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Command Line Interface for interacting with Microsoft Live SkyDrive files and folders



Related Projects

Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin (.wfx)

Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin makes it much easier for any Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive users to manage, upload and download their files and folders. It's developed in C#.

SkyDrive Synchronizer

SkyDrive Synchronizer is a C# command line application that helps users synchronize a local folder to a specific location on their SkyDrive. The aim is to also make it usable on Linux via Mono. The code is still under development; some features are still missing.

SkyDrive .Net API Client

SkyDrive .Net API Client allows developers to easily integrate Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive online storage and sharing services into their own applications. It's developed in C#.

SkyDrive Simple Viewer for WebDAV

This is a very simple SkyDrive viewer that determines the WebDAV addresses to your SkyDrive folders. There is both a console application and a WPF application for displaying the information.


Project Description WaMa-SkyDriveClient is a Windows Skydrive-client, with Live authentication.

Windows Phone 7 Skydrive Library


WHS SkyDrive Backup Add In

This project allows for Windows Home Server to backup selected folders to your free 25GB Live SkyDrive. Simply dump the Home Server Add In, into your WHS Software folder and install

WebSync - Document editing tool similar to Google Drive or Microsoft Skydrive

WebSync is a document editing tool similar to Google Drive or Microsoft Skydrive. A limitation of Google Drive is not having a note taking application and a reason WebSync was created. WebSync makes up for this by providing a OneNote-esqe Notebook file type. It is a self hostable document editing tool. It has real time collaborative editing built in.

Google Weather with Bing map integration

Google weather app for Windows Phone 7 with Bing map integration. Based on user input it will show the current weather and also the future forecast with proper map placement using Bing maps. Also very soon you will see the Skydrive App for Windows Phone 7 You can even visi...

Cloud Wallet

Don't try to remember every credit card, email, forum and account password of yours. Store them with Cloud Wallet in the skydrive and get them needed.

Study Time

Windows 8 metro style app. Create Quizzes and study card. Use the study cards either in the Windows 8 app or WP7 Companion App. Use Skydrive for storage.

Cloudy - Online Storage Library

The goal of Cloudy is to be an online storage library to enable access for the most common storage services : DropBox, Skydrive, Google Docs, Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3. It'll work in .NET 3.5 and up, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 (WP7).


SkyShellEx allows to sync any folder to SkyDrive via a simple ShellExtension. The sync option appears on the context menu of folders where applicable.

Cmic Reader

Cmic Reader is a reader allows you to download txt files form SkyDrive and read the txt files on windows phone 7. It support to read txt files in English and east Asia languages for example Chinese or Japanese in UTF 8 encoding.


A simple todo, synchronizing by Dropbox or, in future, by Skydrive