dl4j-tutorials - dl4j 基础教程 配套视频:https://space.bilibili.com/327018681/#/

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dl4j 基础教程 配套视频:https://space.bilibili.com/327018681/#/






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Deep-Learning-101 - Deep Learning Tutorials


#Deep Learning Tutorials These tutorials are for deep learning beginners which have been used in a six week Deep Learning and Computer Vision course. Hope these to be helpful for understanding what deep learning is and how it can be applied to various fields including computer vision, robotics, natural language processings, and so forth.

Machine-Learning-Tutorials - machine learning and deep learning tutorials, articles and other resources


This repository contains a topic-wise curated list of Machine Learning and Deep Learning tutorials, articles and other resources. Other awesome lists can be found in this list. If you want to contribute to this list, please read Contributing Guidelines.

fastai - The fast.ai deep learning library, lessons, and tutorials

  •    Jupyter

The fast.ai deep learning library, lessons, and tutorials. Copyright 2017 onwards, Jeremy Howard. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. A copy of the License is provided in the LICENSE file in this repository.

summerschool2015 - Slides and exercises for the Deep Learning Summer School 2015 programming tutorials

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This repository contains the slides and exercises for the Deep Learning Summer School 2015 programming tutorials. The tutorials are written in Python, using Theano and Fuel. They are designed to be run locally on a laptop, without using a GPU.

TF-Tutorials - A collection of deep learning tutorials using Tensorflow and Python

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#Tensorflow Tutorials This repository contains a collection of miscellaneous Jupyter notebooks which implement or provide a tutorial on a different Deep Learning topic. All models are implemented in Tesnorflow.

deep_learning - Deep Learning Resources and Tutorials using Keras and Lasagne

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I'm moving the tutorial to vict0rsch.github.io to make it nicer for you guys. This is an ongoing process and your feedbacks are welcome! Basically it will be betetr organized and there will be comments possible. This repo will stay active for the code, issues, pull requests and collaborations. This repository contains Deep Learning implementations tutorials. For more general knowledge regarding Machine/Deep Learning, have a look at useful_resources.md.

h2o-tutorials - Tutorials and training material for the H2O Machine Learning Platform

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This document contains tutorials and training materials for H2O-3. If you find any problems with the tutorial code, please open an issue in this repository. For general H2O questions, please post those to Stack Overflow using the "h2o" tag or join the H2O Stream Google Group for questions that don't fit into the Stack Overflow format.

Deep_reinforcement_learning_Course - Implementations from the free course Deep Reinforcement Learning with Tensorflow

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Deep Reinforcement Learning Course is a free series of blog posts and videos 🆕 about Deep Reinforcement Learning, where we'll learn the main algorithms, and how to implement them with Tensorflow. 📜The articles explain the concept from the big picture to the mathematical details behind it.

Deep-Learning-Boot-Camp - A community run, 5-day PyTorch Deep Learning Bootcamp

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Tel-Aviv Deep Learning Bootcamp is an intensive (and free!) 5-day program intended to teach you all about deep learning. It is nonprofit focused on advancing data science education and fostering entrepreneurship. The Bootcamp is a prominent venue for graduate students, researchers, and data science professionals. It offers a chance to study the essential and innovative aspects of deep learning. Participation is via a donation to the A.L.S ASSOCIATION for promoting research of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease.

keras-resources - Directory of tutorials and open-source code repositories for working with Keras, the Python deep learning library


This is a directory of tutorials and open-source code repositories for working with Keras, the Python deep learning library.If you have a high-quality tutorial or project to add, please open a PR.