slf4j - Simple Logging Facade for Java

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The Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) serves as a simple facade or abstraction for various logging frameworks (e.g. java.util.logging, logback, log4j) allowing the end user to plug in the desired logging framework at deployment time.



Related Projects

tinylog - tinylog is a lightweight logging framework for Java and Android.

tinylog is a lightweight open-source logging framework for Java and Android, optimized for ease of use. The logger of tinylog is static, so it isn't necessary to create an instance of the logger before logging. By default all log entries of the level info or higher are written to the console.

gournal - Gournal (pronounced "Journal") is a Context-aware logging facade for Go.

Gournal (pronounced "Journal") is a Context-aware logging framework that introduces the Google Context type as a first-class parameter to all common log functions such as Info, Debug, etc.Instead of being Yet Another Go Log library, Gournal actually takes its inspiration from the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J). Gournal is not attempting to replace anyone's favorite logger, rather existing logging frameworks such as Logrus, Zap, etc. can easily participate as a Gournal Appender.


A performance benchmark of all logging frameworks in java. Presently working with Log4J2 Native, Log4J2 over SLF4J, Logback Native (by default over SLF4J), Log4J Native and Log4J over SLF4J

BlackBox Event Log Framework

BlackBox Event Log Framework is a easy to understand, use, extend and multiple platform event logging framework.

Log Framework

Log Framework is simple, flexible and easy extendable library for various logging taks. It's developed in C#.


Logging macros which delegate to a specific logging implementation. At runtime a specific implementation is selected from, in order, slf4j, Apache commons-logging, log4j2, log4j, and finally java.util.logging.Logging occurs with the log macro, or the level-specific convenience macros (e.g., debug, debugf). Only when the specified logging level is enabled will the message arguments be evaluated and the underlying logging implementation be invoked. By default that invocation will occur via an agent when inside a running STM transaction.

Sawbuck - Log viewer and controller for Windows Chrome logging

Sawbuck is a log viewer and controller for Windows Chrome logging, and for other applications or plugins that use the logging facility in Chrome base. Logging in Chrome is integrated with Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), which allows ETW controllers like Sawbuck to control log verbosity at runtime. The Chrome logging integration also captures the call stack at the logging site, which can then be resolved and displayed by log viewers such as Sawbuck.

funnel - A minimalistic 12 factor log router written in Go

The 12 factor rule for logging says that an app "should not attempt to write to or manage logfiles. Instead, each running process writes its event stream, unbuffered, to stdout." The execution environment should take care of capturing the logs and perform further processing with it. Funnel is this "execution environment".All you have to do from your app is to print your log line to stdout, and pipe it to funnel. You can still use any logging library inside your app to handle other stuff like log level, structured logging etc. But don't bother about the log destination. Let funnel take care whether you want to just write to files or stream your output to Kafka. Think of it as a fluentd/logstash replacement(with minimal features!) but having only stdin as an input.

jul-to-slf4j-stub - Stub for using jul-to-slf4j with JBoss Log Manager

Stub for using jul-to-slf4j with JBoss Log Manager

quiver-log - Logging utility for dart modeled on log4j/logback

Quiver log is a set of logging utilities that make it easy to configure and manage Dart's built in logging capabilities.Dart's built-in logging utilities are fairly low level. This means each time you start a new project you have to copy/paste a bunch of logging configuration code to setup output locations and logging formats. Quiver-log provides a set of higher-level abstractions to make it easier to get logging setup correctly. Specifically, there are two new concepts: appender and formatter. Appenders define output locations like the console, http or even in-memory data structures that can store logs. Formatters, as the name implies, allow for custom logging formats.


A small logging library for Objective-C applications (Mac OS X and iPhone OS/iOS) which provides conditional logging based on log levels and log components. Additionally, different logging strategies can be used, e.g. writing log messages to a file or sending them to the system log, while using the same logging interface.

TraceServer - Flash Trace() Log Server. Compatible with Parsley logging framework.

Flash Trace() Log Server. Compatible with Parsley logging framework.

golog - Simple logging framework for go.

Other than a palindrom, golog is a simple logging framework for Go that makes use of Go's concurrency features such as channels and go routines. In essence, all log messages are sent to a single global channel, and a single go routine listens on this channel and writes everything it receives.This guarantees that all log writes a serialized without the need of excessive locking.

seelog - Seelog is a native Go logging library that provides flexible asynchronous dispatching, filtering, and formatting

Seelog is a powerful and easy-to-learn logging framework that provides functionality for flexible dispatching, filtering, and formatting log messages. It is natively written in the Go programming language.

Logtron - A logging machine for NodeJS

Logtron is a realtime logging library for NodeJS. Logger takes a set of meta information for the logger, that will be used by each backend to customize the log formatting and a set of backends that you want to be able to write to.Logger returns a logger object that has some method names in common with console.

slf4j-liferay-adapter - An slf4j-adpater aiming to bind to Liferays logging framework.

An slf4j-adpater aiming to bind to Liferays logging framework.

slf4j-releases - mdm-style releases of slf4j (, a logging framework api for java.

mdm-style releases of slf4j (, a logging framework api for java.