A powerful component-based GameFramework with Model-Loader and a basic Component Library. Available for DirectX9, DirectX10 and DirectX11 with SlimDX.


C# Renderer/Game engine using SlimDX


C# SlimDX general purpose 3D graphics engine


Managed 3D-Engine, which supports DirectX 9 (Xna), DirectX 10 (SlimDX)


This project is my practical playground to learn DirectX with c#. It uses SlimDx as DirectX wrapper.


PuTTY based TtyRec player written in C# using SlimDX