StickerCamera - This is an Android application with camera,picture cropping,collage sticking and tagging

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This is an Android application with camera,picture cropping,collage sticking and tagging. Achieve the function of camera.



Related Projects

SwiftyCam - A Snapchat Inspired iOS Camera Framework written in Swift

  •    Swift

SwiftyCam is a a simple, Snapchat-style iOS Camera framework for easy photo and video capture. SwiftyCam allows users to capture both photos and videos from the same session with very little configuration. Configuring a Camera View Controller in AVFoundation can be tedious and time consuming. SwiftyCam is a drop in View Controller which gives complete control of the AVSession.

Paparazzo - Custom iOS camera and photo picker with editing capabilities

  •    Swift

Paparazzo is a component for picking and editing photos. There are two options to install Paparazzo using CocoaPods.

ALCameraViewController - A camera view controller with custom image picker and image cropping.

  •    Swift

A camera view controller with custom image picker and image cropping. Note: This library makes use of the AVFoundation camera API's which are unavailable on the iOS simulator. You'll need a real device to run it.

sortphotos - SortPhotos is a Python script that organizes photos and videos into folders using date/time information

  •    Perl

SortPhotos is a Python script that organizes photos into folders by date and/or time (year, year/month, year/month/day, or other custom formats). If you're like me then your growing collection of files are contained in a bunch of folders, some with a date like "Sep 2010", and others which names like "Camping Trip". SortPhotos takes this collection of folders and files and reorganizes them into a hierarchy of folders by almost any custom date/time format (by default it is by year then month). It will work with any file, but works best with image and video files that contain EXIF or other metadata formats because that stays with the file even if the files are modified. The script is also useful for transferring files from your camera into your collection of nicely organized photos. The simplest usage is to specify a source directory (the directory where your mess of files is currently located) and a destination directory (where you want the files and directories to go). By default the source directory it is not searched recursively but that can changed with a flag as discussed below.

rawson.js - rawson.js is a camera raw previewer in pure javascript

  •    Javascript

a camera raw editor for the browser, based on a javascript port of Dave Coffin's dcraw using emscripten. Goal: allow the rendering of Camera Raw Photos in the browser using pure Javascript.

react-native-camera-kit - Advanced native camera and gallery controls and device photos API.

  •    Objective-C

Advanced native camera control with pre-defined aspect ratio, crop, etc

digiKam - Advanced Digital Photo Management

  •    C++

digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a snap. The photos can be organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by custom collections. It provides support to add tag, comment to your images.

Jpg Renamer

  •    Python

With this program you can rename JPG photos, taken with a digital camera, in the format yyyymmdd_count where the date is the shooting date registered in the metadata information of the photo. Photos are sorted according to the shooting time.

ThatPhoto - ThatPhoto is an app that lets you view and edit your photos

  •    Objective-C

ThatPhoto is a new and fun way to flow through and work with the pictures you have on your iPad. Flick, drag, and slide through your camera roll and other albums. Integrates with Ink so you can send your photos to other applications.

Shotwell - Photo Manager for GNOME

  •    Vala

Shotwell is a photo manager for GNOME 3. It provides support to Organize photos, Add tags to the photos, Import from disk or camera, Support photo editing capabilities like crop, rotate, color adjustment etc.

Nikon Capture Free

  •    VB

This program is aimed at being a freeware alternative to Nikon's Camera Control Pro software. Currently it does time lapse photos with many options. This program should also work for any camera that has a WIA driver.

Face Detection For Windows Phone 7


A library for performing face detection on windows phone 7. This library uses the same algorithms and detection models as OpenCV and is written in C# and built for the Windows Phone. Also includes a camera user control that supports automated taking of photos and showing camer...

CPC Photo Catalog

  •    Perl

CPC creates a browsable photo catalog, to quickly view and retrieve photos stored on disk or CD. The catalog is small, fast and display photo thumbnails amp; properties: snapshot date and time, ratio, size and dimensions... CPC is for digital camera owners

Armedia Incident Management System

  •    Java

IMS is for field agents collecting artifacts related to a claim by allowing Windows Mobile 6 users to gather notes, recorded interviews and photos taken with the device’s camera, and assign them to incidents stored in a DFS-enabled Documentum repositor


  •    C

zphoto is a flash-based photo album generator. You can create a flash-based on-line album from photos taken by a digital camera.

publish photos to the web

  •    Java

A Java based program to take a directory of files, usually downloaded from a digital camera, and turn them into a web page. Provides thumbnails, page coloration, basic photo layout and arrangment capabilities. Allows each photo to be annotated. Fairl


  •    Java

gomapgen (GOogle MAP GEnerator) generates a google map from a gpx file and places photos taken by an external camera where they were taken, by comparing gps points time with picture time. Source code included in the jar file.